I probably have about a million other stories to finish and it may appear that I've neglected them over the past year. I too, have had deaths in the family, relationship complications in addition to a recent secure career that requires my presence approximately 80% of the time. All I can say is that I've been taking care of people nationwide (potentially worldwide) as I am currently in the medical field. I am very happy and confident to say that I've worked alongside many healthcare professionals in the nation to help save lives. At the same time, I refuse to give up writing and other hobbies that I've a passion for. At this time, I would like to begin a fresh new story (I will get to the others when I do as they are in my old, slow computer) that I wish to dedicate to Por Thrisadee and his fans. I hope you all enjoy this fanfiction as I enjoy writing it. :)
Saeng Sanaeha
(The Light of Love)

Ploy Chermarn as Wipaa Sririwong
Yaya Urassaya as Amy Taechatanon
Jane Janesuda as Neeramon Panudej
Prang Kannarun as Karunchuda Assawarun
Por Thrisadee as Phuwarit Taechatanon
Barry Nadech as Nakrop Assawarun

Louis Scott as Pittaya Thantrakul
Phet Thakrit as Wiwit Worrawej
Kik Mayurin as Pattaratida Taechatanon

Phuwarit (Por) is a guy that has done good his entire life but is only met with the opposite. He experiences only bad things in life until he accidentally meets Wipaa (Ploy), a beautiful A-list actress that lights and warms up his heart again. Through a series of drama and mixed feelings, the two are forced to marry and go abroad for a short period of time to escape their dramatic lives in Thailand. While in France, Wipaa meets her ex, Wittaya (Phet), and more drama arises as they also meet Karunchuda (Prang), Phuwarit’s ex who is now dating Wittaya. To make things more complicated, Karunchuda’s younger brother, Nakrop (Nadech) falls in love with Amy (Yaya), Phuwarit’s younger sister. Will Phuwarit leave his past behind and move forward with Wipaa? Will the light shine through these hearts and guide them towards true love? Tune into Saeng Sanaeha to find out!
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I miss P'Por Can't believe my favorite pra ek of all time is no longer here.

I'm not too active on here but I will def be back every so often to check up on your updates. Can't wait to read what you have in store for this FF!
“Saeng Sanaeha”

—Rough Draft—​

Chapter One
The Right Mistake

She may have been broken-hearted. Or, maybe she is just a wild one…or both. Whatever the reason, he could not get her image out of his mind. Her red hi-lo dress with the sparkly front with matching red lipstick, black Jimmy Choo stilettos, her smile…he had never before seen such a perfectly gorgeous woman. Thirty-year old Phuwarit Taechatanon shut his eyes and wildly shook his head.

Stop thinking about her, he told himself. Something was wrong with him. Phuwarit looked up in the mirror and straightened his black silk tie. He had a business meeting with a potential Chinese business partner in just a few hours and the only thing on his mind was this woman…sleeping peacefully in his guest bedroom next door. Would she remember him when she wakes up later? It was only last night that they met at The Onyx. It was one of those nights where he gave in to his friend to drag him to the club for a few drinks. Phuwarit remembered telling Pittaya goodbye and literally colliding with this woman several minutes later. She was very intoxicated and wobbling all over the place but somehow, incredibly, dodged every guy that tried to hit on her. There was this younger guy who followed her around like a kid drooling for ice cream and Phuwarit just happened to be at the right place at the right time when the kid tried to make inappropriate advances. It all happened very quickly. The kid left the scene with a bloody nose and Phuwarit left with dirty clothes, vomit odor, and a heavily intoxicated woman. Yeah, he doubts that she will remember him when she wakes up. Instead of feeling good about saving this woman Phuwarit felt…confused. He saved her because he didn’t want her to be raped, nevertheless, he also felt the need to take care of her. Saving someone and caring for them are two completely different things. This was really corny, he thought. Now, he really needed to get going because this deal will not sign itself. But what if this woman wakes up while he is gone? She’ll notice that her clothes had been changed and automatically jump to a dramatic conclusion. He didn’t want to imagine her reaction but then she wouldn’t know he was responsible either. Besides, it wasn’t like he was the one that cleaned her up, stripped her down, and changed her clothes. He had asked the maid to do it. Okay, he was really stalling now.

Come on, Phuwarit.

