❤️[CH3] King Kasalong (No problem): Yaya Urassaya/ James Ma


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The teaser was great, it gave me goosebumps. Regardless, I'm still excited and watching Klin Kasalong. Excited to hear and see the OST and MV. :):icon12:
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Yesss I was thinking the same!! I hate when guys wear sneakers with fancy suits and stuff lol :facepalm:
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it don't. In this case, lol...
I guess he's a sneaker lover then:thumbup:
He sure is! Haha.

Just watched the teasers! I didn't know Yaya was going to speak the northern dialect in this one. How interesting! James Ma looks as good as ever. A good creepy vibe but her twin sister is definitely a scary one.
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