a n i e 2 b b 2


anie's bb [c] D=
Alright, since we're ever so collaborating together all the time .. here we have a thread dedicated to: anie + bau! work. Haha, hope you guys enjoy.

(ATM, this is what I've found .. I'll go back and find the other work later your anie might want to post something :p)

fonts: anie || blending: bau

fonts: bau || blending: anie

fonts: bau || blending: anie

fonts: bau + anie || blending: anie


sarNie Juvenile
Awesome and Amazing. Just truly amazingly awesome haha. Great teamwork. Love the blendings!


maplestory addict xD
tenkiu tenkiu xD lol but yea, we usually collaborate wen one of us r stuck in doing certain artwork. so we have the other try to fix it up for us (yes, that's the real reality of the collaboration) ahahhahahaa =D