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Girl will fight for a filthy rich guy whether he is butt ugly or not. Even our n'ek in real life will fight for a filthy rich guy.

Yup, Noon when she acts out an annoying character she is not subtle about it...you can see her flaws then. Sometimes, people think the actress is great but when they are in certain roles that are not in their comfort zone you can see where they needed help most.


Mrs James Ma
When I saw him in DKD, I did not think he was handsome but I liked him with Prang. Kong is super super rich so he should just find a N'ek to marry instead of trying to be a P'ek, like Nott married Chompoo :coverlaf: Chompoo is so cute but she is too money minded and materialistic like her IG name (chomismaterialgirl LOL) that makes her ugly in my eyes. Idk why these N'ek always have to find a hi so to get married :shrug: I understand that they need money to survive, even I need, but chasing a guy for his money and not love is cheap. Same for men, just cos he is hi so, he wants an actress to date, marry lol. Its like a show-off business lol


Live Love Laugh
Congratulations to Khune Pin of TV Scene Production for being named the Top Ten Producers of Lakorns for 2015.
Upcoming works from TV Scene Production:
Three evening lakorns and two prime time lakorns in progress:
Not filming yet:
Akom - James Ma & Margie
Petch Klang Fai - Mike & Mew Nitha
One Star, One Sky - Teaw & ???, cannot get Nadech's queue


Bomb Tanin & Ice Amena

Por N. & Yam, Yardthip in Nang Tard

credit to Pantip Thai Forum CH3


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Congratulations to Yaya on her graduation from Chulalongkorn University.
October 8th will be the official graduation day.    These pictures are from graduation rehearsal day on Sept 27th.
Yaya finally got a puppy from Mae Pla as her graduation gift.
More than 500 people showed up at the rehearsal to congratulate Yaya.
ps:   From what I read, Chulalongkorn is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in Thailand.   It was found by the King.    AFF and Taew graduated from Chula and now Yaya, Patricia Goode is attending Chula right now.

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sarNie Adult
Congrats to Yaya and her upcoming graduation. I think the puppy is almost as cute as she is :p :)


sarNie Adult
I'm not a dog person but I gotta admit that puppy is cute. Anyways, congratulations to the lovely Yaya. She's such a good role model.


sarNie Adult
Now they can have dog play dates with Nadech's dog!  :woot: Congratulations to Yaya. She looks so beautiful and dignified in her graduation practice. Does anyone know what her major was? Will she be taking masters? 


Mrs James Ma
Both Nadech and Yaya will do masters.
040156 said:
Now they can have dog play dates with Nadech's dog!  :woot: Congratulations to Yaya. She looks so beautiful and dignified in her graduation practice. Does anyone know what her major was? Will she be taking masters? 


Live Love Laugh
The six goddess of presenters, no matter what channels you turn on, you will see them.
Yaya is the presenter for 30 products.


Mai Davika

Chompoo Araya



Credit to Gossip Star Thai Entertainment


sarNie Adult
Here in the Philippines I see Yaya's Pantene commercial everyday. In the malls/pharmacy, the Maybelline girl is Yaya and Bella. They also showed Bella's Maybelline commercial here but only for a short period. Yaya's Pantene commercial is much more widely shown. It's shown so often they don't even show the local version anymore (The one with a local actress).


