BURNING ASHES - A R rated Tale of revenge


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Chapter 4


"Are you enjoying your evening Miss Sperbund ?" Smirked Nadech finally breaking the silence that was between them .

Picking his drink up once more , he enjoyed the cool liquor that was going down his throat, offering a short-lived but welcomed relief . He glanced from the corner of his eye at Yaya 's frozen state. He knew that he had already pushed too many boundaries with her. Strangely, the look of horror shown on her face was the reward he was actually looking for . He was aware that she did not deserve it but he just could not help himself. She was a constant reminder of the wrong that he had suffered. She might not have been the culprit but that traitor's blood was running through her veins. Just the thought of it was enough to flare up his long lived hatred which he had nurtured in the deep of his rotten cell.

Yaya did not know who that man was. This good guy that she had only met two days before was now acting like a complete prick to her . What had changed ? what was so displeasing about her ? she felt overwhelmed by Nadech 's transformation. Arguing with herself over the situation , she finally decided that , in the end , she was not the problem but he was. She was trying to avoid his persisting stare , afraid to provoke his unpredictable behaviour, nauseous feeling threatening to crawl back up by the shameless memory of Nadech and Suly explicit display ... Yaya decided that she has had enough ...

" I think it is time for me to go home ." Announced Yaya in a shaken but firm voice . She wanted him to stop this nonsense. She wanted him to get back to be his charming self like on the first day of their meeting but she could tell , by studying Nadech 's handsome face ,that he had other plans in mind.

Nadech put his empty glass down on the table and smiled bitterly . As he approached her , Yaya could read the coldness clouding his eyes , giving her an instant, powerful chill. She tried to not betray her fragile emotions and appeared as cool as possible instead. Like two soulless stones , his eyes were staring at her , stubbornly alerting her of their damaging effect. The buttons of his shirt were still undone, his toned chest fully exposed. He slowly walked towards her like a hunter would go after his prey. To every step he made, she instinctively moved back , trying to desperately keep the distance that was separating them.

" I don't remember telling you that your shift was over yet, Miss Sperbund..." Said Nadech putting Yaya right back in her place mercilessly .

" Nadech , please ..." Pleaded Yaya afraid of his intentions towards her.

" I don't think we are familiar enough with each other for you to call me by my first name either " He said calmly but seriously.

" But you told me ..."

" That was the first day..." Intervened Nadech , " I did not know then , that some unforeseen circumstances will not allow us to become friends ." He knew he was abrupt with her but he could not ignore all the pain and hardship that he had to come through. Flashbacks of fights with gang members were coming back at him attacking , injuring ... killing . That was a normal trend in the jail he was buried in. He suffered multiple injuries from those pointless battles. Wounded in flesh like in spirit... So being friendly with the enemy in any way , was definitely not an option for him .

Yaya was confused by his words but did not dare answering him back . She did not comprehend why they could not be on better terms. She knew he could be different yet, Nadech was no longer interested in sharing any of his good sides with her. She just could not recall what she did wrong to get such a treatment from him.

He continued coming towards her, slowly . As he got closer , Yaya noticed a thin but long scar across his chest . She was troubled about it, for a second or two, but she knew it was neither the time or the place to ask questions. Chances were that he wouldn't have bother satisfied her curiosity anyway. Still stepping back , Yaya started to panic when she realised that she had reached the two ways mirrored wall and was finally stuck against it . She felt like a fly caught up in a spider's web. Nadech was now inches away from her. She could feel his warm breath lightly brushing on her honey coloured skin . His fresh and musky scent was now reaching her too, powerful and intoxicating. Gasping for air, she could feel her heartbeat racing uncontrollably, betraying her apprehension of a situation that was now starting to scare her, his inescapable gaze studying , slowly , the impact he was having on her. A spotlight highlighted momentarily the young woman's soft features, revealing in that brief instant, how attractive she really was. Disturbed in his tracks, his mind drifted obliviously into his primal senses. Giving in gradually to this spellbinding feeling, he involontary started to admire this vulnerable creature that aspired him so much hate . He wanted to intimidate her yet he could not ignore the pretty and angelic face that was staring back at him. Conscious of the power she seemed to have on him, his awareness of unwanted lust was slowly creeping back in him , overshadowing his desire of revenge. With his finger , he impulsively traced the smooth contours of her face, exploring lightly the surface of her tender skin, making an invisible line that departed from her temple, going down her elegant neck, his dark eyes lowering to her full pink lips slightly parted which were now becoming so tempting ...

Realising what he was doing , Yaya quickly pushed his wondering hand away, waking him out of his lustfull daze.

" I wish that those people downstairs could see what kind of man you really are. " lashed out Yaya , terrified by Nadech's intrusion. Her heart was now pumping so loudly that she felt it echoing in her entire body.

