❤️[CH7] Phao Khon(Coliseum): Kem Hussawee/Cartoon Natcha/Chanapol Sataya/Yanissa Diratorn

Pennie 1945

sarNie Egg
Really trying to watch this Lakorn for Kem but I really hate that this production has really made Kem their own. And I know it’s for the ratings and buzz. Yeah, the rating for this is actually decent/good but it’s the same old thing. Hope after the one with Hana, he can slowly free away from them. As a Kem fan, it really does pmo because Kem brings lots of buzz and fans but they give him crap like this. His fans can only take so much of the same stuff. No one can improve with the same production and roles.

And the people that always say Kem is a fav child, I thought the same but now I beg to differ. Clearly not when they keep giving him stuff like this that has no room for his improvement. He still needs to improve in a lot of areas but clearly can’t do it with these type of roles. I saw people writing his manager like why is he in a role like this again and his manager said, we only get what the channel gives us. I will say Kem is nice for never complaining and continuing to do his work. I mean he’s still a newbie so it’s good to stay humble and thankful but for goodness sakes, he’s having a FOURTH lakorn with them when he’s only been acting for a couple years and has like less than 10 Lakorns.

Okay, I’m done ranting but seriously, hope they don’t waste his potential just for action ratings. If Channel 7 was smart, they would have used his rising stardom to give him a good upcoming big project. Plus, all the tweets and buzz for this Lakorn isn’t for the genre but cause his fans are loyal. So coliseum needs to stop thinking it’s cause people like actions and their lakorns. It purely to support Kem. :pancarta: I’m patiently waiting for him to pair up with Prapye or Preaw in a non action lakorn. Or even do a movie with Bow since they aren’t on the same channel anymore lol. I know that one sounds a bit more rare to happen but just wishful thinking.
I think Kem has done very good since he starred in So Wayree that has made him a real Starr with quite a few awards and the one he is doing know also with Mookda Narinrak which is on hold at the moment because of lockdown over 11,000 people voted it as the most awaited lakoen and bits of it that have been shown it looks really good it is a comedy/romance so should be another winner for Kem and Mook those two are going to hit the top very quick the are nearly there now and I am very loyal to Kem and Mook as a couple I think Kem should be good with Hana as I heard she is a good actress and I did hear that is mainly all she does action which is not fair to her.