Mrs James Ma
Kim's interview about her life, love and work. She will accept one lakorn from next year (after finishing pcknmcpw and Buang Hong) cos she wants to continue her studies.
Translated by thicha_lp and gigi_mkpantip
Its a really looooong interview  :p
Kim is ready to prove her job and her love. She wants to have Mark with every breath. Kim is not only a good looking girl, but she has already proved that her acting skill is also good. After Naraiteeruk drama was ended, she is accelerating to film a drama named “when a man loves a woman”.
Q: In the past you always got a role to act as a person who was older than your real age, how did you do to make the viewers to believe?
Kim: I thought it depended on the drama scripts and the suggestions from director. For example, now I have to act as “Anusaya” in “when a man loves a woman” drama, this role is an oldest woman I used to act, I got stressed out about it, because I have to act as a managing director whom everyone respects. If you noticed, I used to get the role as a person who is confident to fight against the others, and never played as a victim. I thought I have to try to make my character to be different than the previous role. If I have a chance to play as a mean girl who is very bad or dramatic as a victim, I thought I can do it. I also wanted to know how good I can do in acting.
Q: Recently many people thought that your acting skill is much improved rapidly.
Kim: I was lucky to have a chance to play in “4huajaihangkhunkhaw” drama. I tried to differentiate my character in each drama to be suitable in each role. I tried to do my homework, and do my best. I never thought that I am an expert. Every job I have to do my best. I went to study and do the workshop to practice my acting skill before playing to each drama. Beside I also watched the movie which has a similar character and adapt to my acting skill. It was helpful. I’ve seen my weak points, and thought it depended on an experience. I got a few experience in the past but now I got more experience, and it takes time to improve little by little. It was difficult to make each character not to be duplicate to the others, and make it better in each drama.
Q: Do you think how much the entertainment industry has been changed from the date that you became an actress?
Kim: I gained many experience from this industry. Fortunately I met P’Ann Thongprasom, she taught me many things. I thought I was still the same, and not changed to be a different person from the date that I became an actress. But I accepted that my life is changed, my private matter is not private as it has to be. Everyone keeps an eye on me. It has been 6 years to work in this industry, and I will continue working as an actress. If you asked that the leading role is necessary to me or not, one day it would change. When I am older than this, I may have to act as a mean girl or a bad girl.
Q: Have you ever becoming obsessed with the famous, and money?
Kim: I thought we won’t know ourselves. But for me, I felt that I haven’t. I am a homebody, I like to stay home on my day off, and arrange the flowers
Q: How’s about your education? Kim: I am a junior (3rd year). I am studying in superstar college of Asia at Siam University. I have to study 1 more year to graduate. I entered to a school late because I had to work very hard. Next year I will accept to play only 1 drama, then I have more time to go to study. Actually I want to study in Master Degree too. Because I don’t know how long I will have a chance to be an actress. Education is important too.
Q: Let ask about when became a “Koo-Jin” with Mark-Prin, it changed your life?
Kim: Nothing changed. Only when Kim posted a picture on IG then everyone would ask for picture with P’ Mark. Also someone told me to tell P’ Mark that they love him so much (laughs). Kim did not feel P’ Mark changed he always was consistently. If asked for changing Kim thought that would be the subject of a more mature. Q: Previously, Kim met a bunch of news so how you handle them. Kim: Yes. But Kim knew what the truth was. Could call that Kim had to accept it and move on if Kim still were in this industry. There were several reviews which someone might think difference. Sometime Kim thought I was like they said? Which Kim never recognized that Kim was going to do that since when. Therefore, Kim had to let it go. Forgot about bad news and released for untruth issue. The news came with all actors already. Not only Kim got hit but others were the same and might be even harder than me.
Q; Kim had been linked to the conflict. How could you pass it?
Kim: Kim had to be careful, did not do anything which affected to the two parties which it was quite difficult. Kim had to through it with my happiness. When they past they were a lessons which we could not fix anymore. Q: Why did you decide to stay beside Mark? Kim: We used to be brother and sister for a long time, and he is always good to me, and my good friend. Because of the news, P’Mark was serious, and got stressed. We do have to encourage each other. As I said before, we don’t like to be engaged in a chaos or trouble. It was the best that we just knew ourselves. Time will prove everything.
Q: Many people wanted to know the beginning of your love “Kim and Mark”. What was it started?
Kim: We met each other in 4Huijaihangkhunkhow, knew each other better in Panyachonkonkroy, and got closer a little by little until it became an interpersonal relationship. At that time I didn’t have anyone, and he had no one either. He always asked what I was up to, plus I have been involved in every news. The news caused him to be stressful, and very serious. Though I was not 100% involved in every news, I felt that we have to give each other a support and encouragement. It made us felt that we have been through many situations together. We understood each other, and it tightened our relationship to be stronger. I felt that he never leave me, whatever he does, he always thinks of me. For me, basically he is a good man. I am happy to be with him. Although he is not romantic, he always stays beside me when I’m sad. When I get stress, he always encourages me. He is clearly the way he is. When he gives an interview about me, he always gives me a respect.
Q: To prove your love and sincere for each other to people, it was difficult issue?
Kim: It did not difficult. We had never concealed in the past. We were what we were. We did not need anyone to accept our relationship. We both started out as friends until became deep connection that increasing more and more. Today we had good feelings for each other as everyone could see all along, Kim said.
Q: It seems like everybody's watching both of you. No matter what happens, people are interested.
Kim: Kim didn’t think it happen only two of us. Now, just picked up the phone or wrote anything it was very easy to become news. In spite of not know them, we already cursed. My fan clubs were the important and great spirit for me. They quite trust me and knew what real and unreal stories are. Moreover, my family was always beside me. I just a little bored why they thought exaggerating. Such as last news that said we created an unreal story. Kim really did not like this word at all. We were crystal clear in our relationship. Whatever we were asked then we answered. It said we need to make our look that we still were in love to conceal P’ Mark was a drug addict. We felt like why they wrote too much. We really did not know that we were as they said. It seems as if the author knew us better than us. Kim thought our relationship was always clear as well. All pictures we posted on our IG were our good feelings that we chose. We did not need to create our image for sure.
Q: Latest News said Kate Sonia was third hands that made you and Mark apart.
Kim: I had to say all news were untruth. We did not have a quarrel or pout. As of the third hand issue, if P’ Mark went out to see her it was his right. However, I had to recognize it because there were so many people act for me (laughs). It was not real issue. I asked him straight he said it did not truth also he and me were puzzled. Kim and P’ Mark had never known this woman. Kim thought if we sincere to each other our relationship would not be a problem. P’ Mark always told me the truth no matter what. Kim thought we do not distrust we trust each other.
Q: When were you spend time together P’ Mark sweet like a picture as posted on your IG?
Kim: P’ Mark was not romantic at all he was a relax man it would be me who was romantic. When we were together he was like my friend I could talk every issue with him. He was a great advisor. I felt most comfortable with him. He liked to make me fun. I did not think so much when I stay with him because he was not overthinking. Kim never seen he stressed conversely with me. He tried to make me out of stress as fast as possible then gave me peace of mind so we rarely quarrel. Kim felt happy every time I was near him (embarrassed smile). Kim thought our great feeling was rising more and more I did not really know when it began. Kim felt comfortable when I worked with him. Kim got along with P’ Mark. Many our habits were similar. Many our lifestyles were on the same page such as love to live with nature and did not like chaos.
Q: Today, there was anything that Kim want him to improve.
Kim: P’ Mark was hot-headed and did not think carefully which I tried to remind him. But now he was much better. Moreover, Kim wants him to take care his health because he worked hard at period. Now he was my closest person. Kim thought our relationship was gradually better. Our relationship was deep connection which it no need to be boy-girlfriend.
Q: How P’ Mark influences your life?
Kim: Today he influenced my life a lot we were held to be Koo-Jin as full already. Consequently, everything was related me that connected to him. Such as work, we had to responsible together therefore when it had Kim also had P’ Mark. Beside work, he was a good man who I could not lack his support (smiles).
Q: Mark was a man who you wish to spend your life left with him?
Kim: Kim thought it still took long time to say this sentence it couldn’t tell within one or two years. We were clearly our feelings for each other two years ago. We would like to use word “friend” by now. Assume one day we will not be the right person for each other I did not lose my good felling. Ask me again on my wedding day if any (laughs). Kim thought it could not reply right now became the other half of each other life first. If one day it was full then I would tell you. We had never discussed about the future yet just done our best before. Otherwise, Kim just 24 years old and P’ Mark turned 25. Kim ever planed to have a family when I am 27-28 years old because I want to be a friend and play with my kid. But it was up to a man who would ask me to get marriage or not. (embarrassed laugh). Kim planned to get marriage when I was 30 year old but if he did not ask so will let me ask that it was funny. Want me to confirm P’ Mark was a man who I would like to leave my life to him? I need a little more time but I need to have him in my life forever anyway. So what positions he will be in, it depend on destiny. Otherwise, I need him in my live as well as the last breath.
Interviewer told about Kim - When I have known you more I love you more. I fall in love with her intelligent, cute and sincere to answering my questions. I did not wonder why Mark enchanted by this girl and could not find the way out.


