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that yadech one looks superb anie!! what are you talking about? lol.. and aigoo, i remember that nadech one teehee...

miss you!!! and im doing good.. still a procrastinator.. but have loads of hw to do... @_@


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haha ya the nadech one based on the aummie portrait i did last time =D

haha ya, life sucks these days...i miss highschool T^T


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ty for the kind comments. update: finally manage to install cs5 into my lappy :D hmm...im still not used to cs5 since ive been using adobe element all my life + all those days I didn't ps, i produced this which is rather disappointing lol

but then wen i saw bau's latest ps (ya we were battling again - free style mode - i'll get her to post hers when she's awake from sleep) got annoyed so i manage to recycle my old idea into a new piece


hows everyone's life these days? Im getting busier by the min...mooting competition this friday, midterms next week. *sigh* hope y'all are fairing better than me in regards to life =\
Fantastic work!! I love the second one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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thanks for the replies xD anyways, i got kinda stressed wif studying for midterms...so i whipped up some avvies on my beloved ateam. i hardly do avys so be kind lol



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ahhh those are so beautiful. my Aum gets more handsome every time I see him <3


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thanks :') I hardly do icons cos i suck at it. bau n my sis k2 said the 4th one was hideous ='( anyway, i asked bau to make me a banner based on the avy i did. shes really a pro in banner since last time isnt she lol

credit to bau:



maplestory addict xD
yo sarnies! miss y'all so much ='( Been busy with my legal attachment which is going to end tomorrow! anyway, I havent been psing much for almost half a year i think o_O Anyway, I've recently became an everlastings due to gain (she's totally my bias atm lol) So i've been psing some artworks for a local BEG fanclub. do check it out xD