❤️[CH3] Ruk Lhon Jai (Metta Mahaniyom) : Taew Nataporn / Ter Chantavit


sarNie Oldmaid
I wasn’t keen at the start with the pairing especially it being a rom com and all. But I have been seeing some pics and clips here and there on IG and it doesn’t look so bad. So yeah I guess I will be tuning in and give it a go. I guess it will be refreshing to see Taew in a comedy.


Omg the last scene made me crack up so badly :risas3: I’m literally laughing out loud :pancarta: Taew looks super cute in this! Her and Ter are an odd pairing but I actually quite like them. Glad that we’ll be seeing it soon :aaaaa:
It's weird because I actually think they make a very compatible pair. Idk why. Haha. I must say I think Ter is Taew's most compatible male lead!