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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 13

"Hold on! 3 WEEKS! NO TOUCHING! NO KISSES! HUGS! HOLDING HANDS! NO KISSES FOR 3 WEEKS! NO TALKING TO EACHOTHER! NO KISSING! 3 WEEKS" He yelled. "That's BS Dara. I can't hold it for that long."

"I guess I'll win this easily then."

"That's so unfair. I'm absolutely crazy about you, and I can't even think of anything but you. How are you gonna tell me not to touch you at all. Urg! I can't do that! Do a different challenge. Please." He pleaded. He opened the door to the house, and we walked towards the comforting living room.

"No." I said stubbornly while taking a seat on the sofa.

"Then let's forget about the challenge, and I won't steal away your kisses unexpectedly." He negotiated. Darian sat next to me staring at my face. I felt nervous, and my heart was beating fiercely.

This is the best offer I would get from Darian, I might as well take it. He won't be the only one who suffers if we don't talk. I would miss his sweet voice terribly. "Alright, I take back the challenge."

His face brighten. "Thank you Love." Darian said happily and kissed my cheek. "Yep that definitely made me feel better. You know I'd have lost if we did the challenge."

I rolled my eyes. I should have done the challenge and watch him lose.

"Like I said I can't resist you." He kissed my cheek again. "You are so cute Dara!" He said hugging my. I place my head on his chest and closed my eyes. He rocked me back and forth while humming a tune. "Are you tire? Or is our date over?"

"Hmm. Let's stay like this for awhile." I mumbled.

He chuckled. "I see that we think alike." He kissed my head. "You smell like roses." Then his voice became soft, almost mumbling. "How did I, a monster, take such a beauty away from her people? I don't deserve you." There it was again, the sadness in his voice. I hate when we have to talk about these sort of things.

"I should be the one saything that. I don't deserve such a kind and loving hero like you."

"Ha. A hero? You mean a Villian. I'm an evil monster who may steal away your virtue, but you call me a hero instead?"

"Okay this conversation is turning into something I don't like already. Let's stop talking about it, and end it with 'DARA is RIGHT.' got it Darian." I look up to see his face. "Don't be like this please. I care about you, for you, not what you are. How many times do I have to tell you that?" I asked in a tire sigh.

"I'm sorry. I'm ruining the mood. How about I make it up to you?" He said smiling once again.

"How? Tape your mouth?" I smiled.

"Funny, but no. How about I paint a picture of you?"

"You can paint?" I was suprised, which I shouldn't be concidering Darian can do anything.

"Dara, anyone can paint, it doesn't mean we are all good at it." He said getting up and marching up the stairs, while I was still seated on the sofa. He turn his head to look at me. "Aren't you coming with me Dara?"

"Ofcourse, I was getting to that." I said getting up from my seat, but before I could fully stand, I felt a cool swift of wind from behind and within seconds I was already in front Darian's room, which was on the third floor. "Gosh, I hate when you do that."

He had a smirk on his face. "It's quicker this way. Plus, it's fun watching your suprise expression." He opened the door for me to enter.

"So where do you want me?" I asked looking around his room.

"I'm not painting in my room Dara, I'm going to paint you in the backyard." He said opening his closet. Darian's closet was neat, but there weren't any clothes in this closet, it must be for his accessories.

"Then why are we up here anyways?"

"I wanted to give you something I had for a while." I saw him opening the top drawer, and taking out a beautiful carved box.

"Wow, its wonderful Darian." I said gazing at the complicated design on the wooden box.

He laughed. "Silly, the box is not the present, the real present is inside of it." He lifted the box to my face, and opened it slowly. What lies inside the box was a necklace with a heart shape charm, but what caught my eyes was within the heart. It was a pink diamond, it shined brightly against the ray of the sun.

"Darian, it's beautiful." I said still staring at the necklace. "Darian this must have been expensive."

"Nothing is expensive if it's for you." he said smiling.

"I thought you said you had this for awhile?" I asked, my eyebrow raised.

