❤️[CH3] Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai (Who & Who) : Alek Theeradeth/Patricia Good


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Lol that's my Sundays. I just started the Alexander series by M. Malone.

Anyways today had some cute scenes between our Belle and her p'Chai. My fav scene was the Hop scotch and window cleaning. Man Pat is so adorable! She's so beautiful. And that kissing scene between the second with the preview for tomorrow! Lol. I wished i saved it to watch after Sunday's epi because i cant wait for the next epi lol.
Im currently into thai ebooks.
Currently watching ep 12 and up to the hop scotch sceene....its so cuteee!!


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God, I'm obsessed with this lakorn. I was watching it over and over when I was hospitalized last week. and oooooh boy. The screenplay isn't actually the best screenplay out there - dare I say it... it's actually.... kinda stupid. BUT Alek and Patricia are soooooooooooooooooooo damn adorable it actually works and it's so addicting, I just want to watch it over and over and over again. I haven't been obsessed in a lakorn like this for a very long time. At first I didn't think I would be able to take Alek seriously, after watching him in Khondeeteenhai - since the trailer made it seem like he's a serious mean killing machine, but actually he's such a goody two shoes that it works. I LOVE ALEK! OMG IT'S NOT SANE!!!!!! I wanna slap him and kiss him and hug him gaaaaaaaaah!!! He's so adorable. My main gripe at first was how the director didn't seem to know whether to do drama or comedy, but as it goes along, the absurdity of the plot works, precisely because it's Alek. I mean, had he been serious all through out, it would seem like he would be trying too hard, and with the comedic parts, Alek is really cute in his awkward kind of way - it totally works. If Mark/Kawin - with this absurd mix of comedy and drama - were played by another actor, it wouldn't work. I think only Alek can pull it off.

And Patricia. OMG she's sooooooo adorbs. I mean, fine, her character is a total ditz, but it works in this lakorn with the set up that they made with the messed up heads of all the male (and female) characters who are just enamored with her. She's the rain of sunshine (and rainbows, and unicorns) in this whole lakorn that even when she's acting like she's 5 years old in a body of a lady, her innocence just makes her so lovable and I really root for Bell and her P'Chai. It also is a big plus that Patricia is so cute and beautiful with her bright big eyes. And when she's crying and vulnerable and looks at her P'chai so innocently, my heart just melts.

You guys are all right with the sizzling tension with Chakrit, but as @Ntsuab-Ci mentioned, I also don't actually feel the lust and the wanting here, between them but more of like an odd type of friendship so I still ship her with Kawin/Mark. But damn son, Deaw is sooooooooooooooo hot. Alek is cute but Deaw is SOOOOOOOOO hot. Actually, Deaw is another guy I can't take seriously as a villain. I saw him first as a villain in the rising sun series, and he was weak as a villain there. He plays that dorky kind straight guy character better - but then, again, Chakrit is actually kinda dorky if you think about it, with all his daddy issues and all that so again, it works.

the side characters are cute too. I especially like Mark's bodyguards. They're there, but their appearance isn't annoying at all. the adoptive parents too, and even Bell's best friend. The only annoying guy is Bpong but I guess his character is meant to be annoying. I hate how he's such a drama queen but at least Mei Hua is putting him into place. And oh god. Mei Hua. She's a bit awkward in some bits, but mostly she's gorgeous when she's dolled up, and she does that male switcheroo pretty well too. I mean, she can be manlier than Bpong. So a Tomboy and a Drama Queen, they're a good match I guess.

I can't make up my mind whether the gratuitous use of mental breakdowns is something i love or hate in this lakorn. I mean, by episode 10, almost all of the main characters have had a mental breakdown of some form. but given how messed up their childhoods were, there really is cause for all of them to go cuckoo. But come on, how many mental breakdowns have we had from how many characters?! I think it got annoying in the brownies part. I mean. Dude. What the hell screenplay writer?! Seriously, the p'ek is having a mental breakdown, and the n'ek is also crying over brownies?! How do you motivate an actor to act that part - I can imagine the director telling Alek that "ok she's gonna give you brownies, but you can't eat it because you're having a mental breakdown" - like whuuuut? I mean, the scenes of both the n'ek and p'ek saving each other from a panic attack is really damn cute, but how can you justify so many mental breakdowns happening in a span of a lakorn. imagine when all of them get triggered all at once. It will be one big mess.

as for what @Ntsuab-Ci said about Kawin pulling the trigger, I think that
that may be the reason why they had to bring out the girlfriend of Bell's older brother. Remember, she was there outside and was able to witness everything. I am hoping that she gets to talk to Bell and actually reveal to her that Kawin was forced to do it and that it was actually Nick Reeves who was pointing and everyone (i mean, how can Kawin aim properly?! he was shaking his head and closed his eyes) and was fully responsible for the shooting. Because in Kawin's mind, he was the one who did everything so if it's just him who confesses it, then Bell would not get the full picture, but if the girlfriend does, then she'll know that P'Chai is not at fault and is a good guy all along.

I am actually waiting for a good resolution with Nick Reeves. I hope they don't just randomly kill him off without anything. And please, don't let him have his own mental breakdown. That would be really a lazy way to end it.
I want to think that in the end, they would reveal that Nick had wanted to groom Kawin to be a good guy in his twisted kind of way - like raising a sheep in a pack of wolves. Kawin will be a tough sheep but a sheep nonetheless. Maybe as a retribution for all his past misdeeds. That's the reason why I think, their bloodline notwithstanding, Pops still chose Mark/Kawin as the heir, because Kawin isn't easily swayed but actually firm and loyal to his cause. Unlike Chakrit who can be like a dog and will follow whatever in order to get his dad's approval. So when Mark is upright, he's upright - even if he has to defy his father. he cannot be shaken. So that's the twist that i'm looking for. Maybe Nick want's Mark to be the Miracle of Miracle - the one who would right every wrong that he did because he stayed firm in his belief to protect life and pay for all past misdeeds, etc.

and one last - what happened after Mark shoots himself in the chest in episode 1?! please don't tell me that the ending would be his dream sequence while comatose with a bullet wound in his chest all along :risas3:. Did I miss it? I was busy finning with the Bell x Kawin scenes that I am afraid I might have missed that explanation with his gunshot wound in episode 1.


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Scroll pass this... But this is just me being me :love: :icon12: His stares at Pat!

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If the p'ek was crazy jealous he would have said Deaw kissed her for sure. :risas3::icon12:
With his body and height, any girls looks super petite and cute around them arms. Just saying.

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Alek & Pat are definitely going to be a favorite pairing. Their baby faces and dimples. So pure!!

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But guys, Alek's hands on Pat's face thooughh. Woahhh. So damn manly. Her smoooll little face.

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Just the little details of love is too adorable


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