" Really ? " grinned Nadech, bringing his attention back to her fierce brown eyes. " I wonder what they would say about you too .... What would daddy say if he heard that his baby girl was caught in the arms of a man inside the nightclub she was suppose to work in ?... Huh ?!... I guess he would have to think that you were the easy and hungry type ."

His insults had hit her like a hammer. Her fear and weakness were unexpectedly replaced by rage and disgust .

" You... Filthy Bastard ! " She shouted. Her hand raised up and slapped Nadech across the face as hard as she could . Understanding that Nadech was loosing the control of the situation , she shoved him on the side as much as her strength allowed her to and without a glance , she went straight for the exit door. Reaching for the handle , she heard a mocking chuckle coming from behind her .

" See you tomorrow Baby Girl ... You are better not to be late..." Added Nadech while slowly doing the buttons up of his shirt. Yaya turned around, her eyes throwing virtual daggers at him . She hated him and that smirk he had on his face. Who did he think he was ? What was he gaining by humiliating her ? Without understanding his motives, she came out of the room and slammed the door behind her. From the VIP room , Nadech watched Yaya crossing the dance floor , her face flushed with anger.

" I am letting you off this time Baby Girl..." Murmured Nadech , a faint smile on his face " Until next time..."

After spending a sleepless night , Yaya woke up with a splitting headache. As she was making herself a cup of green tea , she vividly remembered her heated altercation with Nadech.

" Six more days of this, how am I going to survive ?" She asked herself, rubbing the sides of her head to smooth the pain.The truth was that she was not prepared to go through another night alone with Nadech. She needed to find another job and fast. She went through all the jobs vacancies that were advertised on the newspaper of the day , phoning, sending CVs but nothing good came out of it. Discouraged , Yaya looked at the clock.

" Only two hours before I start my shift ..." She thought .

Every bone of her body was telling her not to go. Nadech's problem with her was a complete mystery and she was no longer interested in shading lights onto it . She did not have the strengh to confront Nadech , so she decided to call Mario to resolve the matter.

" Yaya ? What a good surprise ! How is your collaboration with Nadech going ? " he enquired , clueless of the events of the night before.

" Well... That was what I wanted to talk to you about..." Explained Yaya, not sure of how she should go about it.

" Is everything alright ? You sound different today ..." Analysed Mario sensing Yaya 's hesitant tone. "I am sorry Yaya that your position here could not be saved.... Nadech has as much input in decisions as I have and i was not successful in arguing your case" apologised Mario, conscious of the unfairness that Yaya was confronted with.

" I must admit that being fired was the last thing I was expecting ..." Started Yaya sadden by the shocking memory , " but now I understand why I could have never stayed here in the first place ... I just don't think that Nadech and me should continue working together ..." Assured Yaya , aware of the difficult collaboration that she had to endure with her new found boss.

" What do you mean ? Has something happened between the two of you ? " worried Mario .

" Let's just say that Nadech clearly dislike me and has been showing me very little respect. "

" I see ... I know Nadech can be a bit difficult at time but his heart is in a right place . You have to understand that he has been going through a rough time in the last few years. Admitted Mario, trying to get her to sympathise with his partner.

" I am sincerely sorry to hear it but Nadech has been more than a bit difficult ... Mario, I don't think I can finish the week that I agreed of doing with him. " Yaya had no intention to back down , no matter what. She had love working along side Mario but Nadech had trashed all the good feelings she could have left for The Purple Moon.

" ...Ok .... Ok.... I did not think it would be this serious ..... i suppose you are not coming in today , then ? "

" No , I don't think it is a good idea. Anyway Nadech has already fired me from my job. The week agreed between me and him has not been written on any contract , so I am aware I can leave at any time "

" You know that he won't pay you either... But i understand .... I am going to talk to him and tell him that you won't be coming anymore . "

" Thank you Mario, and take care"

Yaya felt relived . She might now be in financial trouble but at least Nadech won't have any more funny business with her. Happy, she decided to go and take a shower to fresh up.

Nadech was on the dance floor when Mario, finally , found him .

" Hey Bro ! ... I have everything set for tonight. Only Yaya is missing but she should be here in two hours." Confirmed Nadech , feeling more secure in his functions of manager.

" This is good , Mate . It feels just like old times ... " answered Mario, a bit preoccupied by the bad news that he was charged to deliver. " Listen Nadech... I don't know what is going on between you and Yaya but she phoned me earlier . She seemed upset with you. She said that she won't be coming back to the Purple Moon anymore and won't be fulfilling the deal that you have made with her."

Nadech 's smile faded away . " Rich girls ... All the same ... They think they have the control over every situation ! " thought Nadech clearly not appreciating to have been ditched by one of his employee, specially that one.