"I wanted to give it to you on your sixteenth birthday, but I couldn't because I was told to wait. My parents said that you would be coming here within a year. I was so thrill when I heard the news. I would always wonder if you would remember me, or if you'd like me, I hated waiting but I waited for you patiently." He sat me down on his bed, while he put the necklace on for me. "Do you know something, the first day I saw you here I was so happy, I was even happier when I saw how stubborn you were. You were so unafraid of the guys. Though I was kind of jealous that you actually tried to be nice to Adam, but not me. You even called me names." He laughed. "That day, you really ticked Jordan off. He was still taken back that you were the Doctor Elvin's daughter. He thought you might be sweet and quiet."

I snorted. "Jordan can get over it."

"Oh he did, even though he acts mean towards you, he actually like the way you are. And I have to agree with him, you are so likable." He kissed my forehead and sat beside me.

"Thank you, and I'm sorry I called you names on the first day. I was just angry because you guys hit my car first, and then Jordan was all rude about it."

"I know, and I definitely don't want to get on your bad side. I'm scare to face the Angry Dara." He said teasingly.

"Well if you don't want to face the Angry Dara, then don't make me mad, though if you anger me, I would probably get back at you. I have a motto, 'if you hurt me, I'll hurt you twice as much.' What do you think?" I said grinning.

He shook his head. "Couldn't you fine a better motto? Though I see where you're coming from. I have to give you that one."

I was still grinning. "Okay are you going to paint me or what?"

"Right, let's go." He lifted me up swiftly from the bed and dash outside. I had no idea how he did it so fast and I didn't feel him opening the doors.

"You just sit on the grass, and relax while I sit over here and stare at you, ofcourse I'll be painting you at the same time."

"Do as you like." I said sitting on the grass. I kept leaning back towards the ground, and then in the end I fell asleep, while Darian was still painting, and humming his beautiful tunes.

******** ***************** ****************** ********

I can't believe it has been a month since I started living with Darian. We just went on with our normals lives, well beside being a sorceress, and having a boyfriend who is a Vampire. We still live a happy life. Now the whole school know we are together, though I still get admirers from time to time coming up to talk to me, but within a day they wouldn't even look my way. I knew Darian had something to do with it. The only person who is roaming around is Mike, who hates Darian. And Nikki is still trying to seduce my boyfriend, everytime she sees us together, she would glare with such angry eyes. I kept feeling like she would shoot rays at me.

On the other hand, my bestfriends still comes over almost everyday, except Sunny and Adam, when they have dates. Jordan and Tiffany are closer now, but they haven't declared themselves a couple, which is a bit disappointing. I wanted to help, but I've already told Darian, I wouldn't get involve in their love lives.

And another thing. The creatures whom attacked us from before haven't made a single move yet. This is upsetting Darian and the guys enormously. They don't know why those things weren't attacking as quickly as they could. I told the guys to not worry, and told them maybe the things mistaken us for someone else, but they waver over my idea.

Christmas was in 2 weeks, the girls and I were planning a big shopping event, without the boys. I don't know how they will take it, but we will see soon. Since everyone is coming over to Darian's house to hang out.

We were sitting in Darian's living room watching a basketball game on TV, well the guys were watching, the girls were playing Poker.

"I raise your 30 bucks to 50 bucks," I said challenging Sunny. I arch my eyes toward Tiffany. "It's your turn."

Tiffany made a thinking face, and sigh. "I fold. This is so unfair, it's like my fifth hand I had to fold."

I giggled. "It's okay. Look at it this way, your losing your money to your bestfriends."

"Oh shut up Dara."

"She's right Tiff, you are just losing a couple of hundreds, you'll be fine...I fold too." Sunny mumbled.

"Urg. Dara keeps winning. Let's quit while I still have money." Tiffany said with an annoy look on her face.

"Yeah, like you don't have millions in your account already." I said rolling my eyes.

"Those millions are my parents, not mine...okay so, I will inherit it, still I don't want to over spend what they are giving me." She said defending herself.

"Speaking of your parents, when am I ever going to meet them, and yours too Sunny." I asked looking at the two girls. I knew they were living with their uncle (our school principal), but I been living here a little over a month and I haven't seen their parents visiting at all.

