Anan's Pics & Cooking Experiments... :o]


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<December Foodie />

Anan's RAWww TIME FOODie:

A nice & fresh Herring...

... for a a raw herring sushi with miso soup :p

Raw Mackerel salads (potatoes, endive, gingers)...

<January Foodie />

When it's cold outside, there is nothing better than making a homemade Phô, served with a glass of dry cider please :p

After boiling beef bones for like more than 2h... the soup is hella delicious... no need to add MSG :p


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your food makes me hungry. Haha, it's also lunch time right now the pics adds to the hunger. I'm going for sushi today ;)


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your food makes me hungry. Haha, it's also lunch time right now the pics adds to the hunger. I'm going for sushi today ;)
I am glad that my food pic makes you hungry hehe... sharing my love for Foods with our Asian Fusers a little bit more each time :p

i always come back to this thread to check your creations. i love fish.
Thanks ^_^,,,


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Anan Spring break trip: Laos - Thailand (Feb. 2011):

I'm back, with little random pictures to share with our dear asian Fuseeeziez here ^_^ !!!

After finishing set up myself the small exhibition at 7am. I took this picture at the new Chao Anou Park (in front of you is Thailand)

Ant eggs.... it's been ages that i didn't eat them :p Hopefully i found it @ the fresh market, to cook myself @ home
It "sparkles" in your mouth... very delicious.... :p

Have you seen this before ??? And guess what ??? it's edible.
It's very rare that you see it @ the market, and it seems that only the old ppl. know about this fruit.

In Lao it's called "Mak kham pae" ( or flat-tamarind, even though it's not really "flat").
It's not sweet or sour, nor taste like a tamarind.
it tastes like cotton type...(just very very little sweet).

Anan's Pilgrim...
Like every year, i like exploring a new place... This time, this place is called "Phrabat Aeo khann", it is located at the north of Vientiane (map here).
Once arrived there, you have walk & climb (5km or 3.11 miles) to the top of the mountain to see it (map here).

Come away with me and see by yourself with the small video below:

My souvenir from Phrabat Aeo Khann:

1. I don't know what's the name of this tree seed (I saw it a lot when I was kid but not anymore now...), when it falls from the tree, it flies in the air beautifully....
2. Mini-Buddha foot medallion offered by the master (great monk) of the temple as a reward & protection after climbing to the top of the hill.... ^_^

Spending time to chit-chat & laugh with my grandma before saying goodbye...

It took me less than 15sec to teach her the peace out sign hihi.... :p It was funny.

... Now in Thailand...

At Udon Thani airport, a rare buffet restaurant that doesn't use MSG. Only 5$US.

... Arrived at Phuket...

Phuket was hit by the Tsunami in Dec. 2004, and the Patong beach too, we were at the Patong resort, just 3min away from the beach by walk.

... Beautiful thai Dancer @ FantaSea - Phuket

... at Phi phi island beach, I love swimming... with the fishes are eve better there lol....

... It's time to leave Bangkok airport...

... in case you don't know.

... Back to my little home sweet home with the remaining foreign money (as usual)...

... and a little USB mouse from Air Asia (only 8$US), 'cos my previous mouse was broken.

1 Bahrain Dinar = 2.65 US$
1 US dollar = 30.24 Thai Baht


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Anan Spring break trip: London - England (May 2011):

It's good to be back to my 2[sup]nd[/sup] adoptive country: ENGLAND !!!!!
Feel like a Fish in the water :p

The famous & well known : the Buckingham Palace, everyone must know this place when they saw the prince William & Kate drove the car just married around this place lol....

Like W. Shakespeare said: "The World is your Oyster"

- The Oyster card: is an e-ticketing with microchip to travel within the greater London underground & rails... it's your key to travel everywhere in & around London.
It's the first thing that you must buy & top up once arrived there.

My moment of laziness & peace: Laying on the grass, read a book @ St James Park (next to the Buckingham palace)...

With a very good friend of mine who got married with an American from New-York, now they are in London.
She is an excellent cook.

Another popular monument in London: the Tower Bridge

The Queen Mary's Garden (Regent's Park) : it's my favourite park in London with full of hundreds of different kind of Roses !!!

If you love Roses & flowers, you have to come visit this place ;)

Two little Angels trying to catch a pigeon in the park !!! lol,,, that's so funny & cute

You will see a lot this little creature in the parks of London

Our coach inside the Eurotunnel Shuttle : it's the largest railway wagons in the world with the Channel Tunnel !!!!
It takes only 35-40min to reach France !

The remaining little items & souvenir from London.... :p
Chocolates & British biscuits for my tea time :p

Tips & Suggestions if someday you want to visit London:

1/ Once arrived @ London, go & buy an Oyster card, top up with 20 pounds on it. When you leave, u still can have the refund for the unused credits

2/ To exchange your US dollars or Euro to British pound, avoid the "official" & popular Bureau de Change brands, simply go to the chinese bureau de change in China town, they will offer u the best RATE !!!
for 100 euro = u got usually around 60 pounds in classic Exchange bureau, but in the China town: u can have up to 80 pounds !

3/ The Cheapest way to go visit London from Paris, is by coach(see picture above) ! it costs only 90 euro (100 $) for a round trip ticket !
It's a night trip, you leave Paris at 11pm then arrived to London at 5am.(local time) and similar the same for the return.

