❤️[GMM25] The War of Flowers (GMMTV): Sonia Couling / Lukkade Metinee / Krist Perawat / Aye Sarun / Gun Atthaphan


sarNie Oldmaid
I didn't recognise Ah Dao as one of the grandmothers. She was totally made over here, without her classic coiffure.

Anyway, she's reunited with Gun here. They worked together in Noon W's version of "Poot Pitsawat". (I just recently found out that Gun was with Channel 7 as a child actor.)


sarNie Adult
With these storylines, I feel like GMM is starting to attract viewers from the other major channels Ch3 Ch7. It's the type of storylines they do and why I don't watch them. Only difference is GMM films it with a Korean vibe with the different lighting, editting, camera work than the typical Thai lakorn and more A-list ensemble, not just the 2 leads -- main guy and girl.

Pong did a story where he slept with all 3 sisters or something. Here we have a guy sleeping with the mom and daughter, which I'm sure has already happened at the other channels.