Are Hmong star[s] approachable?


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I think it would depend on who the star is and what they do because in you are always in the media eye''s stressful and your life is out in the open :D

I remembered back in "03", i went to July was a pretty exciting time for me cause i was hoping to meet a few of my favorite bands. I thought it would be cool and awesome to just say "Hi, how are you guys"? and show my support. Well, i rather not say any name or band because it was so long ago and it was never my intention to be his girlfriend, wanting to be his girlfriend or anyone else's girlfriend. I know my limit and what i want as a boyfriend, but he got the wrong impression and thought i was interested. Anyhow, one of his friend was talking to me and ask for my number, but i wouldnt give it him because he's a jerk...not someone you would want to talk to. I guess they were in a rush to go somewhere or do something so he (the guy from the band) came over...tap his friend on the shoulder and say, I repeat..."dude, why are you wasting time on such a local girl when you can have the hot babes standing over there". He looked at me and say..."someone like you could never be with us cause you're just not what we are looking for". From that moment on, the excitiment and interest in seeing my favorite band just vanish into thin more favorite band. I do still supoort and like a lot of other bands, but just not passionate enough to meet them or talk to them in person...maybe just a glance from a distance ;)

I hope you guys have better luck with the stars than i do..hehe..!!
I'm guessing it was Destiny! lol just a guess...


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MYOB that is so messed up rite there... >_<

hehe i know who is approachable..

CHEEZYMOUSETRAP .... <--- she's nice and down to earth.. lmao..
then again i am her cousin lmao.. haha...


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Are Hmong stars approahable?

uhm who have i met?

Luj yaj- **went to his party (He was pretty friendly.)

Dawj thoj- **went to her party and saw her at the new year (She's okay, smiled and told me to buy her movies.)

Mai neeb thoj - **met her at the NY. She was talkative..

Kos Lis - **went to his party (He was OKAY.)

That Pa houa girl, dont know her real name but she acts with Xab. in those horror movies.. Met her in Laos, she was okay.

MAbsua Lis- **saw her at the NY, didn't smile or say anything.

**Maybe this explains it. (My married sister stepmom who is from Laos knows Mabsua Lis, she said Mabsua is conceitied and
thinks she's high class. LOLS i guess because she sings and acts in movies, she think she is better than everyone else. ??? lols :D


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MYOB that is so messed up rite there... >_<

hehe i know who is approachable..

CHEEZYMOUSETRAP .... <--- she's nice and down to earth.. lmao..
then again i am her cousin lmao.. haha...
Yeah, it was a messed up thing, but i've moved on and kept my distance from any hmong stars :D


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dont everyone get a bit cocky after a while? i mean i know this one gal....way old singer...dont remember her name or what movies she did but i knew i grew up liking one of her song...anyways i heard she got really cocky that she could sing and she did a movie (i mean movieSSS)....i think we need simon cowell to keep those peeps in check!!!


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lol Mai Neeb Thoj was very approachable...i remember a few years or maybe last n my sis went past her booth and she wave hi to us and smile even though we didn't go n buy her stuff but she says hi to us too lol...she seems like a sweet for Luj Yaj n Voos Yaj them they were pretty cool and funny they wanted to take pics with my cousins them lol...n for Maim Tseeb Lis he sure was funny n cool he pose for us lol...for Kwm Lis he was kind of cool but not all but he talk to us in a nice way too...


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MYOB, im still :eek: about your story.
i thought you were gonna end up a girlfriend of a band mate,
but insteand that jerk said that out loud. dang.

it's okay, then you dont need him too :) he's so eeeek.

i havent met any hmong-american stars, but meeting the ones from thailand during the new years have all been great memories for me.


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Wow, everyone's had cool and great moments with celebs.

Well, I don't have so many.

Let's start with

Kwm Lis. - He's related to an aunty of mine. He's her daughter in law's cousin. He's super friendly and very talkative. He's flirty in a way. I was still young so I thought he was so good looking. LOL. He talks to everyone & always have a smile on. I'm not so sure about now. He's probably different. His latest movie, Eww. He's blah! annoying to me. :)

Dawb Thoj -I met her when she first came to America. Didn't really talk to her but she's very sweet and kind.

Luj Yaj- I met him when I met Dawb. He's a nice guy. He doesn't sound shy.

Maiv Xyooj- She's very pretty. I met her when I was buying food at new year. :) I took a picture of her. She's nice, I guess.

Paj Zaub Khab- She's a nice lady. She doesn't think too highly of herself when I talk to her. She's my age & omg. she looks way older. :)

Dao Vue- Uhm, he's okay. I wrote to him on Myspace & he replied. I was flattered. :) Now he does not reply at all. Is he cute? I think he's good looking. He's not ugly.

Yaaj Thoj- He's related to me, can you believe that? Well, when he came to America, he came over for breakfast before I head to school. He's very tall & handsome. He's really talkative and nice.

Tsab Mim Xyooj- I didn't talk to her but she doesn't seem talkative at all.

Muaj Tseeb Vaj - He's a nice guy. He's not so good looking, he's okay. Well, he's from France & I think he's a really cool guy.

There's a few more I think. :) But that's all I can remember.


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can't believe we think the same...:D...i noe not a fan of him too...whats up with the "free hug" sogns at new year...ummm hello...eww...he think too much of himself as a hottie ass p'ek...dude...p'ek is not like that they're not overreacting in life okay...
im not a fan of him neither. :) but you dont need to go all ewwwww...etc...that's so deceiving!! anyways, we people have our own thoughts so might as well keep those nonsense opinion to yourself. yeah =) it doesnt sound right.


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i have met kwm lis at the hmong new year 2 years ago, he was really nice and shy. my cousins we asked him if he would take a photo with us and he said yes. i lost that photo and to this day i have no idea where it went to. i also asked him for his autograph, i don't know if he didn't understand me or not because i mean if you translate autograph to hmong it means write your name on this paper. that's what i said to him and he gave me his number also. i never called him, i didn't like him like that and i was sure he would be married.


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Hmmm Brad Lee the guy who played as Jack, Alli's boyfriend, in the movie 3 lub tooj npab we didn't talk much, but by looking at him I can tell that he's nice. Blong Xiong and Xeng Xai Xiong from ADC Krew we didn't talk much also, but they're pretty nice also just by looking at them. Fasha Vang is a really nice girl and she's a sweetheart. Last, but not least Bee Her the guy who played Blong in 3 lub tooj npab is a really cool guy. Likes to joke around, have a sense of humor, energetic, enthusiastic, and very talkative. Very fun to hang out with.


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Proto J---yess! he seems shy but he's really nice!!!
His music is okay..


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maiv neeb thoj - she is very nice. talks and smiles. saw selling stuff at the new year with her hubby

mab sua lis - she is very nice too. she smiles a lot and is prett.

bao lee - don't know if people remember her, a singer in the 90s. when i was in high school, i helped out with a soccer tourney and met her. she came to sing at the tourney. she acts like she's better then poj nom. she's only nice to her close relatives but she don't care bout anyone else. my mom use to love her music but after meeting her my mom don't listen to it no more. she definitely is a good singer tho and was pretty for her age.

ok i want to know if anyone has met Tsawb Yaj. he's my crush.


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You guys are lucky. I never met or approached a Hmong star.
Although, I have seen Mab Sua Lis. She looked nice. As you
guys said, always smiling.