❤️ [CH3] Kong Karm (Act Art) : Bella Ranee / James Jirayu / Phet Thakrit / Mai Charoenpura


Now I know why I was very lukewarm with the teasers, Mai sucks lol She's not really convincing as the evil MIL. I just see Mai trying to act but really just overracting from her body language to her voice... it doesn't come off natural at all. In comparison to Sud Kaen Saan Ruk, khun Rudklao, she was E Yam, she brought that character to life and her portrayl was really enjoyable despite being just a nasty character. But I've read some Thai feedback and people say that Mai is actually portraying the character exactly like the novel so there's that lol But Mai irritated me the whole time I just felt like she was at 100 while everyone was around 10 hahahaa. JJ's acting is really off in here too he didn't really have chemistry with the family members and the first scene of him with bella and mai... he was just an extra, his timing and Mai's timing was so off in that scene it didn't really make for a good run in with these characters, but Bella made this scene at the end of it while she was walking away. I didn't like how Act Art started off the first episode. It was very rushed and really simple how they laid the plot but it still wasn't that sufficient with character background and when they choose to reveal it. I felt really lost for a long time and I hate how they edit here. They do too many close ups of Mai screaming it doesn't even feel like she's interacting with anyone. If I were to sell this lakorn, I would say to probably anticipate the interaction between Bella and Pear. I thought Mai would be a scene stealer but she's not... and her and Bella aren't that good I just feel like Bella is acting her ass off and Mai is just there but not really adding much to the scenes. Bella's better with Fresh than Mai. Pear looks like she's about to steal some scenes her character is just as raeng as Bella's probably. I would credit Act Art for elevating the acting of the newbies. Phet usually sucks for me too but he's nailing the role and Champ is much better than he was since Ra Rerng Fai. Yiiwha and Champ have some chemistry too but she get's with JJ later lol Too bad no Pie and August yet. I'm pretty underwhelmed lol I thought Act Art would execute this better than Makers did because they're just a better production overall but it's not as intense as Sud Kaen that could be a good thing lol

Ya Rudklao is world class actress for me. She is very natural! Even I was stunned watching her in Nang Marn.


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Me too!! I really really want to see what other retribution she gets besides going crazy! Haha.

I'm curious to see how Tim gets her revenge too. Like was Ma Yoi really at fault for kicking them out of their home or were they really in the wrong too??

You know who else I love in here?? The two siblings who work for the Bae Fam. They are just super workers and their personalities are so very well loved. I like that they don't bow down to Pilai and her insults and I love how they fight her and talk smack about her. Haha. I especially love Pom. Wait is that his name. I can never remember. Haha.

Who else is waiting for subs??? If there are peeps who are gonna wait until next Sunday for subs I will too. Haha.
Haha I feel you. Been dealing with Philai this long they better make her story end worth it too. I dont want no simple typical death plot for her honestly.

In regards to Tim, there must be a bigger backstory we dont know of. Tim is quote full of anger and rage herself. Not healthy at all.

Yes it's Pom for the brother and Boonplook for the sister. They definitely are quite a duo. Such strong siblings and humble. They know their place. My favorite scene would have to be when Pom tells Philai at the Train Station before going to Asee's funeral that she doesnt have to worry because when it's her funeral, he'll make aure to go too. Lolol!


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It's up. Yes, we were busy. James and Pope had a Nescafe event last week too, so the translators have been busy. And also real life. you know. And the ultimate reason is there are a lot of crying scenes for Asa this week. Since the fansubbers are from his fanclub, we get emotional you know. We usually upload it every Sunday. And now it's there. Enjoy!
Thank you and JJ fan club team for doing a wonderful job on this. JamesJi is so lucky to have many faithful fans. Blessed his heart.


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
One lakorn related to Krong Kam is the prequel which is Sud Kaen San Ruk. That is more to Yam's story, Yoi's sister. Yam is much more psycho. She kidnapped other's son and make the son hate his own biological mother.
I don't know about others, but for me, between these two dramas, I prefer "Krong Karm" story. I've enjoyed Krong Karm from the beginning until now while SKSR, the new generation of her grand-chidlren wasn't caught my attention.


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Dang... awesome performance by Pear!!! The tears, the frustration, the acting... she's sooo good!! She deserves so much recognition. I almost cried and why the hell am I feeling sorry for the rai?? Holy.. she may be bad but she shows she is human for just wanting to live a good life.


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I don't know about others, but for me, between these two dramas, I prefer "Krong Karm" story. I've enjoyed Krong Karm from the beginning until now while SKSR, the new generation of her grand-chidlren wasn't caught my attention.
I like both but the characters in KK are better written. Everyone gets to explain their own reasoning for doing what they do and it makes some sense in KK. You also see the good and the bad and I think the badder leaning characters are redeemed and earned their redemption all the way. In the book, they give you scenes with Pilai, her mom and home life to explain why Pilai is the way she is. The drama just briefly mentioned that Pilai's mom is 2nd wifey to explain her obsession and greed. But I get it, this thing is already 19 episodes and the actors are good enough to get you where they want you without showing everything.

SKSR, the characters are too one-dimensional compared to KK. And the karma in SKSR isn't satisfying. The bad folks don't really earn their redemption and they get off pretty easily punishment wise.

But I love Mai as Yoi and Rudklao as Yam equally now. I think Mai just took a bit of time to settle in and shake off the rust. She hasn't acted in like 20 years? By epi 5 or so, I was sold.


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Ending tmrr already? OMG. I haven't caught up but I can this week. KK surprisedly became a lakorn I ended up looking forward to almost weekly! Most of the casts did a great job on their role. Bella was such a great choice for the role of Reynu!


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In regards to Asee's child, I'm so happy that Mae Yoi will still have a part of Asee with her. :crybaby2::aaaaa: (Happy tears? lol) Loved Asee's character so much and this makes me feel more whole now. Sad that Mala is not going to raisethe child but luckily, she did not abort the baby. She has her reasoning's and that's her choice but thankful she left the baby with Yoi. Also, how cute does Junta and Asa look as parents when Junta was holding the baby. Glad they are going to both take care of the baby! :icon12::icon12:

Here's some subtitled clips (Cr.Wanda4JamesJi)