❤️[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️
Oh wow their progress moved real fast in this ep LOL
things happened wayyyy too fast in this episode....they dont make sense to me...im sure they didnt make love or anything..he just gave her body heat. but still.........things move too fast. lol theyre still too darn cute...but still..lol too fast...LOL


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️
seriously...I hate how fast things move...like seriously... there is no progress....for their relationship......I can't handle it.


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️
my quality is sooo bad...............i cant even see their faces..or how close they cuddle...I need to see all of that 20 thousand more times LMFAO
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sarNie Egg
I wonder where it’s gonna go from here now that they’re all lovey dovey lollll he clearly already loves her...and we got 6 more eps too...hopefully he doesn’t go hot and cold with her


sarNie Hatchling
They are so damn cuteeeee!!! He is holding her hands willingly. :icon12: He better not change once they get back to work.

This is moving so fast! Editing is bad too. I am going to die waiting for eng sub today :sad6:


Can’t get out of Tian and Muey’s world
I like how y’all are complaining how fast it is and I’m like :aaaaa::aaaaa::cheer::cheer:
Love how y’all are complaining and dying with the cuteness overload