❤️[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin


sarNie Hatchling
wait, you guys... I haven't watch ep 12 so I don't know but they don't have the scene where Thien and the boys sell beers in the party and he was sold to Mew??? Or we will have these scenes later???
Thien is leaving Myanmar now so I think they are skipping that part from the novel.


sarNie Oldmaid
Did he said that he'd only return to her once his love to her is as great as her love to his??


sarNie Hatchling
:sad6:Guys, I’m so upset. I have back to back meetings till 1pm now. I hope it’s one of those listen in meetings lol


sarNie OldFart
I’m totally bawling! This is too much & too early in the morning to be crying.


Can’t get out of Tian and Muey’s world
I’m going to cry more when she tells him to keep the promise and not contact each other