He opened his bedroom door and slowly approached the guest room. Before he even grabbed the doorknob, the door suddenly violently swung open. Without warning, the woman struck him across the face with her right hand. Massaging his left cheek Phuwarit looked up at her and noticed tears glistening in her eyes. His eyes rolled onto her balled fists and sensing the danger, Phuwarit stepped back a few feet.


His heart began to beat rapidly. He put his hands in front of him like a shield and opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. His words were swallowed up in her cries and scream.


Phuwarit wore a bewildered expression on his face. Her name did not ring any bells. Other than the veteran celebrities that were from his parents’ generation, Phuwarit wasn’t familiar with any of the actors or actresses these days because he wasn’t a lakorn fan. He never liked Thai soap dramas and never had the time for them.

“I’m sorry,” he began.


“I saved your life!”

Finally, he got the words out and shut her up.

“What?” she asked reassuringly.

Phuwarit went on to explain that he was the unfortunate one and that he was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. If she hadn’t gotten herself so heavily intoxicated then the kid from the club probably wouldn’t have made inappropriate advances towards her and he, Phuwarit, wouldn’t have had to save her from potential misery. He admitted that it was his fault that he didn’t know who she was but regardless of her identity he couldn’t just stand there and watch a woman become a victim of rape.

“I’m not that type of person,” he said calmly.

Phuwarit shook his head and apologized again. He shouldn’t be apologizing for his good deeds but only did so to make her feel better about the entire situation…and to make her feel bad about jumping to a dramatic conclusion.

“Then why am I not in my clothes?” she snapped.

“That’s a question for the housemaid,” Phuwarit replied. “She comes in at 2 pm everyday to clean the place so if you want to know you can ask her.”

He stepped up closer and stopped right beside her so that they faced opposite directions.

“I don’t know what you’re going through but you are more than welcome to stay here as long as you like. Since you’re a superstar staying here probably isn’t the best idea for you. You decide.”

Phuwarit left his condo and shut the door behind him with a soft click. Deep down, he wished she made the decision to stay. He felt obligated to take care of her because whatever it was she was crying about last night that she tried to erase by getting drunk is not a clever idea. Why does he care about this woman is a question that he, himself, could not answer at the moment. He just knew that he cared and…is late for work!
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Finally, after a hiatus! I have been on vacation (paid, thank goodness!). I am a VERY busy person but I'd like to return to writing and have been practicing. I have a few heartbreaking decisions and potential ideas so...bare with me while I try to figure this all out. Meanwhile, enjoy this first chapter! I miss P'Por very much.
Chapter Two

One Year Later

The largest family portrait of the Taechatanons hung just below the foyer of the entrance of their grand mansion. There was the perfect Mr. and Mrs. Taechatanon and their three children: Pattaratida, Phuwarit, and Amy. The photo was taken just two years before the death of Mr. and Mrs. Taechatanon. Phuwarit remembered when his father just randomly announced that he’d like to have family portraits taken because the last time they had a photo shoot session Phuwarit was only a teen. Now, his parents were no longer with him. He had only his two sisters and twenty something years of unforgettable memories of their family. For as long as he could remember, Phuwarit was the unluckiest of the Taechatanon children. When he was a toddler, his parents lost a large percentage of their jewelry business to a mole in the company and since then, all of the trouble his parents went through Phuwarit seemed to be the cause of it.



It had been a little over a year since he had seen his sisters and the sight of them brought a bright smile to his face. Phuwarit noticed that his little sister, Amy, had gotten a little taller.

“You’ve gotten cuter,” he teased her.

Amy playfully punched him and their older sister, Pattaratida, laughed. The three of them shared a great big hug that was long overdue. It felt really good to be home again.

“How are things around here?”

Phuwarit was anxious to know if the most shocking news in Thailand had died down yet. He assumed that it had because not a single news reporter greeted him at the airport. That was a good sign. Besides, he was just a regular businessman that minds his own matters and therefore, is not news material…unless there is association with a famous celebrity then that is out of the question.

Phuwarit and superstar Wipaa Sririwong became the talk of the country when they made headline news last year. According to popular opinion, the two got together after meeting at the club and had a shotgun wedding shortly afterwards. That is false news.

