❤️[ONE31] Only You I Need (Change2561): Nune Woranuch / Green Ausadaporn / Peter Corp / Got Jirayu


sarNie OldFart
Omg same HNM ending haunted me :crybaby2:
I intend to watch Green's current lakorn too but imma wait till it finishes. I'm not a fan of the original but I think Thai version will radiate different feels and is easier to watch. Green is a decent actress, I really hope she shines more. Also looking forward to this one because the cast is basically my and my mom's faves lol
Lol, I’ve seen the original of HNM so I know what to expect. Green’s current lakorn is different from the usual Thai lakorn, she’s showing a different side of her acting I’ve never expect from her. We get to see real kisses in there.
back to this lakorn, I’ll check this out too cus I like all the actors. Green and Got will will for sure learn a lot from Noon. Noon always delivers in whatever her role is.


sarNie Oldmaid
I like Green. She can look sweet, country bumpkin, sultry, namnao, and feisty. She has a pretty face and good voice control.

I can't wait to see this, too. Loving the entire cast already.
I agree. Green has a versatile look. I think she’s a good actress as well. Saw her on the wall song recently singing. Now that shes a freelance, she can go to all the singing shows. I know she went to the mask right after she was free as well. I’m excited for this too.


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Word has it that Khun Boy of One31 is also taking over GMM25. Looks like that's why "Krachao Seeda" which is supposed to air on GMM got moved to Channel One.



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This is expected to air around March 2021. I can see this replacing "Kaew Lerm Korn".



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The teaser is more hysterical "raeng" version of "Mia 2018".

I think this replaces "Wanthong" as this seems more likely to sustain its high ratings, compared to Esther-Film's.