❤️[ONE31] My Lovely Bodyguard (The One Enterprise): Ken Phupoom / Vill Wannarot


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Ken Phupoom is now a free agent after his contract with Channel 3 expired. So far there are rumours of where he'll be next.

Change2561 is said to be interested in getting him for an upcoming drama that they'll produce (for the first time) with Channel 8.

Khun Boy said that he's open to having him for One31, and since the news broke out there are clamours for Ken to work with his real-life girlfriend Esther.



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Another interview of Esther about Ken, this time during the ceremony for "Neth Mahunnop"

Ken has finished his contract with Channel 3?

" After the contract has expired, take the opportunity. We used to take him to see him. Enter Nee Boy at Channel One. Once the contract is expired, it's like trying to talk. In case of having the opportunity to play at the same place It's a good story Quite fond of the work here already Therefore would like to try to let him talk together "

Do we persuade him to come in?


How was the response?

" Let him decide He talked with Pee Wait to see how he decides. "

How many percent of the heart?

"I didn't ask at all."

The main reason he doesn't renew the contract, because he wants to be with us too?

"It doesn't matter. With the older person's view that he is quite old Immediately after the contract expired, he wanted to try to find new experiences. Try working with a variety of places. Considered to be a suitable period for him as well as his age The opportunity to work in the industry is not very long ago. Considered that this time was appropriate He made a hard decision. Saw him thinking for a while But have not yet decided what to take When he was about to expire, he made a serious decision. "

Did the encounter with Channel One have a proposal for the drama?

"This one is not sure. Because when they talk, we don't live with Must try to ask Ken "

Shows that we also have the effect that Ken will be on the day well as well?

"Not really. When we go to Channel One Or go to the wedding, we will invite elder Ken too So have the opportunity to get to know many adults "

Would like to play the drama alongside his debut on the channel move?

"Not better than feeling strange. Ask others to play better. Let him play with others better. "

We also want him to be here?

"I'd like you to come and try and work. Because we feel that we are happy here and would like you to come and see how they work elsewhere. "

Is he able to crystallize now? What to do?

"Not sure, have to try asking Ken"


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Him and Vill would look good. She’s like One31’s prettiest nek in my opinion.


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Vill just posted on her IG regarding her new project.



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According to Pantip, this will start production soon.



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Breakups are normal and don't surprise me. As long as cheating isn't involved, fans should support them going their separate ways and wish them happiness.

I'm finally going to be watching a Ken drama after so long. You know I don't really watch the other channels lol.


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I have this strong suspicion that some of the dramas that One is announcing could end up airing over at GMM25. Especially those with English titles and/or having GMMTV artists in the cast.