“No one is talking about it anymore,” Pattaratida replied. “Our business has actually grown drastically and we are currently in the talks of signing with an Indian investor.”

“Indian jewelry is hot right now,” Amy added.

Phuwarit smiled and nodded. That is really good.

“How are you?” Pattaratida asked. “Is everything okay…you know…

“Everything is fine,” Phuwarit answered.

“Let’s talk about everything over dinner, shall we?” Amy suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” said Pattaratida.

And this is what Phuwarit loved most about their sibling relationship. They hid absolutely nothing from each other and there was never a lack of support. Phuwarit told them about his dramatic life in Paris where he and Wipaa lived together for a year. Things were beyond what he had expected. When he married her he knew that he was getting into trouble but he didn’t expect their lives to become so complicated. He didn’t expect himself to fall so deeply for her but he wasn’t surprised either because from the night they met he felt obligated to take care of this woman. Phuwarit shared with his sisters all about the beauty of France and promised one day they will all visit the country together. Amy teased that his French had improved, lightening the entire conversation. There was never a dull moment with his sisters and his exhaustion and stress that accumulated over the year had evaporated into the air. Finally, they were all reunited.

“Merci beaucoup.”

Twenty-seven year old Wipaa Sririwong quickly downed the glass of Grand Marnier on the rocks. She had lost count of how many drinks she had had. All she knew was that she had to get this man out of her mind. There was no reason for her to think of him other than that he screwed up her life. One minute she has screaming fans wanting her autograph and lakorn producers and various commercials wanting to work with her and the next minute, she is headline news and her entire country has labeled her as an easy and trashy woman.


Wipaa turned to see her ex-boyfriend, Wiwit Worrawej, taking a seat on the empty barstool on her left. She rolled her eyes and scoot down to the right to the next vacant barstool.

“I’m surprised you’re not getting up to leave,” he said.

“I was here first,” she snapped.

“You saving a seat for your husband?”

Annoyed, Wipaa left a few billfolds under her empty glass and got up to leave. When she was in the parking lot, Wiwit caught up to her and grabbed her wrist.

“If you don’t let me go, I will scream for help,” she threatened.

“Don’t you understand that I haven’t given up on you?” he asked.

She broke free from his grasp and pushed him away.

“But I gave up on you a long time ago,” Wipaa answered.

She got into her car and sped away without looking back. Will he ever leave her alone? It has been over a year that they had parted ways and she never intended to take a second thought about their relationship. Even when she was married to another man, Wiwit never left her alone. He was like a person that she had murdered and is now a hopeless soul seeking revenge. She could never forgive him but he wasn’t the real problem either. The real problem here was…herself.

Wipaa returned home and hastily packed up all of her belongings into one large suitcase. She couldn’t zip it. Shit. She opened it back up, took most of the items out, and zipped the suitcase back up. Whatever she couldn’t take she would just leave behind here with her misery. She couldn’t stand it here any longer. Several hours later, she would be out of this place and on the way home…home to P’Gai. Wipaa was ready to return to work and she hoped that P’Gai would take her back. After all, he was the one that suggested she take a leave and go on vacation to relax her mind, body, and soul. She got none of that but nevertheless, she was ready to hit the screen again.

For the first time in a long time Phuwarit got a full eight hours of sleep. He rose the following morning at a little after 8 and by 9, he was back in his business suit. Stepping in front of the mirror in his bathroom, he drew in a deep breath and exhaled. He was really back. Will his employees still criticize him about what happened last year when he made the front page with Wipaa? Forget their opinions. He was the boss.

“Coffee, ka.”

Phuwarit looked up from his work to see an unfamiliar face. She had her hair in a neat bun, wore natural make-up, and had on the typical and neat businesswoman attire. She is pretty.

“I’ve never seen you here before,” he said. “What is your name?”

“My name is Neeramon, ka,” she replied with a bright smile. “Today is the last day of my first week here.”

Phuwarit nodded and welcomed her to the company.

“Neeramon is your new secretary, Phuwarit.”

Pattaratida walked in and re-introduced Neeramon.

“I am the one that hired her and I must say that she is the best candidate as your secretary.”

Pattaratida dismissed Neeramon and sat down in the seat across Phuwarit. She leaned in on his desk and whispered, “I had to replace your old secretary.”

