Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) *UPDATED CH.1*


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Soi Haeng Rak
(The Necklace of Love)

Historical, Romance


First Generation:
Ploy Chermarn as Princess Saengkham
Rome Patchata as Prince Adithep
Chompoo Araya as Princess Areeya
Om Akkapan as General Ekkarat
Pope Thanawat as Direk

Second Generation:
Aom Sucharat as Manee
Ken Phupoom as Witoon
Nadech Kugimiya as Popetorn
Louis Scott as Dr. Kritchai


Upon her deathbed, Queen Walailak gives a trademark necklace to her son, Prince Adithep (Rome). The necklace has been handed down the royal family for many generations for the future king to give to his future queen upon marriage. Prince Adithep is supposed to wed Princess Areeya (Chompoo) but instead falls for the older sister, Princess Saengkham (Ploy). On the contrary, Princess Areeya and General Ekkarat (Om) are secretly in love. However, their love is forbidden because Princess Areeya is of royal status while General Ekkarat is just a normal high ranking soldier. Not wanting to upset their royal parents, Princess Areeya and Prince Adithep wed anyway. On the night of their wedding, Princess Areeya discovers she is pregnant with General Ekkarat’s baby. When the truth is revealed, General Ekkarat is sentenced to death.
Many, many years later, a young handsome doctor named Kritchai (Louis) introduces his girlfriend, Manee (Aom) to his grandmother. When his grandmother sees Manee, the first thing she notices is the royal trademark necklace…


sarNie Adult
I'm planning on writing this one after Poo Dee Gammalor.
I realized more than half of this fanfiction section is infested with Yadech so I thought I'd bring up a new cast.