"What do you mean , she is not coming anymore ?" Asked Nadech feeling his anger flaring up.

" She said that she could not work with someone who could not appreciate and respect her ..." Finished Mario , a bit apprehensive by his best friend 's reaction.

Nadech was shaking his head negatively, a sarcastic laugh escaping his throat.

"I just had a bit of fun with her , nothing serious.. " confessed Nadech while thinking back of the night before, acknowledging somewhat of his bad behaviour.

" She obviously did not like your games then ... I don't know what you are thinking but remember that it is her dad who has done wrong by us not Yaya ." Reminded Mario, not approving of the way his friend was towards her. " Anyway , let me make a few phone calls and I will get straight back at you " promised Mario while going towards his office leaving Nadech planted in the middle of the room, furious by Yaya's last move.

" It is over , when I say it's over.... Little brat ..."

Nadech reached his pocket and took his mobile out . Dialling Yaya's number , he waited for her to pick up. Yaya answered , her hair still dripping wet.

" You have an hour to come over here. If I don't see you then, I am afraid that I would have to come and get you , myself. We can make it the easy way or not , your call. " Nadech hanged up without waiting for her reaction . They had a deal , he felt like he should not have to explain himself to her.

Yaya, was left on the other end of the phone , speechless and powerless. .

" But.... But... that 's an hour earlier than my normal time !... This man is crazy , CRAZY !!!". She threw away the comb she had in her hand , enraged by Nadech's demand. Stuck and defeated , she figured out that she would have less trouble if she was going back . She certainly had no intention to give him an excuse to come and visit her in her own home. Aware of the urgency that she was now in , she quickly changed into a sleeveless red dress that was letting her bare shoulders on show , slipped into her black heels Laboutin, and locked her hair in a high and sleek ponytail. Before leaving, she finished with a touch of make up and grabbed her purse to finally jumped into a taxi.

Yaya arrived ten minutes late at the nightclub but was thankful that the delay was not more than that, as the traffic was quite heavy at this time of the day. Thanking the cab driver for his efficiency , she closed the car's door and rushed inside the building .As she walked through the entrance, she was met by Taew who greeted her with a wide smile and a big hug. Chit chatting and catching up , both girls walked towards the bar area where Mario and a smartly dressed stranger were seated sharing a bottle of Bordeaux. Hearing Yaya's voice , Mario got off his stool .

" Yaya ?" He smiled , surprised to see her. " I though that you gave up on us .... What made you change your mind ?" Questioned Mario, confused by Yaya's change of heart.

Yaya forced a smile before satisfying his curiosity. " Did he not tell you ? " She first enquired, ". Mr Kugimiya told me to come... Hmm ... Let's just say that I did not have much of a choice."

" I see ... Don't worry ... I will talk to him." Promised Mario concerned about Nadech and Yaya's behaviour towards each other. Eager to protect his guest from internal conflicts, Mario decided to forget about the matter for now and make the presentation . " Yaya Urassaya let me present you to a good friend of mine , Ken Phupoom. He is the owner of the Lobster's tail. Ken.., here is my assistant manager Yaya."

Yaya raised an eyebrow at his last sentence , knowing that she was not part of the permanent staff anymore. Mario looked at her worryingly and she quickly realised that he wanted her to go along with it,

' I am sure we will change his mind soon ' wispered Mario in her ear, letting her know that he hadnt give up on her staying yet. She smiled faintly not convinced that Nadech could ever have a change of heart.

Without a word, Ken took Yaya 's small hand and brought it to his lips, leaving a light kiss on it . Raising his head up , he looked into her surprised big brown eyes which appeared flattered by his kind gesture .

"Nice to meet you Yaya. " he smiled sweetly " Mario is lucky to work with people as charming as you."

His gentleman's manners were a breath of fresh air to her , specially since lately, she had to endure the extreme moods of an ungrateful Boss.

" Nice to meet you too" bowed Yaya respectfully , " I have heard that your restaurant is the best place to taste seafoods in the all of Thailand." Added Yaya, aware of who Ken Phupoom was from popular newspapers which brand his restaurant the Palace of fine cuisine.

Mario informed Yaya that Ken will be his guest and they would be staying at the club the all evening. A big smile shaped on Yaya's face, she was just really happy to know that she won't have to deal with Nadech on her own , something that she had been dreading to do again all along ...

Sitting at his desk , Nadech was sorting out some last minute paper work. He took the time to clear out his office , thinking of joining the others when he would be done. Out of nowhere, a strong knock was heard on the door interrupting what he was doing. Perplexed, his attention tuned to the person that was waiting to be called in.

" Come in ! Come in ! " shouted Nadech , irritated but curious of knowing what was so important for someone to hit the door so hard. But the door did not open. Instead, the knock ntensified, sounding more like the mysterious individual wanted to break the door down than to open it . