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I just saw the photos of the protests. Hottests are amazingly organized. Glad it was a peaceful protest. I hope they get Jay back soon so all this will stop for everyone. I feel so bad for the other 6. BUT I think hottests have the right idea - hit where it will hurt - THE POCKET BOOK. Otherwise, it will only be a public outcry w/o much result.

I really hope for Jay's fast return so everyone will be happy again.


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it's good to know people who know people who know people...if you really haaaaaaaaaave to know...PM me.

just for clarification, this is not JYP's fault...he can only do so much.

Jay's fate was not in his hands, but the company's.
Let's support Hottests and JYP in getting Jay back <3


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Look at how devoted the fans were:

2PM fans are demanding for leader JaeBum to return to the group.

2PM’s fanclub Hottest has mobilized over 1,500 fans over the internet through their website for a silent protest in front of JYP Entertainment building in Seoul GangNamGoo CheongDamDong on 13th September from 2pm.

The fan club is the largest one of the group in Korea with over 200K members. They are demanding from JYP to retract JaeBum’s leaving from the group.

On the day, the fans’ representative announced their petition for JaeBum to return to the group again. They also emphasized that without JaeBum’s comeback, 2PM cannot exist and that they will boycott all activities of the group.

The representative of the fans said, “On 5th September, leader Park JaeBum’s messages written on his online personal space 4 years back, which was deem as offending to the Koreans, were revealed. Even though he replied, the criticisms against him continued. After that, in just 4 days, JaeBum left the group and returned to his hometown Seattle in America. This has caused much confusion and shock to us fans.”

“Through this whole process, the company did not do anything to the team which they have put in effort to groom. All the responsibilities were carried by Park JaeBum. While the fans are hoping for official explanation and active solutions to the situation, JYP has looked away and fans are now angry at JYP.”

Also, “All the 5 years – 4 years after leaving the family back in the States and coming to Korea to train and that 1 year after debut – just collapsed in 4 days. We are angry at what JYP showed us in this past week, and we are officially demanding JYP to return Park JaeBum to 2PM.”

Fans were seen holding placards with demands to JaeBum’s return to the group written on them, and about 1,000 2PM CDs were returned in front of JYP’s building to show their boycott to the company.

The fans will be protesting from 2pm to 6pm that day. About 100 over police officers are on stand by. But fans protested in a orderlyand civilised manner.

What time is it now? 1:59pm because 1 minute(person) is missing.

cr: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/09/13/hottests-silent-protest-in-front-of-jyp-building-return-jaebum-oppa/


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Wooyung telling Jay to have strength...during a performance....So sweet of him, look at the looks between them


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JaeBum on going back to Korea, “Yes, but I’m not sure”

A Korean news site ISPlus ran an article recently on a family friend of 2PM JaeBum.

This family friend, Mr Kim recently met with JaeBum’s family for a family dinner and comforted JaeBum. He asked JaeBum if he wants to go back to Korea and JaeBum’s answer was, “Yes, but I’m not sure”

I am a parent of someone that is close to Jaebum’s age. Watching what has been happening these past few days, I have built up some confidence to say a few words.

I have been business partners with Jaebum’s dad in Seattle and am a Korean-America who has been living here for 30 years. I have known Jaybum since he was a little kid and have watched him grow throughout the years. Also my kids have been going to school with him since pre-school and so they are quite close. Thus, I think I know a lot about Jaebum’s family.

Jaebum’s house in Seattle is near a beach called Edmonds and is in a prospective middle-class neighborhood. This house has been built for 40 years, but Jaebum has lived here ever since he was born for over 20 years.

In the parking lot aren’t BMW’s and Lexus’s, but rather there are cars that are about 5-10 years old. Just recently they just leased a car from Hyundai Dealershop for an Elantra, but after Jaebum’s situation, they had to return it.

In their house is a 37 inch Sony TV that has been there for 10 years. All the computers in their house are very old and about to break, and the best computer they have is a notebook that a fan had bought for Jaebum.

The reason i am telling you all this is because I wanted to show you how Jaebum’s family life style is not fake nor ostentatious, but rather humble and normal for a middle-class family.

After Jaebum came back from Korea, about 2 days later Jaebum’s dad told Jaebum that he should study music and went out and sweating from the weight of the it, bought and brought into the house a 15 year old electric Yamaha piano that was $300 just for Jaebum.

Without any complaint, Jaebum took and practiced with that piano,a nd thinking of how I bought my son a Roland piano for $5000 made me so embarrassed.

On Friday night Jaebum’s dad and I got together to drink some beer and talk until 3AM, and all of a sudden tears dropped from his eyes and he began to share. He felt so bad for Jaebum.

For the past 5 years, no one knows how much Jaebum suffered from frustration and hard work, and so many times when he so much wanted to go back to Seattle, he always fixed his mindset and practiced for long hours, but now right as he gained so much popularity, he escaped to Seattle in just 4 days, and that really breaks my heart.

Coming home from Korea, for those long hours on the plane, how much did he have to suffer and think in his mind?

In the beginning of August, I remember when Jaebum came to Seattle for a quick visit. Because Jaebum’s immature younger brother was not listening to him, I remember what Jaebum said to him.

