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  1. Ntsuab-Ci

    [CH3] Kaen Kaew (Family Plus): Phet Thakrit/Tita Chayanit

    Kekeke, new lakorn for P'Phet. :cheer: I knew he'll come out with a new lakorn soon since the one with Pope and Bella is wrapping up (i was constantly checking for upcoming work hehe). Nangek is a newbie, I think she was in that lakorn with Mario and Kim??? She's cute and so smol!!! She looks...
  2. pangiaxiong

    ❤️[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

    New lakokn starring Pope Tanawat and Bella Ranee about a foul mouth lawyer and a confidently modern socialite girl. Cr: Thailakorn Updates at IG
  3. xodxo

    ❤️ [CH3] Kong Karm (Act Art) : Bella Ranee / James Jirayu / Phet Thakrit / Mai Charoenpura

    Latest news has it that p’Off found a new story and it’s called Kong Karm. This story draws inspiration from p’Off after the success of Tong Neau Gao. The story involves n’ek who is a prostitute, who meets p’ek from an upper class status and falls in love. He brings her home as a wife, but the...
  4. Maricon

    ❤[CH3] Por Yung Lung Mai Warng (TV Scene): Pope Thanawat/Mew Nittha

    Video of pin21yrs presenting the script to Mew and Pope Please don't hesitate to correct the spelling of the title if needed, thank you. Here's the Thai title: พ่อยุ่งลุงไม่ว่าง Latest photo confirming it:
  5. Ntsuab-Ci

    ❤[CH3] Kaew Kumpun (D One TV) Phet Thakrit/Pat Napapa

    I was waiting for someone to create a thread for this since I have never created one before and didn't want to mess up any information but seems like no one is going to so I'll just start. Sorry for any mistakes. I'm not sure if the title is right since I don't know Thai so correct me if I'm...
  6. T

    Saeng Sanaeha (The Light of Love)

    I probably have about a million other stories to finish and it may appear that I've neglected them over the past year. I too, have had deaths in the family, relationship complications in addition to a recent secure career that requires my presence approximately 80% of the time. All I can say is...
  7. OHOaddict

    Intertwined Love

    My first FANFIC and its already out of hands. The actors/actresses I use were originally chosen by me before i even had a story. This is for entertainment only. Not to criticize an actor/actress. You are more than welcome to make suggestion to the story i write and correct me wherever i may be...
  8. M

    Phet Thakrit (I GET ENGLISH vol. 9 no. 81 May 2015)

    CR: MagazineDee He's so charming with that smile of his!
  9. M

    Prang Announces Split with Boyfriend. Refutes Being Picky with Work After Rise to Fame

    Translated article from Sanook Prang Announces Split with Boyfriend. Refutes Being Picky with Work After Rise to Fame Prang Kannarun admits to lowering the status of her relationship with Tong Wongsaosai to just friends. The reason is because they are both busy with work and do not have time...
  10. p.smilez

    ❋❋❋Ruk Tur Niran∞(I Love You Eternally∞)❋❋❋ BANG RAJUN : THE AFTER-LIFE (CH.1)

    Ruk Tur Niran (I Love You Eternally)    ❋❋❋รักเธอนิรันดร์❋❋❋   (Special Thanks to P'Thip for making me my awesome FF poster)   "Though heaven separated us, there's no way to separate my heart. Our two hearts will be beside each other, never far apart."       Starring:           Phet Thakrit as...
  11. M

    Phet Thrakrit is Not Upset About Getting Supporting Roles

    Translated Article from Gossipstar Phet Thrakrit is Not Upset About Getting Supporting Roles   Phet Thakrit is happy about Bang Grajun's positive feedback. Many people are following the lakorn. He does not consider it a serious matter to be offered only supporting roles versus being promoted to...
  12. Alice

    Various Stars (PAPPAYONBANTERNG Vol.41 no.1898 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  13. T

    CH.3 [a Chalida & Push FF] Gerd Bpen Dao (Born as a Star)

    I had to start this FF because I am in love with Push!!!   FanFiction "Gerd Bpen Dao" (Born as a Star)   Starring Mint Chalida as Saengdao (Dao) Prang Kannarun as Natnacha (Nat) Nychaa Nuttanicha as Kaewkwan (Kwan) Push Puttichai as Thanathep (Thep) Phet Thakrit as Prarop (Rop) Alex Rendall as...
  14. M

    Phet Thakrit (ATTITUDE vol. 4 no. 47 January 2015)

    CR: MAGAZINEDEE He's so hot! Omg!!  :spicy:  
  15. M

    Phet Thakrit (GLOW Vol. 3 No. 28 August 2014)

    CR: MagazineDee
  16. leemyis

    [Ch3] Chat Jao Praya 2: Sing See Kwae (Step Onward)

    "ชาติเจ้าพระยา2"   I don't think there's a thread for this yet, so here's one. These came out yesterday.   (cr. phet's IG, songwut999, tvsocietych, art's fc, gurumatthew)
  17. leemyis

    Phet Thakrit & Vena Pavenaphone (WOW vol. 1 no. 13 March 2014)

    cr. magazinedee       I'm going to get my hands on a copy of this magazine. Phet is so handsome and smexy!:D
  18. Alice

    [CH3] Lookmai Kong Por Series: Saeng Dao Klang Jai

    แสงดาวกลางใจ thanks credit to Thip@spicyforum credit as tagged
  19. Alice

    [Ch3] Bang Rajan (Broadcast Thai)

    "บางระจัน"   this is another one of Broadcast Thai Company Big Project ...