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I agree with everything you say about Galin, but with Tienkum it's different. For me, Tienkum did come first so even if she's not the married wife, he still was hers first. She was just stupid to trust in Jao Noy. Wongduen stole Jao Noy from Tienkum, yet she blames Tienkum for having Jao Noy's heart. If she didn't want to hurt, why did she get in the way of two lovers? She brought that upon herself and has no right to be angry. Even if she was the married wife, she did it while coming in between two people.

But with Galin, she's at fault. She already knew In was married to Thi but she still decided to be with him. Now that deserves a slap in the face. But I'm not saying how Thi handled it was right either. Also her hitting Ben and saying that it was an accident. I doubt it and don't know what to believe if she was telling the truth. I'm just glad that Galin thought it over and decided to fall for Ben/Louis instead.

But hasn't anyone thought about suing that annoying reporter? Being so nosy in another person's business. I know the wife hired you to stalk them, but tailgating and driving after someone is illegal and he/she should get fined and sued for that. He caused the accident, but didn't see him trying to make amends or apologizing for his wrong doings.

About the mother stabbing Galin. It's stupid! Galin said that she's leaving and never coming back so why did she have to go and kill her?! I think it's just because she feels that she is in debt to Jao Noy and Wongdeun and Galin causing them so much trouble. But so what? Galin has told the mother so many times that Wongdeun killed Tienkum. Does the mother even really love her daughter? I mean I know that Jao Noy's family gave them a place to live, that doesn't mean that they can treat them like trash. They are all humans! And don't even say it was in the old times where they still had slaves. It still gives them no right to treat a person like garbage. If you do, you are not even half as good as your slave. You even give garbage a bad name. If the slaves were to think of boonkhoon from the royal family, then the royal should think of boonkhoon from the slaves too. Without the slaves doing all the work for you and cooking all your meals, taking care of all your laundry, then you have to do them yourself. So to say, the royal family owe the slaves more. I'm sure without the royal family, the slaves can live on their own, but without the slaves, the royals would starve to death!

Just ranting.


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That's what I'm saying, TienKham gave herself to JaoNoy too easily. She should have made him work for it like marry her legally as the second wife or bring her home or have the elders acknowledge her, something to show respect, so she doesn't have to be with JaoNoy in secret acting like she came after WongDuen. The reason why WongDuen believes she's right and that JaoNoy belongs to her even though she came after is because JaoNoy made her believe that. JaoNoy himself treats TienKham like booty call and married WongDuen. He chose WongDuen. Sorry, but once WongDuen marries JaoNoy, it doesn't matter who came first, TienKham no longer has any rights towards JaoNoy. It's like a girlfriend trying to tell you, the wife, that you should respect her because she once dated your husband and was one of his wives, too. Uhhh no. Their relationship ended the day they broke up and when he got married. The day JaoNoy got married, TienKham became the third party and stranger. Now, if JaoNoy had the guts to bring TienKham home as a slave wife before he legally got married, then WongDuen may not have to respect her as an official wife BUT she can't stop JaoNoy from visiting his slave wife. TienKham wouldn't have been punished so brutally for being a shameless slut trying to steal someone else's husband. She could openly sleep with him without fearing. Does that make sense?


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Plus JaoNoy told everyone that Tienkham was nothing to him. He said that even before Wongdeun came into the picture. He didn't acknowledge her until they got caught red handed and even then he said she was the one who initiated the act. He disgust me when he said to Wongdeun that it was probably her black magic that made him marry her and not Tienkham. Like seriously?!


Yes I understand that. That's why I said Tienkum was stupid for trusting Jao Noy and that I'm glad Galin is choosing to step out. I do blame Jao Noy for being a selfish narcissistic incompetent jerk too. He says he loves Tienkum so much, but is not brave enough to let the world know and go against his mother's wishes in both lifetimes. If he was the one Wongduen killed then it would all just end right there and then and both Tienkum and Wongduen can just go find someone who loves them truly. I also was angry at him blaming black magic when he knew he wanted her. Even if I think Wongduen deserved what she got, I still think Jao Noy was too evil to just let her burn to death. Wongduen was too selfish too, wanting everything for herself as well just like Jao Noy wanting both wives.

For me, if the girlfriend says that to me, how I react will really depend on my husband. If he still loves his girlfriend more than me, I'm happy to leave for them to be happy together. Wongduen was too selfish too, wanting everything for herself as well just like Jao Noy wanting both wives.


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I am trying to catch up on the episodes. So much happening.

It's simple to say Tienkham should know better and not get involved with Jao Noy after he got married, but let's be real about power dynamics of slaves and their owners. Even if Tienkham wasn't in love with him, he could go after her and keep getting her in trouble because of his selfish desires. The present life has a shift in the power dynamics, and I'm glad Lin no longer trusts In. I am least concerned about the love triangle in the past life, other than Tienkham's revenge for getting mistreated. I just want to see the "baddies" meet their karma, and for Lin and Ben to live happily ever.

I'm getting tired of Lin and Parn's arguments too. I get that Parn has been trying to steer Lin away from being a mistress, but damn, how many times are you going to yell at each other before you agree to disagree?


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Episode 9 - I'm cackling at the way Kalin is playing with Singh, Jao Noy and his mom and wife, calling out for help from the Jao Por, and then smirking behind his back at them lololol Man, their karma are all so messed up. Tienkham swearing to die if she lied about being with JN, his dad swearing he would die if he let anything happen to them. Whoooooooooo!


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I am still really into the lakorn! The weekend was way busy with too many events. I finally caught up and all I have to say is DAMN. Every episode was jammed packed!! Friday's episode was so raeng with the whole medicine scenario, then Saturday's episode was so crazy with Ben's accident along with In hitting a whole family LOL (I shouldn't be laughing but where the hell did that come from, it was so interesting lool and by the way the family was so understanding. I would def had sued lol). Then the latest episode... like everyone said was FIRE. The cold-bloodiness came out from everyone!! Holy crap I can't believe Tiengkham's mom stabbed her. What a biiish cause she always preaches about being good and what not. And Tiengkham was saying her goodbyes, why coudln't she just let her free? BUT PROPS to the writer/director/actors. Everything is so unexpected! And the pace for this lakorn is so good. Like every episode never has a dull moment and all the characters/actors do such a great job altogether. My favorite scene was when Jao Noy's mom was lying there trying to speak and Wongdeun went crazy, then the whole poision scenario, and the fire, omg... fire lol.

Props and kudos to all the actors. Who thought they'd all do so well together?? I'm still super surprised.

No wonder Paan doesn't have a lover for her in her next life, cause she told Tiengkham if it causes that much trouble she wishes to be with no one hahah. I thought Nao was gay, how does he have 2 girls falling for him?? Lol he's a nice guy tho, but I wonder what's gonna happen when Paan finds out about his 10+year girl??

And why didn't some of the characters reborn? I wonder why Singh didn't (he did the same karma was Wongdeun I felt like). Also both the dads, wonder where they went haha. In has a new dad in his present life.

I'm so sad it's ending Friday. This lakorn feels short but perfect. Like I think it ending on Friday is good cause it could potentially get draggy. They know how to cut it down perfectly!


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Everyone really gave their all in their performances. Nycha was passionate, hateful, adorable, pitiful, relatable all at once. Yogurt really tapped into her psycho side lol I could not believe how crazy and merciless Jao Wongduen was, she is truly blinded by love. Toey was a very handsome asshole.

I'm kind of annoyed with Tienkham's mom but I'll wait to see how they justify her stabbing "Tienkham." Just because you see your child as a trouble maker, don't mean you gotta kill them. Sheesh.