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  1. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[CH8] Reya (MAX MAGIC): Ploy Chermarn / New Wongsakorn / Iang Sittha / Yardthip Rachapal

    This drama has been announced last year. Ploy, New, Yardthip and Nut are all reunited here after "Raeng Tian". Others in the cast include Iang Sittha, Tai Penpak, Pete Thongchua, Matthew Deane. This is directed by Tha Nakvilirote ("Rachinee Morlum", "Bangkok Naruemit", "Poo Ying Khon Nun Chue...
  2. Maricon

    [GMM25] The Writer Project: Kwarm Ruk Krang Sudtai: Ploy Chermarn/Oil Thana/Kao Jirayu/Boy Pissanu

    Source: According to the news, Ploy's contract with CH3 is about to expire on May and after that she's starring in a GMM25 lakorn. If this is the case, looks like Ploy's going to be freelance.
  3. Maricon

    Ploy Chermarn (LIPS Vol.18 No.10 January 2017)

    Credits as tagged
  4. S

    Payak Rai Ruk Puan (KSKS Vol.37 No.955 August 2016)

    cr magdee
  5. T

    Saeng Sanaeha (The Light of Love)

    I probably have about a million other stories to finish and it may appear that I've neglected them over the past year. I too, have had deaths in the family, relationship complications in addition to a recent secure career that requires my presence approximately 80% of the time. All I can say is...
  6. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya, Ploy Chermarn, Yaya Urassaya, Noon Woranuch, Pancake Khemnit (Priew vol. 35 no. 735 N

    Credit : Magazinedee, chomismaterialgirl, chermarnpantip, priewmagazine, chermarn_fmly, Chom_combodian_fan, sirisub2797     A part of pictorial in this magazine   Chompoo Araya      Ploy Chermarn      Yaya     Noon Woranuch     Pancake Khemanit  
  7. M

    Ploy Chermarn (LIPS vol. 16 no. 19 April 2015)

    CR: MagazineDee
  8. M

    Scandalous Peter Corp Dyrendal Dismissed from Leading Role as P'ek in Lakorn Sai Lap Ruk Bpuan & Mor

    Translated Article from Sanook Scandalous Peter Corp Dyrendal Dismissed from Leading Role as P'ek in Lakorn Sai Lap Ruk Bpuan & More It has become a problematic situation before filming even began for lakorn Sai Lap Ruk Bpuan (Undercover Chaotic Love) for production Mind At Work. Producer Narit...
  9. krisayaporn

    [Movie] Samui Song

    Ploy reunite with a director Pen-ek Rattarueng in new thriller movie as Samui Song, after she work with him in The Last Life in Universe.    Brief Summary   Ploy will play as Thai actress. She is worrying about her foreigner husband. He enamored in strange doctrine, and believe in leader so...
  10. Alice

    Ploy Chermarn (DONT MAGAZINE Vol.5 no.49 April 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  11. Alice

    Ploy Chermarn (THE MAGAZINE Vol.2 no.14 February 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  12. krisayaporn

    [Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan (Mind@Work)

    This is new lakorn of Mind at Work. It's action and rom-com lakorn, but they may be change title later. They cast Ploy Chermarn and Peter Corp Dyrendal as Pra'ek and N'ek in this. This lakorn will start filming after shooting Poh Krua Hua Pah complete    Cr. Toh Karw Banterng  ...
  13. Alice

    Ploy Chermarn (GQ THAILAND Vol.1 no.6 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  14. Alice

    IMAGE (Vol.28 no.1 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  15. Alice

    Ploy Chermarn (WE Vol.11 no.129 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  16. Alice

    Various Stars (SUDSAPDA Vol.32 no.764 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  17. Alice

    Ploy Chermarn (HAMBURGER Vol.13 no.197 November 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  18. Alice

    Ploy Chermarn (A DAY BULLETIN Vol.7 no.329 November 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  19. krisayaporn

    Ploy Chermarn (L'Officiel Thailand September 2014)

    Cr. L'Offrciel Th #Facebook Fanpage