_Pleasure's Artwork..>.<"


sarNie Egg
heres some stuff that i made for myspace layouts and stuff...this one have my khmer/cambo name so yea hope u guys dont hate..xD
and umm...yea this one has my picture in it.. :unsure: in a grudge effect type background/layout.. <_<


sarNie Egg
hahaha yea babbbyyyy hyori is freakin hot..to the hotness..lol smile? i tried and that was my best..lol j/k dont wanna scare people off with my smiles..xD


Sarnie Clown!
Hahaha, I'm still not sure what Imma use it for, but that is hot. Thanks man. Seriously, that is very impressive. It sure beats this one of mine.


You know...I could use that for my next album cover. Man...that means I gotta come out with a new album.


omg thank gosh!!! u made a change to marduk's monkey character... his version just oh soo :eek:

nvm let me not say hahahahah but awesome job!


ohh my where was it when all this is happening.......great work........ :) you know it doesnt hurt to smile.....


sarNie Egg
lol fine i'll smile for u missy...here u go.. :D :D i hope 2 is enough..lol and yea 3 more graphics coming..i'll post them up when i wake up..xD


sarNie Hatchling
OMGosh, they're all well blended in. I want to learn some blending techniques =] They're all perfectly done!