4/ For 1 to 2 days, here are the popular places (my personal TOP 10 places that I know very well) that you must see :p :
- The Buckingham Palace
- Trafalgar Square (+ St James park)
- The China Town (Leicester Square: thanks to Katerine)
- Big Ben/The Parliament/The London Eye
- Westminster Abbey (where the royal wedding of Prince William & Kate took place)
- St Paul Cathedral
- London Tower (where the the King Henry VIII beheaded 2 of his 6 wives)
- Tower Bridge
- Oxford Street / Piccadilly Street (for shopping, lots of brandy name & very expensive)
- The Regent's Park/Queen Mary's Garden (a very very pretty park in London)

5/ Try the "Peking Duck" in the China Town !!!!
Long time ago, someone (i don't remember who exactely) told me that you have to try the Peking Duck in London.
When I took my family relative from Australia to try that, it seems to be TRUE !!!
It's indeed very delicious !!! Very Crispy & Juicyyyy....


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<February Foodie />

Quick & easy...

Ginger Liver

My personal recipe: Ginger liver with Madeira wine, served with salads... :p

Sole fish

My new subjects of experimentation: 2 soles

... once unskinned...

... served with celeri stir fries ^_^

This fish is sooO tender, yummy and tasty !!!
No wonder why I saw old ppl. bought them a lot... :p


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<February Hang out />

Karting with my Consulting team...

... with my first little trophy of the year 2012 ^_^

...Taking my two Beautiful Floridian girlz to London....

@ Buckingham Palace, London...

@China town, London.


Coming next.... (Munich, Germany) :dance2:


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<A Day In Munich... />

Went to Munich for a meeting with my client last Friday, I decided to stay 1 more day to visit this city.... ;)

Dark beer... soO GOOD !!! Germany is best known for their Beer !!!

The "Wiener Schnitzel" for dinner... lol

The downtown by night...

I feel like i saw this place somewhere before... maybe in a Thai lakorn ???

The English garden...

A hopeless romantic guy.... :) at the freshmarket called Viktualienmarkt

My light lunch with a good beer before continuing my visit in Munich...

Tchin-tchin to all AsianFusers !!! Almost done !!!! ^_^

Beer is on every table !! haha... Just taking a little picture around me during the lunch at the Viktualienmarkt...

The heart of Munich: the popular Marienplatz with their coucou-music clock (in green) !!!

The museum of BMW !!! In case you don't know, the BMW car is from Munich !!! ^_^

... My favourite one !!! :p

So cute isn't it ? lol...

The K&ouml;nigsplatz...

And finally....

my little souvenir from Munich.... :p
- Bayern mustard, beers , chocolates...

Stomach comes first !!!! :D


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Hey Anan. Haven't seen pictures in a while. I forgot that I envied your food and travels. Please update us!! :)


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Hey Anan. Haven't seen pictures in a while. I forgot that I envied your food and travels. Please update us!! :)
Hello Phone !!!

I've been very busy with work.... sorry that i didn't update my little thread lol.... :p
well, if you request, i will try to update more often then.... :p


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< I &hearts; NYC !!! />
Took my dad visiting New York City for the first time during this summer...

Time Square by night.....

Flash-Yoga at Time Square lol....

Somewhere in mid-town.... still has old & beautiful architecture...

9/11 memorial...

Street food at Battery park...

My favourite bridge... The Brooklyn bridge :D

My junkie food at Ellis Island....

The statue of Liberty !!! FINALLY I GOT YOU !!!!

The Wall street bull with my dad... lol

Morning running like a New Yorker along the East river...

... over the 2 bridges: Manhattan & Brooklyn... I highly recommend if you like running... :p

Hard to miss the Empire state building... :)

Very nice view from the top... below is the Chrysler building...

Last day at Central Park.... with my little Margie's bench :p

If you still didn't visit NYC, I highly recommend it... :)



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I love the pic of your dad and the bull LOL!! I will visit NY one day, can't afford it right now :(
LOL,,, thanks...
You definitely should go visit it some day !!!
I felt so bankrupt after that trip LOL.... the hotels are quite expensive... I think the next time that I'll go,I will chose the hotels around... maybe in New Jersey or... from the Brooklyn side. :p

I want to be part of it... NEW YORK NEW YORK !!!! ^_^ Love this song from Frank Sinatra lol... :p


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<Sept-October Foodie />

My big sin in Sept: Crispy pork in the oven

My Cockerel... ^_^

Love Sole :p

Made raw Lap for my dad.

Beef steak time :)

Quick & simple eggplan with shrimps & tabascO sauce :p


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<November-December Trip />

At Boun That Luang....

Lao Bobbies ^_^

Another good purpose of the monk's saffron robe !! (at Wat Simuang)

Mekong sunset....

@4:30 am : the new ground zero of the city ceremony (Somphot saow Lak meuang)

My elder brother's wedding... ^_^



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<Summer Trip />



@ Grace Cathedral, SF.

@ Grace Cathedral, SF.

@ Grace Cathedral, SF.

@ Berkeley Uni.

@ San Mateo, CA.

Visit a friend @ OC...
I miss California already, anyone will do the 2015 LA marathon ??? :rolleyes: