Aff and Aum!!

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I was over them for awhile but now its slowly coming back. Nice to see them again and so close too. Since Aum is going to direct or was it produce a lakorn? He should cast his Nong Aff to be his n'ek again.


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OMG - i wish they have a commercial together .. But seeing this warm my heart too ..
i feel like a proud mother - weeping away, seeing my two favorite together like this.


sarNie Immature
He posted this and said: With Mae Ying Taksaorn.


I think he missing her, wanna work with her again, just like we want to see them together again and again. Those pictures are just torturing me. I hope she'll be her nang ek in his lakorn. ;-)


sarNie Immature
Magazine shoot? Hopefully. :wub: They look hot!


sarNie Egg
Yes...that photo from his instagram looks like a mag shoot...when will they do another lakorn together already! I miss Ken and Ann too!!!


Live Love Laugh
Sad news for Aff fans. Aff said she will not accept any series until next year.

She is preparing to attend the films festival, meet fans club, and do photo shoots in Shang Hai, China.

Wanida is very popular in China and has been rerun many times on TV and is quite a hit on the internet. has over 140 millions views.

Wanida also won the foreign films festival in Japan this year.

Congratulations to the Wanida team and Thailand for having Thai series being recognized oversea.