Black & White Memories Ep 20 (End)


sarNie Granny
omggg, poor Son.
he doesnt remember anything!!! :[
the preview is great!!
haha, >.<

such a great fanfic so far, update soon :]

i'M lOvIn eP 2....
pOor sOn..hE's sO cuTE...
pLz.. i nEed mOre!!!!...

Memory loss is always a turn around in
great so far...update more please when you have the chance!!!

Memory lost and a new love story will develop between Son&Peung =] Ahahaha love the preview for the next chapter!

mOrE pLz.......
cAn'T wAIt......

Ommgg...I luv ur characters!!!Loving itt..plese update on me's good!!

thank you all for the support ep. 3 will be coming soon...:D


- Marina ♥
omgg, omgg, omgg.
haha, i love the preview.
hehe.., son && peung are sooo.. cute.
he likes her! oh no, what'll happen when he finds out?
omgg, i cant wait. Black & White Memories is realli good.
you're such a good fanfic writer >.<


sarNie Adult
mOre...mOrE plz...
i Can't gEt enOugh of ThaT bUgger sCene...
i wAnt mOre!!!!!!
i"m sO addIcted to thIs stOry....
lOve bLack and wHitE meMorIes...


sarNie Egg
Hey I just started to read this fanfics and I think it's pretty good so far! You got yourself another fan here! =P


sarNie Hatchling


sarNie Hatchling
lol...i just barely catch
it's soo good that i'm a fast reader...
update more it so far... ^_^


- Marina ♥
Nat and Peck are too cute.
i lovee it, cant wait to read more
&& for the next chapter.
awww, Son got hurt.
too cute. :]


- Marina ♥
that was good. they love each other soo much.
but what if son remembers the past?
awww..., can't wait. dew and grand.
i wonder whats up with them, lol :]