Mrs James Ma
Congrats Anne. Her lakorn won another award :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap: Anne is in Japan and attended Tokyo International drama festival 2015. Samee Tee Tra won award in Foreign Drama category.

cr anne


Mrs James Ma
Mark Prin won THE BEST INTERNATIONAL STAR Award in Korea Awards 2015.
Congrats Mark :) He will be in Korea next month (Nov)


Mrs James Ma
Top 10 actors most influential on Instagram
1.Aum Patcharapa
2.Chompoo Araya
3. VJ Woonsen
4.Boy Pakorn
5.Ploy Chermarn
6.Mai Davika
7.Margie Rasri - girl with beautiful legs
8.Yaya Urassaya - girl who do merits
9.Kimmy Kimberley - girl with beautiful face
10.Mario Maurer
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Mrs James Ma

On the list. Yaya will pay tax heavily with 20 TV commercials. . . Yaya dominate almost every product markets in Thailand. Food, snack, beverage, airline, cosmetic, electric appliance, Mobile network, camera and so on. Large amount of money came to her as a presenter of a product per year. Her income is around 5-10 million baht (165,000-330,000 $) per one product. If you count all products that she has a contract with. In one year her income will be around more less 100 million baht (3,330,000$) . Apart from income from presenter work that she has every year continuously. She also has an income from acting in drama. In 2015 "Yaya" has 1 drama "NuengNaiSuang". Her fee for acting in drama is about 45,000baht (1,500$) /part. Normally in 1 drama has 16 parts. Including event work, the favourite work for actor and actress. As for "Yaya" her fee for 1 event is 150,000 baht (5,000$). . With this amount of work surely she will have to pay a lot of tax also.
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sarNie Oldmaid
DANG Yaya made a lot of money and she is not even #1 on the lists.   No wonder these celeb. spend so much money on high end material things like phone, purses etc. Which to me is a waste of money, I would rather see them spend on something that is more useful and practical  :shrug:  well that just me thinking, that doesn't make money like them LOLz.