❤️[CH3] Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai (Who & Who) : Alek Theeradeth/Patricia Good


sarNie Juvenile
I am finally catching up and omg Pop and Jeab's characters are way too adorable and funny.
I am glad that they took a whole episode to quickly focus on their relationship development
as they slowly fall for each other and Pop learning to take care of Jeab with sincere and genuine feelings.

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But this scene was seriously funny at how ignorant Pop can be yet he's just trying to be caring.



sarNie Juvenile
This whole episode was just pouring sad. One, Deaw caught feelings for Pat (being friendzoned).
Then, Alek leaving Pat's feelings hurt and confuse after all that crying facts he said. Damn.
Ohhh and Pattttt. My girl Patttt. She cries very cute and pretty, just saying.

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Those eyes he gave Pat is so deary and lovely. Like he just fell in love for the very first time and his jealousy.
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sarNie Juvenile
I need to watch the next episode soon but the pictures though. Why always so beautiful.
The photography is aesthetically pleasing and very lovely.

Pat looks so beautiful in that dress, very posh and sophisticated.
That red color though, Deaw rocks it so much. Very pleasing to the eye.

screenshot-www.instagram.com-2019.07.21-17-05-09.png screenshot-www.instagram.com-2019.07.21-17-05-27.png

I don't know what's going to really happen, but I saw these photos and I was stunned again. Alek & Pat :icon12: :icon12: :icon12::icon12:
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Loved Meihua's wedding dress. And P'Chai was looking so dreamy in his white suit and red tie. So glad he and Bell finally kissed! That was such a beautiful scene. You could feel the weight of the world lifting off P'Chai's shoulders in those moments when he bared his feelings to her. I just can't get enough of Bell and Mark. Theyre such a beautiful couple and you know there is no one coming between them. Have y'all seen Alek and Pat on the Today Show? It was fun hearing them describe the challenging aspects of their characters in this lakorn. Pat spilled that Alek was shaking when they filmed the kiss scene 555. He had pushed Kawin's love for Bell so deep down into his heart that when it was time for him to let go and just confess his love the director kept saying the love wasn't showing. They had to do 4-8 takes for the kiss. The host asked if they told their significant others about having to film the kiss so many times.
Pat said Peach doesnt like watching her romance scenes. Alek said Toey pretended to pout XD

I laughed so much at Mr. Yang trying to get Mark and Nick to hug lololol they looked so uncomfortable.

Lawd so this entire crazy fiasco was all because of Patcharin, and she even tried to trick Chakrit into killing Tiankong. What a psycho.


You.Me. +Lakorn= buddies
Ok. Keep seeing photos of Diew and Pat...oh gahh ok. I'm gonna finally start watching. Even tho I know that she's not gonna end up with him...I'll give this a try. Oh gag what am I getting myself into. My poor heart. 555


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I don't know how Bell was able to forgive Tiankong. Maybe because she isnt in love with him ha.

That last kiss on the beach between Bell and Kawin was so sweet. Way to make kisses look natural and adorable! I swear, Alex and Pat make such an unexpected cute couple.

I need to process Nix's manipulation first, then come comment on it.


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Awh... Look at how fast P'Chai ran to his nong Bell as soon as he saw her running to him (in the scene where he thought she died). My heart! Alek did well in that scene.

LOL, I never thought Nick and Kawin could have such a cute moment as well. I like how they turned that "u came all this way just to say this and ain't gonna admit you worry about [person]" and used it for a father/son scene cause usually those types of scene and dialogue are used between pranangs when they refuse to admit they are worry about one another, lool. I hope that made sense, i don't know how to put it into words. That was real darn cute. & i love how it was Mei Hua's pops saying it all and trynna force them to hug. Hahaha.

Aww... When Chakrit refused to take the gun to shoot. He reminds me of a kid, so sad. What a mother... Forcing your child to do your evil crap. Chakrit didn't deserve his ending. But the mother's ending was sad too. Sighhh, there were lots of sad things but also good things.

Bell & her P'Chai were so freaking cute till the end! Mei Hua and her father were also so cute at the end. Chakrit and Bell were also cute... But their cute is different. A bit sad... I wished they had their goodbyes together.

Honestly, the whole Patcharin storyline is a bit off to me. It felt like something I wrote.... Which isn't good, lol. But Imma just leave it at that.

Yep, don't know how Bell forgave Tian Kong so easily for killing her family... But I guess cause she had enough with the past and just wanted to move forward.

Yes, I'll miss Bell and her P'Chai as well. </3 Adorablesssss. I unexpectedly started watching this and enjoyed till the end. Good job to the production team and actors!


sarNie Adult
I love love this this lakorn to bits!!! The whole mafia, sugar gang (come on, once you name mafia gang "Sugar", you know it's a joke) plot line is really so dumb, but the love story plot line is so daaaaaamn cute. They brought out all the cliches but it totally worked. Bell and Kawin were consistently sweet and adorable in the whole lakorn. I wanted to explode from their cuteness. They are soooooooooooooooo cute together. The Dimple couple. Alek is sooooooooo cute in a very P'Chai kind of way. He really did that whole big brother lover character really well. I never really understood that whole concept of having your lover as your "P" until I saw P'Chai and Bell's dynamic. And Bell is supposedly a klutz and a ditz but she's so darn adorable I cannot hate her at all. She is so lovable and I want to protect her too. She's so beautiful in those tight shots, especially that scene when P'Chai confesses his love.

The bodyguards are also very cute, including Tian Kong and the way he cried for his son. I am glad of how Kawin's bodyguards had happy endings too.

The Mei Hua ending was a bit off, but hey, it's a lakorn so they don't have to be politically accurate hahaha!

It was a very very Disney ending. But it's cute and waffy and I love it to bits. I haven't been so obsessed with a lakorn for a long time. I am sure I will be rewatching this everyday for about a month or so haha!


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Yes, Dimple Couple!!! <3 And not just that they have dimples, but they use it to such good effect in this p/nong love line.


sarNie Adult
jfc Chakrit grosses me out so much. I'm so tired of how much screen times he gets, how he's all over Bell, and how he likes to manhandle her and sexually harrass her. It's not cute in fact;

That being said, I am here for how flustered Nai Noi gets whenever he's around Bell. I am here for a smitten hero, now that is cute.