"Both of our parents are in Korea, they're big bussiness people, so they are always busy, we were basically raised by our grandparents." Sunny explained while shuffling the cards.

"Okay let me get this straight, your family make millions, and they probably own huge corporations..right? Well why is your uncle a principal in a high school?" I asked a bit confused by the situation.

"That was just a plan for us to come live here, he is just here to look after us because my Mom and Tiffany's dad made him, since he is their younger brother. So he had no other choice." Sunny said smiling. "Our uncle thought it would be best to be someone within the school to keep an eye on things, but we know what he is really up to. He fell for the psychologist of the school." Sunny said passing out the cards.

"Really? Miss. Comfort? Interesting, well she is pretty and your uncle is still young and good looking." I said.

Tiffany leaned closer to me and whipered, "Hey did you tell Darian about our trip?"

"Not yet." I said, barely a whisper.

"What trip Dara?" I heard a voice from behind me, I turned quickly to find Darian standing next to my chair. He raised his eyebrows, giving me a stare.

I made a face. "Well I was hoping..umm...for us girls to go christmas shopping.." I said feeling quite uncomfortable.

He smiled. "That's not a problem, why didn't you say so, We'll go whenever you girls want to."

"Umm..well...It's a girls day, so no boys." I said not able to look him in the face.

"What? Without us? No it's not safe." His said harshly.

"I doubt it's going to be dangerous considering we're going to the mall to shop, and plus if something would happen, there are three of us, and I'm sure we can do anything with the three of us together..."

"Yeah, honestly you boys need to trust our judgement." Sunny butted in.

"Yes please do, you boys are more protective than an average parent." Tiffany said laughing.

"No, I don't think it's a good idea either, considering we don't know what their next move is, and maybe they are waiting for you girls to be seperated from us." Adam said with his patient voice.

Sunny made a face, and sigh. I knew we were going to lose this fight, but I had to keep trying. I knew I could win if I get Darian alone, he could never say no to me, and I'm sure the girls will work on their persuasion method with Adam and Jordan, if we seperated them.

"Okay, let's talk about this later." I said quickly. "I want some snack, Tiffany do you mine making the snacks for us?" I said giving her signals with my eyes. She caught my motives right away.

"Sure..umm Jordan I'm going to need help with the snacks." She said smiling at Jordan. Jordan got up right away and walked towards the kitchen with Tiffany.

Then I turned to look at Sunny, who was counting her chips. I kicked her leg from under the table, and she looked up, her eyes widen, and once again I signal for her to go out somewhere. She also caught my sign.

"You know what, I'm feeling a bit stuffy in here, I'm going to take a breather outside." She said walking towards the door to the backyard.

"Sunny wait, It's night time, I'll go with you." Adam called after her, and I had a bright smile on my face. My plan worked. This is going to be easy.

I turned to face Darian, who is sitting on the couch watching the game now.

"Good job Love." He said, still had his eyes on the TV.

"Excuse me?"

He had on his crooked smile. "Like you don't know what I'm talking about. You did that on purpose. Getting all of them to leave the room like that, don't think I don't know you." He said still smiling.

I rolled my eyes, and went to sit next to him. I put my arms arm his waist and snuggled right into his cool chest like I always do. "You just know everything don't you? Still I think you should give me and the girls some alone time to be together, you know..Girls time."

He sigh. "You girls are always together all the time, like when they come over, or when you go and visit them, or in school..."

"Oh stop it. When they are here, you boys are here with us, even when we're in my room, you boys are only downstairs, or in the backyard which is directly under my windows. And when I go over to their place, you are only next door at Jordan and Adam's house. In school all six of us are always together, maybe not during class time, but you know what I mean. We need some real Girls night out." I said lifting my head from his chest and faced him. I pouted. "Please Darian." I kissed him on his cheeks. "Please." I said through my lips touching his cheeks.

"Dara, what am I going to do when you beg me like this. I still think it's not a good idea." He was frustrated. "Then let's make a compromise."

"What sort of compromise?" I asked arching my eyes, not trusting what he would bring up.

"You can go shopping with the girls if you let me put a tracking device on your car and your cell phone. You also have to pick up all my phone calls, and when I say to come back, you must come back."