“I want to go out and meet my friends like you and go out and have fun like you but do you know why I am going through all of this and working hard? It’s because of you and our parents! Why can’t you be more thoughtful of what you do!”

In the car I asked my daughter who is the same age as Jaebum “Yuri! What does ‘Korea is gay’ mean?” “It means that Korea is stupid or annoying, we say it when we’re tired or annoyed”.

Even when my daughter and I fought when she went through her teenage years, she used the word ‘hate’ a lot. “Dad i hate you!” Just because she said that would i have to kick her out of the house?

During that time, I believe that Jaebum did not understand the Korean culture, and had a hard time adjusting, while the people who translated what Jaebum said on his Myspace translated in a very wrong way because they don’t know that that is just how teenagers speak in America.

I don’t understand how what he wrote as a teenager has anything to do with betraying Korea in any way.

How can someone who really hated Korea work so hard for their family so they can live better lives?

Us Korean-American’s do not see America as a place just for money. We think of America as a new start where we have more opportunities, while our hearts are still with Korea and we want Korea to thrive.

During the 2002 World Cup instead of watching it at home my friends and I went to a sports bar and watched it in order to spread interest in Korea and soccer. When Korea put in a goal we all screamed for joy and the American people who had no interest in Korean soccer seemed interested.

Even during the WBC, instead of watching the Major League we urged the Americans to watch Korea’s games and those people who have Nokia phones and not LG or Samsung, we went and talked to them on why they wouldn’t use a good Korean phone.

Don’t these little things show how much pride we have for Korea? Even more than the pride of those overseas, we feel like we have a lot of pride in our country. Because of what a teenager wrote 4 years ago, i don’t think that it was right to accuse and point fingers at Jaebum when he didn’t mean anything like that, and cause him to be kicked out of Korea. That is not called having pride in our country.

Everyone, I urge you all to take a step back and think of what has happened in the past week, and also i urge you to have a big heart and embrace our young Korean-American who is trying so hard to live out his life and give him another chance.

I am not asking for you to put out a red carpet for him, but all I ask is for you to help Jaebum not feel embarrassed or guilty anymore, and instead help him think more comfortably and have a warm heart for him.

During these past few days when the netizens said biting remarks about Jaebum, I want to say thank you to Boom for standing up for him and being brave. Boom still calls Jaebum everyday to check up on how he is doing.

Right now, Jaebum’s parents are in panic mode, and do not pick up the phone if it not someone they know.

Jaebum visited his old breakdancing studio when a black kid recognized him and put a camera up to his face and so he had to hurry up and just go home.

He hasn’t even been able to go to the church he went to all his life because he’s still embarrassed and guilty and disappointed in himself, so he hasn’t been going out anywhere and just been staying home.
Seeing all of this, i feel so bad for him and am heart broken.

Last saturday, my family and Jaebum’s family went to a friend’s Chinese restaurant in order to brighten everyone’s mood. Although he wasn’t jumping for joy, being his first dinner outside since he came to Seattle, we had a good time and Jaebum’s mood got a little better and more comfortable.

I asked him “Jaebum, do you wanna go back to Korea?”

“yes..but i’m not sure.”

original source : isplus
translation : JIHYE@2oneday

cr: K bites


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ah, while i was reading that, i almost got choked up. i don't even want to imagine all of the emotional aspects that he's going through right now. i wish i could tell him to stay strong and fight throughout this whole situation.

wow, those hottest are truly devoted to 2PM and Jay. now that's what you call "true fans/supporters". if i were in korea right now, i would also be sitting in front of the JYP building and do everything/anything just to get Jay back to korea and be the leader of 2PM that we all know.

gosh, i really do miss jay. i miss jay, nichkhun, wooyoung, chansung, junsu, junho and taecyeon! :(


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Thank you for sharing the interview...it is emotional to say the least. I don't know how Korean celebrities does it when they are under enormous pressure to be "perfect". The haters can really hate and make their lives miserable. The price for fame sometimes is ridicously high that at the end...I mean to what point do they ask themselves is it worth it?

I am glad that Jay came home because he does need the support system...The fans are wonderful but truthfully at a moment like this his family would be best to offer it to him. If I was his father I would be devastated at what and how my son has been treated as well. It was such a let down to see how it all turned out. Needless, to say it affected his entire family.

Supporting the other six members is a good thing because they are also caught up in the firestorm. But for some it's easier said then done. The problem is not because Jay left the group...it's the way he left it and the story behind it that it makes it so much harder for those that believe in 2PM as a group can go on supporting a group without its leader.

I hope Jay will be back...gosh, he has all the potential in the world to make it in the music industry. That talent can not go to waste.


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2PM to continue with 6 members

After much drama surrounding leader Jaebeom leaving 2PM, JYP has finally released an official statement regarding 2PM's future activities.

Unfortunately, 2PM will continue activities as 6-members, as JYP is stating that Jaebeom does not want to return as of now.

Whether Jaebeom not wanting to return is the truth or not, we have yet to hear. But as of now, 2PM will be 6 members.