sarNie Adult

Many years ago in the kingdom of Wiriyapa lived two princesses, Saengkham and Areeya. Both were beautiful, kind, and talented in their own ways and were respected and loved by everyone. Unlike most princesses who were curious of the outside world beyond their palace, Princess Saengkham and Areeya were the most proper women one would ever meet.
However, one day, fate would lead the two princesses to meet Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat of the nearby Reyma kingdom. Unbeknownst to her, Princess Areeya is already engaged to Prince Adithep prior to her birth. In order to maintain the stable and healthy relationship of both kingdoms, their royal parents decided upon an arranged marriage of the prince and princess.
On their Queen Mother’s 55[sup]th[/sup] birthday, Princess Saengkham and Areeya decided to make her the most beautiful silk gown they could make. Their idea of the perfect gift leads the princesses to leave the palace in order to buy the most high quality and expensive silk in the marketplace. Since the whole idea was to be a secret and surprise, the two princesses decided to keep it among themselves. Together, they left the palace and wandered into the busy marketplace to buy their silk. However, such place was neither appropriate nor convenient for two princesses. As soon as they stepped out of their palace, the princesses were unsure of where to go.
“Shall we go back and ask Mae Lamduan to accompany us?” asked the older princess, Saengkham. “Perhaps she may navigate us to our desired destination.”
Princess Areeya thought for a moment and dissented from her older sister’s decision.
“I think it better if we don’t,” said Princess Areeya. “We want to keep this a secret but if we tell Mae Lamduan, she might let slip and Tan Mae will surely know. Then, it won’t be a surprise to her.”
“Hmm…okay,” agreed Princess Saengkham. “I’m sure we will be able to find our way and return to the palace with beautiful silk. It can’t be too hard to get around here.”
It was about forty minutes into their walk around the marketplace but they had yet found the silk vendor. The two princesses looked around them helplessly. There were many people and many vendors. How were they ever going to find what they were looking for?
“There are so many people,” said Princess Areeya. “We’ve been out for a long time now but the silk vendor is nowhere in sight. It is the same everywhere. The smell is awful and a lot of areas are crowded.”
“We have to bear it,” said Princess Saengkham. “If we want to make Tan Mae a nice present, we must bear it. We must find the silk vendor as soon as possible.”
“Jao ka,” replied Princess Areeya.
They walked a few steps more and without looking straightforward, Princess Saengkham had run into a complete stranger. When she looked up, Princess Saengkham was face to face with a handsome man. He was smiling at her as his arms were wrapped around her waist.
“My dear sister!” squealed Princess Areeya.
The stranger had let go of Princess Saengkham but his eyes were still on her.
“Are you alright lady?” asked the stranger.
Princess Saengkham did not reply but instead nodded her head and smiled.
“We are very sorry,” said Princess Areeya. “We were just trying to find our way around.”
“May I ask what you are looking for?” asked the stranger.
“We are trying to find our way to the silk vendor,” replied Princess Saengkham.
“Khun Thep, krub,” said the man behind the nice stranger. “We must go now krub. Don’t forget we have something important to tend to.”
The stranger nodded.
“Let’s help these ladies out first,” he said.
The person next to the stranger seemed to be his right hand man or perhaps, a friend. He was too handsome to be a servant.
“My name is Thep,” said the stranger. “Beside me is Aek, my best friend.”
The men smiled and bowed at the princesses.
“What is your name?” asked Thep.
Princess Saengkham smiled.
“My name is Bua,” replied Princess Saengkham. “This is my younger sister, Mali.”
Thep and Aek smiled at the beautiful names. Princess Saengkham was clever to name themselves after the flowers. The two princesses could indeed be compared to the flowers within the palace as they are pure and beautiful.
“Jao Nang Bua and Mali, krub,” began Thep. “If you don’t mind, we will accompany you to the silk shop.”
“Thank you ka,” said the princesses, politely.
“Our pleasure,” replied Aek.
The two gentlemen led the way to the finest silk shop in the kingdom. They stood and watched breathlessly as the two angelic women before them picked out the most beautiful silks. Finally, they had decided on their goods and went up to the salesperson to pay.
“Leave it to me, krub,” said Thep. “I will buy these for you.”
“Mai dai ka,” said Princess Saengkham. “We shouldn’t bother you anymore than this.”
“We must buy these ourselves,” added Princess Areeya. “If we tend to buy something for someone, we must do it ourselves. We shouldn’t bother you.”
“Oh,” said Thep. “You’re buying these for someone else?”
The two princesses smiled and nodded. Aek laughed.
“However, it seems like my friend Thep wants to buy these for you,” he said.
Thep must’ve been shy because he looked the other way.
“Mai pen rai ka,” said Princess Areeya. “Leave it to us.”
Aek nodded.
The princesses finally purchased their fine silk and returned to their palace. They thanked Thep and Aek for the help and waved goodbye to both men before taking the path back to the palace.
“Who do you reckon they are?” asked Aek. “It seems like they’re going to the palace. That road there only leads to the royal palace of Wiriyapa.”
Thep smiled as he watched the women walk down the road ahead.
“They must be palace women,” said Thep. “Did you notice how polite and appropriate they were? If they’re not palace women, who could they be?”
“Chai krub,” agreed Aek. “So which one do you favor?”
Thep jerked his head quickly towards Aek.
“Oho, you can always read my mind and motives!” exclaimed Thep, playfully. “You know me too well.”
Knowing that his dear Prince Adithep would chase after him, General Ekkarat ran as fast as he could to avert Prince Adithep’s kicks and punches.
“You can’t catch me!” yelled General Ekkarat.
“Don’t run you know it all!” shouted Prince Adithep.
It was like they were children all over again. Overall, Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat grew up together. They played together, studied together, fought each other and quarreled. They were like brothers. However, one day fate would take its course and separate their brotherly bond and everything will change…


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Wow its so great!
But will yaya be inside this ff too?
No, Yaya will not be in this story. I decided to introduce a new cast and new pairing (pairing might be a surprise) but I won't tell you who the main guy is. This whole fanfiction section is infested with Yadech so I wanted to try something different. I casted Nadech but no Yaya.


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Dear readers, I might add a second generation so the third generation will only consist of Aom Sucharat, Nadech, Ken Phupoom, and Louis Scott. So there might be three generations total. Whew, this one might be a little hard to write.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Haha u can have sequels as in that @Suayrerdcherdsode is that what u mean? haha can i call u something else than Suayrerdcherdsode?? The story is going along fine haha i'll continued reading it, takes me a while to stop and read something so i'm hook on this!! :beer:


sarNie Adult
Haha u can have sequels as in that @Suayrerdcherdsode is that what u mean? haha can i call u something else than Suayrerdcherdsode?? The story is going along fine haha i'll continued reading it, takes me a while to stop and read something so i'm hook on this!! :beer:
No this isn't going to be a sequel. It will focus on multiple generations back and forth. Aw, don't make me explain it thoroughly because it might spoil it for you.
And yes, you may call me something else but my real name is Alin or just Lin.
I'm going to write this after Poo Dee Gammalor though and I have a feeling it's going to be hard to write since I'm going back and forth between the generations.


