2 pm


sarNie Egg
their new style is oh so damn hot!!
it's more of krumpin' now. =)
i like. their old style was more of.like..hip hop and pop.
this one is STRAIGHT UP KRUMP!=)
goooo 2PM!!!

i love nichkhun, wooyoung, and jaebeom!

jaewookhun <3.


Donghae and Siwon
again & again is a catchy song. lol. wow they all look so different. lol. you get to hear khun sing in this song!! lol


sarNie Egg
OMG... The SOng Again & Again.. Sounds and raps are the same as WONDER GIRLS- Nobody..
hahahahhaha.. I just realize that, after i watch Wonder Girls again..


sarNie Hatchling
not sure if someone post this yet but here is cuts of khun from recent star king...his hair seem longer...if only he took off the hat we get a full view of his hair ahehe!



sarNie OldFart
I'm so inlove with their songs! I only heard there most recent album. ALL the song in there are so good! :) Loveeee it! They're so hot too! Young & Cute. Haaa. :wub: LOVE NICKKHUN! :wub:


Donghae and Siwon
thnx for sharing. loving their new look and their album. aww look at Nichkhun he's too cute. lol


Donghae and Siwon
thanks for sharing. sigh* their clothes!! lol. but khun is cute like always!! so is junho. lol. they're all younger than me beside jaebeom.... lol


Donghae and Siwon
hahah. khun is only a year younger than me so it's ok. Junho is like 2 or 3 yrs younger than me. lol. he's still too cute!! i just love these boys. they're all so funny


Just plain obsessed
I know, they're hilarious to watch, and they're very talented dancers...
I usually like guys with strong vocals, but I love them, they're great entertainers...I mean, Jay has some great vocals, so does Junsu, but not really a fan of his...
There's just something about them that makes me love 'em so much.


Staff member
love the comeback .. you gals make me feel old with these age talking, 2PM is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY young for me too Lol === but i can't resist falling in for their funny acts.