❤️ [CH3] Kong Karm (Act Art) : Bella Ranee / James Jirayu / Phet Thakrit / Mai Charoenpura


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Ok. Gotta go catch up on Ep. 8 and 9 but bring on the drama!!! Raeng to the max. Yoi's daughter are killing each other to death at home while she's away. Oh how high would her blood pressure had been if she was home. LOL. Can't wait to catch up. Still TeamAsa! Rooting for you and Junta. Such wrong timings. He gets married and when he divorces, Junta is to get married lol. Fighting! I'm getting all my tears ready for this weeks episode though. Poor tia! :(


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Of all the things to get, why did it have to be the lacy bra :facepalm:. The magical bra that holds the goods and the money too :risas3::risas3:
Some Chinese believe women's underwear is very powerful especially for bad stuff. My Chinese grandma used to forbid us to hang our undies up to dry, over the men's heads, as it would "bring them bad luck" but their horrible undies could hang over our heads. Hahaha. I didn't argue with her since she's my gran but but but .... So we have magical underwear, ladies!


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Haha, maybe mae Yoi was clam and quite when she was younger before she experienced all the headache when having a family.
Haha well, Tia kind of had Asa vibes with the bike, so it makes sense that Yoi is like Chanta. Tia and Asa (and also Atong for that matter) have the same type. Tia looks lot like Atong. Kudos to the casting director.

The battle of which Sor will reign supreme is the best. Haha i can't wait for round 2.


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
OH HECK NO. PILAI DID NOT JUST SLAP MY CUTE LITTLE GIRL TWICE. :mad: I can't wait to see Reynu beat her ass up next week! Lol. Poor Boonplook :'( Well, Boonplook is gonna
take her husband anyway, muahaha!

My favorite scene of today's episode is the flashback of Yoi and Tia! They were so cute, haha. I enjoyed that background story. They're breaking my heart. ):


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