❤[CH3] Ra Rerng Fai (Citizen Kane) : Ken Theeradeth/ Noon Woranuch


sarNie Adult
After Khun Noi decide to stop Sarm Sakran, now she will remake Ra Rerng Fai a lakorn which she played
Credit : Komchadluek

N'ek father make Pra'ek go to the jail and then Pra'ek comeback to revenge by fooling N'ek sister and he will marriage with N'ek sister.
and he gone in marriage day that make N'ek sister is shame so much
N'ek and Pra'ek are fighting each other because both of them see through each other trick. N'ek is kidnapped to the island by Pra'ek.
N'ek try to leave from here and Pra'ek chase after N'ek and then both of them make love in a cave 
After that N'ek go to overseas. Then many months passed, N'ek appear in airport while she is far-gone pregnant.
She mean to walk through reporter and go to a press that it has news about who is father of N'ek child. 
In meantime, N'ek use a baby for revenge Pra'ek. She hurt him by telling that she will abort or marriage with other man.
N'ek father confess that he kill a man by accidentally, and blame Pra'ek father who is his best friend that make Pra'ek father go to the jail.
Everybody in family is shock about this because they think that they are victim. When Pra'ek father is out. N'ek family go to apologize Pra'ek father.
Pra'ek father ask N'ek to forgive Pra'ek and think about her child, and back to be family.
N'ek can' think anything so she go to island of pra'ek. Pra'ek don't dare to follow her because he think that she don't need to see him,
but his father warn him, and N'ek sister tell him that N'ek go to his island for wait him. So Pra'ek decide to go meeting N'ek
when she is far-gone pregnancy and she almost give a birth. Pra'ek take her to hospital, and Pra'ek come back from hospital
because he think by himself that N'ek don't need to meet him. But actually N'ek need to meet him. 
Finally, Pra'ek go to meet N'ek at island, and show his feeling to N'ek then everything is happy ending
Credit : http://pantip.com/topic/32586896/comment6
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sarNie OldFart
i liked this lakorn..n'k revenge..she used it all..she came bak pregger with pk kid lol


sarNie OldFart
All of the couples were fun to watch, too. I actually really liked this lakorn and have been waiting for it to be remade.


sarNie Oldmaid
Hmm you guys seem to like it. I must remembered it wrong so I'll go back and watch this lol.


sarNie Adult
I liked it but I'm biased cause I liked Johnny back in the day. I too liked all the couples. From what I remember each side had 3 siblings each and they all got with each other right? Noi's sister, the one that Johnny dumped at the altar got with his other brother and Oui Sutitha, who played Johnny's sister got with Noi's brother.

Also I think n'ek was a lot colder than p'ek. She stayed stubborn till the very end and her dad was the one in the wrong. P'ek didn't even get his revenge imo when it was a real crime against his family and not just a misunderstanding lol.


sarNie OldFart
i enjoyed it...agree..short n sweet and str8 to the point...i like the 2nd couple (the sister too)
I vaguely remember it...But I felt Noi character was just fighting back and defending her sis/family...Johnny started the game


“The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.”
who does she have in mind as the pra'nang...?


sarNie OldFart
Noi was well balanced in here, I think. Haha. I don't remember much either besides enjoying it for almost everything. The cast, Johnny and Noi, were good. The siblings were good too. Yes, all of the siblings hooked up. Lol The storyline was good. There was no dragging. It was fun to watch because Johnny took revenge on Noi and then Noi's younger brother took it out on Johnny's sister and then the last couple was just passive and fell back not wanting to get involved. Haha.

I remember liking Noi in here because even though she was strong, she wasn't unreasonably raeng or stubborn. She was just protecting her family. She was the glue of her family and she did quite well keeping everything together when she was falling apart. Noi wasn't annoying in here.


sarNie Egg
I love this lakorn! I'm not even a fan of Johnny but this was one of his works that I enjoyed. Noi is good at playing the stubborn, righteous characters without coming off too annoying or obnoxious. If someone like Anne Thongprasom played in here, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much since she has a tendency to annoy the heck out of me in these type of roles. Anyways, why do I have a feeling that Kim might be in here? Just a hunch because they've worked together in Nang Rai Tee Rak.


Live Love Laugh
Kim said she will accept one lakorn from now on and try to finish school. She already has one with James J. Next year so not sure about this one.


sarNie OldFart
Kris, can you change the production to Citizen Kane? Thanks.
The pranang will be Ken T. and Chompoo. WTH! They're already reuniting in The Cupid Series. Noi, stop casting your husband please. He hasn't had a decent lakorn ever since you kept using him in your production. She contacted Pa'Jaew to direct and there's a good chance he will. At this rate, Ken will never reunite with Anne or get to play with Matt and other talented actresses that is not Chompoo. 
From KCL: 
@ เดินหน้าทำละครเรื่องถัดไปแล้วสำหรับ “หน่อย” บุษกร กับเรื่อง ระเริงไฟ แว่วว่าได้นักแสดงแล้ว คือ “เคน” ธีรเดช  คู่กับ “ชมพู่” อารยา จะแซบแค่ไหนเดี๋ยวรู้กัน
@ @ ส่วนผู้กำกับที่จะมารับหน้าที่กำกับการแสดงในละครรีเมกเรื่องนี้ เห็นว่า “หน่อย” บุษกร ติดต่อ “ป้าแจ๋ว” ยุทธนา แถมโอกาสมีสูงซะด้วยเจ้าค่ะ ่ 


sarNie Adult
Oh my goodness, their first one had chemistry and the rest were just bleh. I would've loved him with Matt or some of the younger generations.


sarNie OldFart
I feel that she's an insecure producer because she keeps using her husband to attract viewers. Once is fine. But three times + the cameo in NRTR. Too much.