“Thank you, P’Pat,” said Phuwarit in a sincere tone. “If I hadn’t come back now then you would probably have to find someone to replace me too.”

He handed her his iPad and added, “I have a lot of catching up to do.”

Pattaratida scrolled up and down the page and smiled.

“Can you believe all of these deals that we have signed this past year?” she asked.

“I think the first thing I want to do now is secure this deal with the Indian investor,” Phuwarit told her. “If we can partner with them, we have a whole new challenge to face and if successful, it will be a huge step for us. Like Amy said, Indian jewelry is huge right now.”

Pattaratida nodded in agreement.

“Then let’s not waste any more time,” she said.

“We need to do field work,” said Phuwarit. “Our company has very limited knowledge about Indian jewelry. We must gather all of the information we need and conduct weekly meetings.”

“Should we start a new team that will focus solely on this?” Pattaratida asked.

“No,” Phuwarit replied. “If this doesn’t go as planned then we will waste a lot of time and money. Let me take initiative and do the field work and planning myself. I’ll fly out to India Sunday morning for eight weeks of field work.”

“But you just got back,” said Pattaratida. “Phu, you recently went through a lot…

“P’Pat, I promise you I’m fine,” Phuwarit interrupted. “Let’s just put it this way…I was on a year-long vacation to France and it sucked. I’m ready to get back to work.”

Pattaratida laughed and nodded, “Okay. But, I suggest that you take Neeramon with you so she can learn.”

Chapter Three

Informal Acquaintances

Oh my God.

Neeramon Panudej privately had a fangirl seizure in the women’s bathroom and then double-checked every stall to make sure she had the entire bathroom to herself. Goodness, her new boss was cuter than she had expected! She had seen his picture in various tabloids and on television but the guy was definitely better looking in person. Who cares if he is married? It isn’t a crime to have a secret little crush on a married man.

“There you are.”

Neeramon slightly jumped at her co-worker’s presence.

“Looking for me, Yui?” Neeramon pretended to wash her hands.

“Khun Pattaratida is looking for you,” Yui informed.

“I’m coming.” Neeramon grabbed a few paper towels, wiped her hands clean, and tossed the dampened towels into the garbage by the door.

She followed Yui down the hall and pretended to pay attention to her surroundings.

“You’re so lucky,” said Yui.


“You get to travel with Khun Phuwarit,” Yui replied. “I’m so jealous. Everyone is.”

Neeramon’s jaws dropped and she stood where she was frozen to the spot.

“What did you say?” she asked reassuringly.

“You get to work on the new project with Khun Phuwarit…one-on-one.”

This came as a total surprise to Neeramon. Yui was dismissed by Pattaratida and was asked to shut the door upon exiting the office leaving only Neeramon.

“Please sit down,” said Phuwarit, pointing an empty chair across from him.

Neeramon nodded once and slowly sat down in one of the two chairs across from Phuwarit.

“P’Pat has told me that you’re a hard worker,” Phuwarit began. “I would like to thank you for that.”

“As a result…

Pattaratida took a seat next to Neeramon.

“…we are giving you a chance to prove yourself and build knowledge,” Pattaratida finished. “As you know we are working on a potential partnership with Raza Fine Jewelry of India but we have very limited knowledge of Indian jewelry. A lot of research will be involved and the entire company will be very busy for the next few months as we develop business meetings and marketing campaigns.”

“I am flying to India this Sunday,” Phuwarit added. “And you’re coming with me.”

He got up from his leather office chair and put both of his hands into his pockets.

“There’s a lot to do and we’ve no time to waste,” he said. “We will be there for three weeks just for research.”

“You will come back with a full report and direct the company meetings afterwards,” Pattaratida explained. “Phuwarit and I will be in and out of the office for various business meetings outside of the company so we need you to inform and lead the company of the direction we will be taking.”

“What do you say, Khun Neeramon?” Phuwarit asked.

Since she had entered the office Neeramon tried very hard to contain her excitement. She was like a broke college girl that had just won the lottery.

“Yes,” she replied. “I will do my very best.”

Thank goodness she didn't stutter! She was pretty sure that her heart had skipped a few beats but it was all over now. She had to prepare herself for business and make work her top priority so there was no time for foolishness. Plus, she had to remind herself that Phuwarit is a married man.

