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    [ONE31] My Lovely Bodyguard (The One Enterprise): Ken Phupoom / Vill Wannarot

    Ken Phupoom is now a free agent after his contract with Channel 3 expired. So far there are rumours of where he'll be next. Change2561 is said to be interested in getting him for an upcoming drama that they'll produce (for the first time) with Channel 8. Khun Boy said that he's open to...
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    [One31]Ruk Laek Pop : Film Thanapat/ Vill Wannarot/ Bifern Anchasa

    Will fans of Vill ya should be happy. Ya ask Vill to pair up with Film since last year so its happened. Not sure what the storyline is or what this drama will be about. Film might play twin so Bifern might get with the other twin? Cr to: thaidramatic_update

    ❤️[ONE31] Jao Mae Asorapit : Bright Norraphat/ Vill Wannarot/ Plengkwan Nattaya

    Vill had a new fitting Don't know who is going to be the main guy.. I got this on one of IG but somehow it got deleted
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    [GMM25/Netflix] The Charming Stepmom (GMM Studios): Vill Wannarot / Chakrit Yamnarm

    This was announced as part of GMM25's 2019 line-up during their launch event last January. No trailer yet, but looks like this will air soon. The cast looks interesting as the bunch of young actors come from GMMTV.

    Bride Magazine: Son Yuke and Vill Wannarot

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    ❤️ [OneHD] Taley Rissaya: Jes Jespipat, Aom Phiyada, Vill Wannarot, Amy Amika, Tang Saksit

    Vill said she's going to have a new drama with ch1 new actor who just signed contract. I'm too excited so I made this thread without knowing the tittle haha I've been waiting so long ชีวิตหลังจากโสดก็ยังแฮปปี้งานรุมแน่นเพียบ สำหรับ ”วิว วรรณรท สนธิไชย”...
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    Vill Wannarot best Onscreen partner

    Vill has been around for ten years now . She has been paired up with many guys . Which one do you think is her best partner ? Share away your opinion guys

    Jirayus ❤ Rachawadee

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    Son Yuke +Vill Wannarot- 2017- Kwanruen Magazine-Vol. 49 No. 1087

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    [OneHD] Kahon Maha Ratuek (Exact) : Pong Nawat / Vill Wannarot

    Pong and Vill will be pair up in this new project of ONDHD for upcoming next year 2017 Link to source: ** **
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    [ONE HD] We Were Born in the 9th Reign Series : Pong Nawat, Noon Woranuch, Son Yuke, Vill Wannarot

    Hello there I ve seen pictures of pong n noon from instagram but I dont speak thai so I was wondering if It is a New lakorn of them or no ? do you know What It is about ? thank you so much.

    Vill Wannarot (TVPOOL MAGAZINE) Vol-27, No-1378, October-2016

    Vill Wannarot (Kwanruen Magazine Vol.48 No.1074 August 2016)

    Cr: Kwanruen Magazine

    ภาพยนตร์บันเทิง (PPBT Magazine) Vol.42 No.1934 July 2016

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    [OneHD] Paragit Likhit Ruk (Magic If - Exact Scenario) : Sean Jindachot / Vill Wannarot

    From KCL : Vill Wannarot will be n'ek in new project of Aom Phiyada as Paragit Likhit Huajai, and it has rumor that Sean Jindachote will pair up with her for first time Cr. KCL outside gossip at 4th July 2016

    Vill Wannarot (TVPool Magazine Vol.27 No.1361 June 2016)

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