Official statement:

Hello, this is JYP.

For the past five days we have listened to what many people had to say regarding the Jaebeom incident. We have listened to the rebukes towards Jaebeom, the rebukes toward our company, and many of you telling us to give him another chance has been carefully heard.

We have carefully and thoroughly discussed what the next moves are regarding our company, the 2PM members, and Jaebeom. Jaebeom has been receiving many encouraging comments from many fans, but his feelings about his wrong doings has still not changed. He still feels sorry and embarrassed for what he did and is not able to perform on stage. Jaebeom has pleaded to not cancel 2PM's activities which was the result of the sweat, blood and tears of the other six members, just because of what he has done. He has said this is the reason why he must leave 2PM.

I also agree with Jaebeom. The reason why i have not held on to Jaebeom is because if we look towards the life ahead of him, this will not be a big matter that will effect his whole life. Many of you are worried that he has wasted four years of training towards his dream, but i believe that training has not gone to waste, because if he grabs this chance to mature as a person, Jaebeom will be able to fly better than ever.

I believe that as harmful the words that came from Jaebeom were, telling him to immediately leave the country was no better. I am going to respect his decision / wish of wanting to spend some time alone, off the stage and if and when the time comes that he tells me he is ready to come back on stage and perform, it is my duty / role to do everything in my power to help him with this wish. When that day comes, I believe that's when your encouragements and cheering will truly help him. I am once again truly sorry and apologize for not being able to thoroughly take care of my artists. I will do my best in making sure things like this never happen again.

I once again would like to thank all of you.

2PM will continue as a 6 member group.


credits to allkpop


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I'm sooooo confused....

I do support the fans' feelings, because I grew to love all 7 members of 2PM...as 2PM...
But Jay was my fourth favorite...I have to support my Wooyung, Junho, and Nichkhun, and even the other three that I've grown fond of...
I know Jay would want that...but then again, he's not there...


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My blog post for today, I guess we can't post pics here, or I did something wrong, but you should click on the links to look at the pics:

I don't know how they got international fans to agree to this, but I haven't agreed to anything yet. I'm so torn about this, I have no idea what to do next. Okay, I did start liking 2PM for just one person, but I grew to love and adore them all...Jay wasn't my top favorite, but I respected and admired him for being the leader of the group.

I have been incredibly sad over his leave, but it's understandable, and I can understand that maybe he thinks he isn't strong enough to deal with the pressure, so he doesn't want to drag the rest of his brothers down. I know Jay cares for and loves those 6 boys very much, he was their leader, their hyung, how could he not? I feel we need to respect his decision to leave, and hope that he will be able to do what he loves again, some day...but at the same time, support his decision. I feel that his decision to leave was both personal and professional, and when your professional life starts to step into your personal life, you do have to take a step back to reevaluate the situation, to collect yourself.

This situation should've never happened, but it did, and now we just need to move forward, for Jay and 2PM's sake. I love Wooyung, Junho, Nichkhun, Taec, Chansung, and even Junsu, and I can't bare to see them move forward without my support. I feel that JYP did all he could in regards to Jay, because when it comes down to it, it was Jay's decision to leave, and he respected that, and I respect him for it. At least I know he loves and feels for Jay, but there wasn't anything he could do to make him feel confident in performing. It wasn't Jay's fault, because to me, HE DID NOTHING WRONG. There was nothing he needed to apologize for, it's not like he's Kanye West, okay? I love those 2PM boys, and they are very hardworking, they've already lost a member, they shouldn't have to lose their fan base as well...

HOTTESTS: I know you mean well, but if you are a true fan, you will support them in whatever decision each guy makes when it comes to 2PM. It's their lives, and we have to respect the decision, because they're doing what's best for them. What's best for Jay is to get away from a negative country and be with his family, to rebuild himself, to be stronger...What's best for 2PM is to move on, because Jay's career isn't the only career at stake here, there are 6 others lives involved, and the reason Jay left was so his group, his brothers, could move forward, so we can't hold them back. I think Jay would appreciate that we still have him in our hearts, and that we will always see him as 2PM's leader, no matter what. We should appreciate JYP for letting 2PM move on with just 6 members, because it would literally be a slap in the face if he replaced Jay just like that. We should be there for the rest of the guys, we should support and love them, as always. Don't let them lose us too!!!

And a pic I found that I just had to post


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T_T.. hottest fans are so dedicated T_T...


2PM just aint that same until jay comes back!!


Donghae and Siwon
I'm sooooo confused....

I do support the fans' feelings, because I grew to love all 7 members of 2PM...as 2PM...
But Jay was my fourth favorite...I have to support my Wooyung, Junho, and Nichkhun, and even the other three that I've grown fond of...
I know Jay would want that...but then again, he's not there...
I agree with you. I don't think that Jay would be happy that we're hurting the other members. He would probably want us to support the rest of the memeber. But then again it's not the same without him. But I hope that one day that Jay will come back and return to his rightful spot.


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A fan made this video for Jay, they wrote and sang the song too...it's really cool, I hope Jay gets to see it, and those people are talented...make sure you check the side bar for the original video and comment them