❤️]GMM25] The Three Gentlebros (GMMTV): Mam Kathaleeya / Luke Plowden / Tay Tawan / Gun Atthaphan / Mook Worranit / Punpun Sutatta


sarNie OldFart
I can't get into Mook. I seen 3 of her lakorn and did like it. Ugly duckling, kiss me and at 1st hate. Her acting is the same...they are all the same person in 3 different series

But I feel she's a bland actress with not much improvement.

Love her singing....but find she has a whiney...squeaky voice
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`my dragon's blood is blue`
Ooo Luke and Mook reuniting! I'll watch for them. I think they had pretty decent chemistry. I loved their bts even more.


sarNie Adult
Off topic but in that interview, this stood out-Mai has that much power to just call up a producer and ask them to pair her up with someone? I guess Bright can be happy Mai wanted to star with him...

On topic, this seems like a parody of the evil mom-in-law trope. Or at least I hope it's a parody/comedic take.


sarNie Oldmaid
Bimbeam's part was indeed cut when the trailer was shown during One31/GMM25 event launch for 2nd half of 2022 earlier today.



sarNie Adult
How you gonna say that about my girl Mook lol.

So it seems like each bro will have their story arc. 18eps makes more sense now with around 6 eps per bro.