❤️[GMM25] Girl2K (GMMTV): Aom Sushar / Off Jumpol / Toyy Pathompong / Utt Uttsada / Fiat Pattadon


sarNie Oldmaid
I wasn't going to watch this because too many guys going after one person, but that MV convinced me to try it out.
I didn't expect to get hooked at this series myself. The 4 guys chasing after her is just a "bait". One of them appears to be the main villain at this point.

I love the glossy look of this series and the very ethereal dancey vibe of Kat's song. Also the mix of mystery and office comedy. So far, I'm a bit annoyed by Jack's character though. IMO, it would have been better if Nicky Nachat played it instead.


sarNie Oldmaid
I think Thailand is sleeping on this series, given the lackluster ratings. Well perhaps this can get too "weird", veering towards a mix of supernatural and suspension of disbelief. Or the audience just love their traditional dramas. Or GMMTV is still "stigmatised" for catering towards a teenage/young adult market.

They threw some curveballs like killing Khun Prom's character early, that I don't know anymore who's the villain and who'll Momay end up with. Anyway, this has 4 more episodes and I hope the storytelling remains tight and the ride remains worthwhile. Last thing I want is another "The Gifted Graduation" wherein they placed too many twists and it got tiring in the end.


sarNie Adult
I watched ep1, and it's an ok drama to me. It's meant to be a comedy, but there were no scenes that had me ROFL. I'm not curious about what's going to happen in the next episode or to any of the characters. It's just very blah and a little below average storytelling wise tbh.

They have an all-star cast here but unfortunately, the execution just fell short.

Of course, Sweet Home was also in my rotation of things to watch at the time, and the storytelling there exceeds whatever Thailand can deliver. Characters you care about and being at the edge of your seat about what's going to happen next.

I am basically watching nothing rn and waiting for GMM's new crop of shows to air. Usually I don't have an interest in BL (I liked Love Simon though), but I'm gonna try out the one with Nanon, because Nanon usually gets good roles, and it looks like a more enjoyable romcom than Girl2K.