Asking Yadech?


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi falada i prefer saichon/nangfah cos theirs is such an innocent young complete happy love not stress over materials or emotions! Love shd b happy wif lots of laughter, consideration n unconditional qualities, i c these in saichon/nangfahs love!

yaya is so attentive, dainty n look 2 nadech 4everything. do u think nadech does da same n gives her extra tlc??


sarNie Adult
key, if nadech doesnt, i will def smack him, but he has proven in the last 3 yrs that he truly cares!
Q: you do think that yadech's dads have met each other?


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi bubbles i miss yadech so like to continue this to hear everyone's tots on q&a we all hv different very interesting answers.
somehow i dun think yadechs dad have, its v low key matter but for sure will when its yadech's big day !

which is nadechs recent most hearts n flowers moment to yaya ? for me is the 38k painting he bid, say so much of his love, sentiments n value he holds on his girl!