“What are you doing?”

At the end of the day, Neeramon still found herself fangirling over her boss. It seemed like everywhere she was he was lurking in her shadows. She’s exaggerating now. After all, she is his secretary.

“I’m trying to flag down a motorcycle,” Neeramon replied.

“Why don’t I just drive you home?” Phuwarit offered.

He would like to know more about his new secretary. It is a critical position and he wanted to make sure that she’s most suitable for it. So far, he knew that she is detail-oriented and professional but he must make sure that she has a great personality too.

“I’d rather not bug you,” Neeramon replied.

“But I insist.”

Neeramon nodded.

Before she knew it, she was seated beside her boss in the front seat. There was a moment of awkward silence.

“What do you like most about your job?” he asked.

Weird. How does he know if she even likes the job? Was she being too obvious?


“Are we being too hard on you for your first week?” he interrupted.

“No, not at all,” she quickly answered. “I like challenges.”

Phuwarit smiled, “Seems like P’Pat hired the right assistant for me.”

They drove for an additional half an hour as they discussed various things that were non-work related. It felt good to not discuss work outside of work especially with a boss like Phuwarit.

“Right here.” Neeramon pointed to a tall building and Phuwarit put the car in park. He unbuckled his seatbelt, got out of the car, and opened the door for his assistant.

He hadn’t done this for a woman in a long time.

“Thank you.” Neeramon thanked him for opening the door.

Phuwarit stepped backwards a few steps to give her some walking space and backed right into someone walking.




Phuwarit smiled brightly at the sight of his best friend, Pittaya. It had been about a year before he last saw the guy. Neeramon watched as the two shared a hug.

“You guys know each other?” she asked them.

“You know this girl?” Pittaya asked Phuwarit.

Phuwarit nodded and introduced Neeramon to Pittaya as his new assistant. Pittaya laughed and patted Phuwarit on the shoulders.

“Good luck my friend,” he said.

Phuwarit was confused.

“What’s so funny?” Neeramon asked Pittaya.

She was overly annoyed by his presence and having him as a next door neighbor only made things worse. Her perfect day was now completely ruined. How could two very different people become friends?!

“Isn’t it funny that the person you hate the most you end up seeing the most?” Pittaya asked.

“Pitt, what are you talking about?” Phuwarit wore a bewildered expression on his face.

“This woman here, your new assistant, is my next-door neighbor,” Pittaya replied. “I don’t know what I’ve ever done for her to hate me so much but now she is your assistant and she’ll have to just put up with me. Isn’t that funny?”

Phuwarit smiled and shook his head.

“That’s enough, man.”

“Khun Phuwarit, ka, thank you for the ride home.” Annoyed, Neeramon completely ignored Pittaya and climbed the short flight of steps up to the building.

Phuwarit turned to Pittaya, who was rubbing his nose.

“That wasn’t very nice,” said Phuwarit.

“Don’t worry,” said Pittaya. “I tease her all the time.”

“You are exactly how I remembered you a year ago,” Phuwarit laughed. “Haven’t changed one bit.”

“And you are still the same moron that I know,” said Pittaya.

They both laughed and agreed that it was better to have a conversation with drinks, perhaps several drinks. It had been a long day for Phuwarit but he had to admit the workload that welcomed him eased his mind of everything that had happened the past year.

“So how are you and Khun Wipaa?” Pittaya took a sip of his beer and set the glass down on the coaster in front of him. “You’d think that one-year is a short amount of time but a lot can happen within a year.”

“You’re right,” Phuwarit agreed. “A lot has happened. We’re no longer together.”

“What?!” Pittaya exclaimed, jumping up from the sofa.

Everyone in the club stared at them.

“Sit down, will you?!” Phuwarit tugged on Pittaya’s arm.

“What happened in France?” Pittaya asked. “And where’s Khun Wipaa?”

“Like I said, a lot has happened,” Phuwarit replied. “And I don’t know where Wipaa is right now; perhaps, she's still in France.”

Phuwarit downed his glass of beer and ordered another one. Wherever Wipaa was Phuwarit hoped she was happy. She’s probably dining at a fancy Parisian restaurant with the man of her dreams right now. Whoever that man was, he is lucky. Phuwarit was once that lucky man.