1. C

    Roy Leh Sanae Rai-txoj kev hlub muag nqis tshaj nyiag txiaj

    Please I'm trying to look for this movie starring Aom and Tik. I want the hmong dubb version. If anyone has a copy please let me know. I am willing to pay for it. I really want to watch this movie again. Thanks.
  2. S

    Jao Ban Jao Ruen (PPBT February 2016)

    cr Jesadafamiy
  3. S

    Various Stars (OK! vol. 11 no. 261 October 2015 )

  4. B

    TRUE SMART LIFE SMART CITY event with Tik, Andrew, Aum, Noon, Pancake & Mai

    TRUE SMART LIFE SMART CITY event was held on August 25, 2015....             credit:as tagged
  5. S

    Tik Jesdaporn (Kullastree Vol.45 Issue)

  6. S

    Golden Boys (Preaw vol. 36 no. 859 June 2015)

  7. T

    Song Rao

    Song Rao Tik- Doctor Punthanawoot or Mor Thana Aff- Aunlada or Nueng Nott- Asavee Mint- Ornsanee or Orn Song Rao is a super sad love story between two young lovers at child till grown up, even if death or fate separate them from each other. The love that they both have for one another will...
  8. Alice

    Various Stars(PRAEW Vol.36 no.841 September 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  9. T

    Kaew Tah Pee 2, CH.2 [4/7/14]

    Oh yes, here I go writing another one! One of my all time favorite lakorns and I'm writing a sequel to it! I'm very excited. Lol. Grown up Kao inspired me so let's see how this "sequel" goes. Lol.   FanFiction Kaew Tah Pee 2   Cast Cherry Khemupsorn Tik Pholdee Jaja Primrada Ace Worarit Patricia...
  10. pinkdisney32

    [A Royal Series] Jao Ying Tasanee: A Royal Selection (Ch 3.1 Up! 6/25/14)

      [A Royal Series]    Jao Ying Tasanee: A Royal Selection [Part 1]   Written by: candylover32 [aka pinkdisney32]   *Author's Note/Comment: The following material is fictional based. All names and places are made up and/or are actual Thai names. This fanfiction was inspired by "The Selection"...
  11. B

    OK! Awards 2012

    cr: newsplus
  12. phatman

    Satang (2000)

    Does anyone know where I could find this whole movie and watch it? It's got a whole load of A-List actors and actresses, some during their beginning days and I just want to watch how it is. Here are some cuts with English subs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziLGWnQIQMY...
  13. S

    Scarred Heart (Roy Plae Nai Hua Jai) UPDATED-CH.3

    Only a chapter or two left of Poo Dee Gammalor. Going to put Soi Haeng Rak on a hold because I find it kinda hard to write because the storyline involves time traveling. Like most of you here, I miss Ann/Ken and ATEAM in action so it inspired me to write this fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it...
  14. T

    [MOVIE] I Miss U

    filming will begin on January. its a romantic thriller movie between 3 character with Jah playing as the ghost. the director is "Off" Monthon Arayangkoon same guy who directed 30 and still beautiful. Tik also confirmed to his fanclub @ the ch3s memory party that the opening ceremony will be...
  15. SmileBo

    Fated to be.Ch 30

    Hi everyone, I think i have time to write a FF, cus I don't have school since I was on practice in nursing homes 2 weeks. So why not write a ff, right? :coverlaf: I'll using my beloved Cheer and Tik as the main couple with Bargie. Tik as Chat Boy as Sam Wongwai Cheer as Sira Wongwai Margie as...