"Wait a second, that's a bit too much Darian. I will pick up all your phone calls, which I always no matter what. Though, I will have to object with the tracking device idea." I said shaking my head.

"Love, please, it's only for when I'm not around you. Unless you want us to follow you?"

"You're impossible to talk to."

"I'm sorry, I know I always give in to all your request, but this one is an acception because it's about your safety and that's all I care about, so please accept my compromise." He said with sad eyes. I turned away from his face, but he grabbed my chin and turned it back. I closed my eyes, not wanting to look at his face. "Don't do that Love. I'm sorry if I upset you."

"Oh, are you?" I said harshly.

"Ofcourse, who wants to upset an angel from heaven?" He said sweetly kissing my neck. "You smell wonderful, as always." He was trying to distract me.

"Thanks, but you still need to give in to my request, or else me and the girls will just have to sneak away, and you wouldn't like that even more."

He stared at me with angry eyes. "Dara, don't do that, no matter what I will drag you back." He closed his eyes, and sigh. "Fine, go, but remember to pick up all my phone calls, and don't come back so late..and be careful." He smiled again. "And have fun."

I smiled happily and threw my arms around his neck. "Thank you my Love." I kissed him, and he returned it with a serious kiss. This kiss was different, it was like a farewell kiss. Something he never done before, I was taken back by his action. "Darian are you really okay with this?" I asked curiously.

He made an effort to smile. "Yes, I'm okay with it, just have fun."

"You are the best." I got up. "I'm going to tell the girls the good news."

He grabbed my hand, and it jerk me to a stop. I turned to look at his beautiful face, and smiled. He kissed my hand and said, "I love you, so please always be safe no matter what." He looked up and smiled his glorious smile. "And please stay strong as you are."

I blushed. "Don't worry, and I love you too."


Sorry, that it took so long, but here is the complete chapter 13. And thanks for reading guys. Really Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoy my story.

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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 14

I felt odd being without Darian on a Saturday. Though I do enjoy being with the girls, and doing what we love to do, and that's to shop, but I missed my Darian. Everytime I turned around thinking he was behind me, there was an empty space there, it's pretty silly considering we've only been together for a little over a month. Still, the thought of him not there beside me was hurtful.

We were doing some shopping for Christmas at the Syracuse Mall. Sunny drove, though her driving is no better than Darian. I was even more scare with Sunny's driving than Darian's because when Darian is around, I felt safe.

I've been gone for 4 hours, and Darian had called 9 times already. On the ninth time, I told him not to call me until another hour, because he is being ridiculous. I do miss him, but I'll be home soon. That's what I tell myself, so I don't miss him too much. It's ironic how I miss my Darian more then I miss my parents.

We were at my favorite store, GAP, when the tenth call came.

"Dara, how are you over there?" He asked in his sweetest voice, I could already tell he was trying to avoid an arguement.

"I'm fine. Everything is fine." I said sharply.

"I miss you alot, It's like you took half of me away with you." He said softly through the phone.

I smiled at his sweet words. "I know, I miss you too, don't worry, I'll be home in couple of hours."

"Yes I know. Please take care of yourself."

"Just for you, I'll take extra care of myself."

"Thank You Love." He chuckled.

"No prob. I'll see you soon okay."

"I love you Dara." He said lovingly.

"Me too." I made a kiss sound, even though I've recieved stare from doing so.

It was nice hearing his voice, I have to admit, the one good thing about seperating is the longing for one another, a strong feeling of loneliness and the feeling of wanting, it made me realize how much I loved him.

"Jeez, was that Darian again?" Sunny asked, coming from behind me.

"Who else could it be. Only mister over protective can call so many times." I said rolling my eyes, going along with her.

"He just care about you Dara, I think its sweet." Tiffany said smiling.

"Thanks, but I think Jordan and Adam are sweet too." I arched my eyes towards Sunny. "I know Adam called you as many time as Darian did." Then I looked at Tiffany. "Though, I think Jordan chose a better method. He texted you instead." I said hitting Tiffany on the shoulder, she was blushing fiercely.

"Yeah, Jordan is a sweetheart." Tiffany said shyly.

Sunny winked at me, and we both grinned widely. "So when are we going to hear the good news?" Sunny is laughing.

"Oh shut up, you know me and Jordan are still just good friends."

"Yeah, JUST good friends...for now." I said giggling.

"Whatever, Let's get this shopping trip over with and go home, I think the boys are going crazy waiting for us." Tiffany said changing the subject.

"Good idea." Sunny said.

By the time we were done with our shopping, it was already dark. The stars were shinning brightly, the moon was nowhere to be seen.

All of the sudden I felt eyes watching us from behind, I turned quickly, no one was there. I looked at the girls who were infront of me trying to find our car, the girls seem undisturbed. Did they not sense it? Or was it just me again?

There it was again, the eyes, I feel someone watching, analyzing our movements, what is it? I tried to push my mind farther to locate it, but I couldn't. I felt like something is shielding it from being located. I checked the girls reactions again, nothing. I didn't want to panic, so I kept quiet. When we reached the car, the presence was gone, totally disappeared. Damn it! I didn't have enough time to track it.

The ride home was quiet, I acted like I was asleep. My mind was still searching for the presence. Just incase I could get a small glimpse of it. It was not the same presense from before, not like those creatures. This presence had no hate, it was just watching. Then something hit me, like an awakening. My mind was working fast. What if these things were not from this world? What if they were...were...demons?! Grandma had talked about them many times before. They were from Hell, raised by the Death God. Grandma said they were wild, though controllable, that's why they were kept as the Death God's pet. If they were demons, then the Death God must have something to do with this. Think think! Grandma said something about them before. Crap, what did they want with us? Why me! Why us! Why my friends! What have I done to them? And why haven't I figure it out earlier?

I have to research. I couldn't tell Darian about this information yet, or else he would be even more cautious and worried. The only people who have such informations would be...

"Hey girls." I said breaking the silent.

"Oh you're awake? Good we're almost to Darian's place." Tiffany said yawning.

"No, I want to spend the night at your house, is that okay?" I asked.

I could see Sunny and Tiffany give eachother a quick look.

"Why? Don't you want to go home and spend the night with Darian, since you guys haven't seen eachother for a whole day?" Sunny questioned me. I didn't want to tell her my reasons, I need to speak with their uncle, and I need to do it tonight.

"Sunny! If Dara wants to spend the night then let her." Tiffany said defending me. I'm so glad Tiffany is a kind hearted person, and cares about me deeply.

"You can spend the night anytime, I was just wondering what brought it up, on a day like this?" Sunny still qustioning me.

I sigh dramatically. "I think it's good for us to be apart once in a while. It makes us miss eachother more, and it would drive Darian crazy from waiting." I lied to the girls.

"You got a point there." Sunny said in agreement to my lie.

"Thanks girls."

"What are you going to tell Darian?" Tiffany asked.

"I'm going to tell him that we aren't done talking, I won't let him on to what I'm doing." I said chuckling.

"You are devious Dara." Sunny said.


I called Darian to inform him of my plan to spend the night with the girls, he was not happy about it. He said it was fine, but I could hear his sharp voice against the phone. I told him I would be home by morning, but he said he'll come pick me up instead. I felt horrible for lying to Darian, but it was for the best. I want to be able to protect the people that I love my own way.

When we finally made it to Tiffany and Sunny's house, the lights were still on, indicating that their uncle was still up.

"Welcome back girls." Uncle P (Stands for Principal) called from the second floor as we walked through the doors. Their house is the same size as my house. "How was your shopping spree?." he said walking down the stairs.

"It was great." We all said in unison.

"Let's go to my room, and watch a movie." Tiffany said grabbing her bags, and headed up the stairs.

"I'm gonna go shower first, then I'll meet you guys." Sunny said.

"Yeah, I should shower too." Tiffany said.

"Then you guys shower, I'm gonna go make us snacks." I said.

"Okay." They called back.

I watched for them to disappear into their rooms. I looked for Uncle P, he was in the kitchen.

"What kind of snacks were you planning to make Dara?" He asked opening the frige.