FF Writer!! Love it!
No this isn't going to be a sequel. It will focus on multiple generations back and forth. Aw, don't make me explain it thoroughly because it might spoil it for you.
And yes, you may call me something else but my real name is Alin or just Lin.
I'm going to write this after Poo Dee Gammalor though and I have a feeling it's going to be hard to write since I'm going back and forth between the generations.
Haha it was hard for me also i wrote something similar to that also but now i finished and i have a sequel to it as another life!! And so can i call you Lin then? Hahaha!! Thx i understand haha its okay u can spoil it for me i dont mind makes me wonder also haha.


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Chapter One

The year was 1921. Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat of the Reyma kingdom had just returned from a major battle against one of their neighboring states. Everyone clapped as they marched into the royal court as victory was theirs. The king roared with laughter and the queen smiled brightly. Court officials praised the young prince and general for their bravery and military skills. The king waved his hand to cease the applaud and all was silent. He continued to laugh as he walked down the small steps to greet his son and fine general.
“Very well done,” he told them. “Fine young men like yourselves are the strong pillars and foundation of our empire. A great future lies ahead of you and Reyma.”
Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat thanked the king and kneeled before him.
“Rise,” said the king.
He made his way back up to his throne and sat back down.
“Let the celebration and feast begin tonight,” said the king.

During the festivities, Prince Adithep presented a gift for his mother, Queen Walailak. He held up a roll of fine beautiful silk from Wiriyapa. A smile spreaded across her face as she accepted the gift from her son.
“My dear mother, I purchased these for you when I passed by the infamous Kingdom of Wiriyapa last year,” said Prince Adithep. “They are made from the finest silk shop that could only be found in Wiriyapa.”
“It’s indeed very beautiful,” said the Queen. “You have great taste in choosing. I love it. Thank you my dear son.”
“Speaking of Wiriyapa reminds me of the promise we made with the king and queen there my dear,” said the king, turning to his wife.
“What promise shall that be?” asked curious prince.
“One day you will find out,” replied the queen.
“I say the sooner the better,” added the king.
This made Prince Adithep wonder what secret his parents held from him. He knew that his father was great friends with the Wiriyapa king so he guessed the secret promise was a good thing.
After the festivities, Prince Adithep lied in bed and reminisced on his past year. Gaining victory upon his enemies and earning prestige and honor was one matter but the thought of Bua was another. Nothing made him happier than thinking of the woman he had met in Wiriyapa last year. He wanted to see her again. The thought of her brought a smile to his face. He decided he would travel to Wiriyapa first thing tomorrow morning.

The sun merely peeked over the horizon when Prince Adithep arrived at General Ekkarat’s door. Without knocking, the prince burst into the room and shook his best friend awake.
“Wake up!” exclaimed Prince Adithep.
General Ekkarat moaned and rolled over. Prince Adithep put his hands on his hips and looked on at the sleepy general.
“I command you to get up at once!” exclaimed the prince.
General Ekkarat opened his eyes and squinted.
“Oh my dear prince, the sun isn’t even up all the way yet,” said the general sleepily. “What brings you here this early morning?”
“I have an idea,” said Prince Adithep. “I’m going to Wiriyapa.”
General Ekkarat sat up at once.
“You’re what?” he asked.
“I’m going to Wiriyapa,” repeated the prince. “Today and this morning. And, you must come with me.”
“Are you kidding me?” asked General Ekkarat. “We just returned from a battle yesterday. We need to rest. You need to rest. If you’re not going to rest, at least allow me to rest.”
“No,” said Prince Adithep, firmly. “We’re going to Wiriyapa, now!”

The Kingdom of Wiriyapa was a full day’s walk but of course, with a horse, they would get there faster. Prince Adithep remembered clearly the first day he step foot there. It was last year but felt as if it were only yesterday.
“So how are we going to find Jao Nang Bua and Mali?” asked General Ekkarat. “How do you know if they’re even going to remember us? How do we…
“How about you shut your mouth?” asked Prince Adithep. “I already have a plan set.”
“Oh,” said General Ekkarat. “What if the king finds out we snuck out of the palace?”
“I’ll just say I went to Wiriyapa to buy my mother more fine silk,” replied the prince.
General Ekkarat smiled.
“I can’t believe we’re going back,” he said. “It’s been a whole year since we’ve met Jao Nang Bua and Mali. I miss them dearly.”
“Me too,” agreed the prince.