"Umm...I don't know..I was.." I started to say, but I didn't know how to start.

He looked at me suspicously. "Do you have something to ask me?"


"Let's hear it. By your expression, I'm guessing its something important."

"It has to do with the creatures that are trying to hurt us, or me." I said slowly.

"Hold that thought, let's go chat in my study."

I followed him into a room huge room that were filled with books, and a desk at the far end, while in the middle of the room there were couches. My eyes were locked on the books.

"My collections. I love to read, about everything in the world." He said sitting down on the couch, and I followed, sitting across from him. "You wanted to know about the creatures right?" He asked me openly.

"I think I already know what it was, or is. I have an idea." I answer with a suprised look.


"I think they were demons."

"From what Sunny described to me, I also thought it was a demon, but I didn't want to reveal it to the girls because I don't think they know how to deal with demons just yet. I was waiting for you to figure it out because you probably had proper training from your grandmother. Yes, I'm sure your grandmother being who she is, would have informed you about this long ago. May I ask, how you figured it out?"

"It was only a couple of hours ago. I felt the presence again when we were coming home, but it disappeared, and... wait you were waiting for me to figure it out? And how did you know Grandma educated me?" I arched my eyes in confusion.

"Your Grandmother is famous among magic folks for being one of the best psychic alive, and she should be the best person to educate you in this subject. Also I was not sure if you would figure it out, but this is one of those things you girls have to go through, take it as a test of your destiny. I'm suprised at you Dara, did Tiff and Sun not tell you about my special skills?"

"Well they just said that you could tell what is the truth. That's all." I don't see what his special skill have anything to do with this.

"Yes, I could tell what is the truth and what is not, and right away I knew they were demons, but I also knew I could not reveal such information to any of the you kids until one of you figures it out." He sigh. "I'm sorry. I was told to come here to watch over you and my nieces, but the only reason I'm here is to give hints to you,and only you Dara. Hints to what is to come. Your Grandmother would be very put out with me if I don't take good care of you. Don't worry I know you can take care of this situation." He said comforting me. It was unseccussful. Though knowing that Grandma is worried about me made me happy, because she hasn't forgotten about this Granddaughter of hers'.

But I was irritated. "This is not a game, so why can't you reveal whatever it is to me?" I questioned with much frustration. "Why are you being to cryptic about everything?"

"My gift comes with a consequence. If I was to reveal it, this will bring harm to the person who recieves the information. Especially if the information involve certain things that had to do with Fate and Destiny. You have to understamd that I didn't want any harm to occur to any of you girls."

"Does Tiffany and Sunny know about his consequence situation?" I was tire.

"No, and I would appriciated it, if you kept it to yourself for my sake." He said closing his eyes. "You must understand Dara, this is about life and death. You have to solve this mystery and save the people who needs the saving. Yes, I know I could tell you what's going on, but that will risk someone's life. Also I don't know how accurate my information will be. Plus It can never take YOUR life because you are the protagonist of the event, but it will take someone else who is close to you. Can you sacrefice someone's life for information that you can figure out yourself? Would you be able to go on knowing you have taken a life of your love one? Well Dara?" He said softly staring straight into my eyes.

Tears started to swell up in my eyes, then slowly descended down my cheeks. I couldn't handle the pressure that was put on me, I couldn't believe I have to lose someone I love just for some stupid information. Everything is going wrong. What happened? Why is it happening to me? Why am I the only one who is reponsible for such catastrophe? Where are my parents when I needed them...

I looked at Uncle P, tears still running. "Does my Parents know about this? Were they in on this?"

"Yes, they knew, but they couldn't stop Fate from taking its hand in this. Even if they were powerful people, they are wise enough to not get involve in Fate and Destiny. You have to remember your parents are leaders, If they do get involve, your whole race may be destroyed..." Without any sign Uncle P stood up abruptly. "Oh no. Not good. I said something I was not suppose to say. This is bad Dara, something will go wrong for you my dear." He said in a panic.

"Wait, what are you taking about? Slip up? You didn't really tell me much."

"It doesn't matter, I said something I was not suppose to." He looked at me with a serious face. "You must be careful sweet heart, I slipped something up, even if you don't remember, something terrible will occur, and you must be prepare."

"Something terrible? What is it?" I was startled by his words.

"I do not know, things will not go as plan, your life will take a turn, that's all I can tell you my dear. You have to be very careful from now on. I can't say anymore. Whatever you do, be careful."

I was confused. What did Uncle P say. "Yes Uncle, I will be careful." Those were just words, but deep in my heart I was irritated, afraid, yet ready to fight. I don't want people I love hurt by something I can stop myself.

"Well then, you can do whatever you want with the books, I'll be going to bed now." He said, I could tell he was forcing a smile on himself.

"Thank you."

"Anything for you sweet heart."

"And Uncle, I'm sorry for the trouble."

"You are always forgiven." He said softly, walking out the door.

I looked around the room. Everything seems too quiet, and sad. Everything was happening too fast. My mind was spinning. What did Uncle say that made him so jumpy? I have to remember...what did he say?

I sat on the couch pondering through my memories. I tried drying my face with my hands, the tears just keeps coming. I grabbed the tissues on the table, and wiped my hot face. I started to walk around the room until I spotted an old thick book on the top on the highest shelf. It was too far to reach.

With a quick hand gesture the anciet book was on the table. I eyed it, this book looks just like the one Grandma had, the book that I was forbidden to touch. The book of Spells. This one was a bit different though. This book was for Witches to use only, Grandma's were for regular magic folks.

I walked towards the anciet piece of work sitting on the table. I sat down infront of it, and extended my right hand to open it, but before I could touch it, the book abruptly opened. I looked around startle by the outcome. This is crazy, what just happened, I know I didn't use my powers to do anything. I stared at the opened page of the book. I was suprised to see a sketch picture of the creature I've faced a month ago. They WERE really demons. The passage had said:

'Demons of the Death God. Can be summoned by any creatures with strong magic skills. They are controllable, but can be deadly if angered. Many summonors who did not have strong magic are over taken by the demons and eaten alive. The only one who can truely control then is the Gods themselves. This terrifying creature have the ability to shapeshift into anything.'

"Shapeshift..can be summoned by strong magic.." I whispered to myself.

Then the paged started to go wild again. It flipped through many pages of the book and stopped again. This time it landed on Sorcerers, and it had a sketch picture of, someone who looks like my father. It read:

'Sorcerers are strong magical creatures who have recieved many respect from other magic folks. Each have their own special gift that they can control depending on their mind. The councils of Sorcerers are the most powerful because they have the ability to use magic with their mind, they can conjured things up using their thoughts. Unlike Witches, Sorcerers do not need magic words to cast spells. Again different Sorcerers have different thoughts, that's why some are more powerful then others. The current Council Leader of all Sorcerers is Dennis Elvin.'
My mouth dropped. My father's name was in the book of spells for witches. What I didn't know was that, I may also have the ability to conjure anything up with just using my mind. I wonder if I could do it. I'll have to experiment with that.

I tried by thinking of a glass of cool water. I kept my mind calm, and thought harder about a glass of cool water sitting on the table in front of me. I closed my eyes, and then opened it. Nothing happened. I must not have the power afterall. I guess only council members have it.

I heard a voice outside the door, and I knew right away that it was Sunny and Tiffany. The door opened slowly, and the girls walked in.

"What are you doing in here?" Tiffany asked, I look at her pajama, and giggled.

"Cute pajama Tiff." I said, still giggling.

"Thanks." She said smiling.

"Gosh Dara, don't compliment her Sailor Moon pajama please. It's embarrassing for someone like me to hear it." Sunny said shaking her head.

"There is nothing wrong with me liking Sailor Moon!" Tiffany pouted.

"It is wrong when you're seventeen! Whatever." Sunny turned to look at me. "So what are you doing here Dara?" Sunny questioned me. She looked at what I was reading. "You were reading Moby Dick?"

Huh?! I looked down at the table. The Anciet book of Spells was gone, and in its place is a copy of Moby Dick. When did it disappeared? I only looked away for a few second, and its gone. I took a quick peek at the shelf and it was not there. Maybe this was one of those things that was suppose to happen, and I was not allowed to tell the girls. I better not act suspicious.