It wasn’t long before they finally arrived at their destination. They stopped and parked their horses in front of the same silk shop they had visited the previous year and went inside. The shop owner greeted them immediately with a smile.
“Sawadee krub,” said General Ekkarat. “Do you remember us? We accompanied two beautiful ladies here last year.”
“Oh, yes indeed,” said the shop owner. “You men are not from around here, are you?”
“No sir,” replied Prince Adithep. “We’re from Reyma.”
“Oho! The mighty kingdom of Reyma!” exclaimed the shop owner. “What brings you here today?”
“We want to ask you something,” began General Ekkarat. “Do you remember those two ladies who were here with us last year? Do you, by any chance, know of their residence.”
“I’m sorry,” said the shop owner. “It might be hard for you to get in touch with them. They are palace women and they’ve only been here at my shop twice.”
“How do you know they’re palace women?” asked Prince Adithep.
“It’s very simple,” replied the shop owner. “The currencies they spend here are imprinted with the royal stamp.”
Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat exchanged looks and smiled.
“Thank you!”

It turns out Prince Adithep’s idea wasn’t really an idea. Actually it was more of a crime because he decided to trespass into the palace by climbing over the walls.
“What?!” asked General Ekkarat surprisingly. “We’re of high ranks and not to mention, you’re a prince! How could you commit such crime?”
Prince Adithep smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
“Either way, you must obey me,” said Prince Adithep. “I’m your boss. I’m the prince and if I say we sneak in tonight, we will sneak it tonight. That’s final.”

The fun part came at nightfall. After they both successfully climbed over the palace walls, the brave duo tried to find their way around.
“How are we going to find them in this gigantic maze?” asked General Ekkarat.
“Patience, my friend,” said Prince Adithep. “Think of this as a mission to find love. It’ll be fun.”
“I don’t see how breaking a law is considered fun,” said General Ekkarat.
They finally came round to the garden.
“Wow, it’s beautiful!” exclaimed Prince Adithep.
“Who’s that?”
Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat quickly snuck behind a large nearby bush. The sounds of footsteps got closer and closer.
“Strange,” said a female voice. “I swear I just heard voices here while ago.”
That was a very familiar voice, thought Prince Adithep.
“Come on, let’s go,” said another female voice. “You’re just thinking too much. Let’s go sit on the bridge.”
Of course! How could they not recognize those voices? Before the princesses took another step, Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat jumped out of the bush. They quickly covered the princesses’ mouths in case they screamed for help. The guys laughed as the princesses tried to struggle free.
“Shh! Someone will hear us,” said General Ekkarat.
Finally, Princess Areeya broke free and slapped her attacker on the face.
“Shh! It’s me! Aek!” he said.
Princess Areeya stepped closer for a better look.
“Khun!” she gasped.
Prince Adithep let free of Princess Saengkham. When she realized that the attackers were Thep and Aek, a wide smile spreaded across her face.
“How did you get in here?!” she asked them, surprisingly.
General Ekkarat cleared his throat.
“Our hearts brought us here,” he said, winking at Princess Areeya.
Prince Adithep laughed. The two princesses blushed.
“You shouldn’t be here,” said Princess Saengkham. “If someone sees both of you, there will surely be trouble.”
“Chai,” agreed Princess Areeya. “Both of you should leave now.”
Before the men could reply, there were more sounds of footsteps approaching.
“Quick!” said Princess Saengkham, in a loud whisper. “You must go now!”
“How will we meet again?” asked Prince Adithep.
“I will send a letter to the silk shop,” replied Princess Saengkham.
Prince Adithep and General Ekkarat smiled and waved goodbye. They achieved their goal and successfully made it out.

“…and Prince Adithep of the Kingdom of Reyma died in the year 1941 at the age of 40.”
A roar of applaud broke out in the auditorium. After giving her lecture, Ajarn Sira gathered her speech papers and stuffed them into a manila folder. She was now ready to answer questions. There were many hands in the air and Ajarn Sira picked the nearest one first.
“Go ahead, Manee.”
“What happened to the trademark necklace of Reyma?” she asked.
“Great question but sadly no one knows the answer,” replied Ajarn Sira. “It has been lost for many, many years. The necklace is of course, only passed down within the royal family of Reyma. Ever since Princess Areeya eloped from the palace with General Ekkarat, the necklace disappeared forever.”
After Ajarn Sira answered other students’ questions, the lecture was concluded. Manee walked out of the auditorium with still filled with curiosity. She had no idea that the necklace she was wearing at that very moment was actually the infamous royal trademark necklace of Reyma kingdom...