"Oh yeah, well I thought I should read it since its a classic, and I was waiting for you girls." I lied.

"Well we are done. So lets go to my room and watch a movie." Sunny said.

"Fine with me."

"So Dara, whose room are you going to sleep in this time?" Tiffany asked.

Oh thats right. Everytime I come over, Tiffany and Sunny always argue on whose room I should sleep in. Though in the end I always ended up sleeping in the guess room.

"Tiff, I'm going to sleep in the guess room. If its okay with you girls."

"That sounds fair." Sunny agreed.

It was late when we finished watching The Lords of the Rings III. I was getting tire so I told them I was going to go take a shower and go to bed. I absolutely love their guest room because it had its own private bathroom with its own hot tube in it, and the room is beautifully painted the color of the ocean, light blue with a mix of green. The room is calming after such a stressful day.

When I came out of the bathroom drying my hair, the window of my room flash opened and the gush of cold wind blew right in my face. I was shivering, and dash towards the window to close it, but before I could reach the window I felt cool arms embracing me from the back. Startled by whatever it was, I grabbed its arm and tumbled it to the ground, but because It was heavy I also tumbled to the ground on top of the thing. I was on the verge to scream when It spoke.

"Are you okay?"

I knew this voice. Why didn't I recognized his presence before I hurted him. I got up quickly and turned to look at the angel's face.

"Darian, I'm so sorry, I thought you were someone else." I apologized and grabbed his arm to pull him up, but Darian pulled me towards him, and so I fell on his chest.

"Its okay, as long as YOU are okay love." He said kissing my forhead. "Your scent is wonderful." He embraced me tightly. "I missed you so much, I don't like being apart from you at all."

I smiled, though I felt guilty at the same time. "I know, me too." I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. We were still on the floor, and the window was still opened, I kept shivering. He lift me up without any effort, and set me on the edge of the bed. Then the windows closed within a blink of an eye.

"Thank you." I said sweetly.

"Anything for you." He knelt on the floor, and rested his head on my lap. He was holding my left and and kissing it. His lips felt so soft against my hand. "I love you Daravann."

"I love you too Darian." What is this feeling? I felt so complete, yet I want more. I patted his head, then rubbed it like I would do to little kids. "Too much." I sigh.

Darian looked up. "Too much? In my words, there are no such words as loving you too much." He grabbed both of my hands and kissed it. "Please don't leave my side for so long ever again. I can't take it." He smiled his crooked smile. And then I found myself falling onto the bed. Darian was fiercely kissing me, I couldn't catch my breath. He worked his way down my throat, my neck, then came back to smutter my lips with his own. "I missed you too much. I can't get enough of you." He said breathless.

"Well, lets hope it stays that way."

He smiled. "Its not hope but reality." He sat himself up and lift me up to snuggle in his arms.

"What are you doing here anyways Darian?" I asked finally.

"You don't want me here?" He sounded hurt.

"Ofcourse I do. It's just, I thought you would be home."

"Well I was, but I couldn't stop thinking about you. I know you come over to the girls' often, but you've never gone from my eyes for a whole day before, and I felt very anxious." He said kissing my hair. "So I told Jordan and Adam that I would stay over at their place today."

I smiled. "Mister over protective." I said shaking my head.

"I can't help it. Its second nature to me now."

"You're so lucky that Jordan and Adam live next doors to the girl."

"I know. If they didn't I would be outside the house in the cold all night watching your window." He chuckled.

"Darian that's ridiculous. If I didn't love you this much, I would consider you as a stalker." I giggled.

"Yes, If I didn't love you so much I wouldn't be doing all these crazy things, but I don't mind staying outside for you."

"You're the sweetest." I said looking into his eyes. "Are you going to stay here with me tonight or are you going back?"

He unleashed his crooked smile. "Most definitely I'm staying." He push me gently onto the bed, and place my head on the pillow, and laid himself embracing me. "Good night My Princess." He kissed my forehead.

"Good night my Prince."


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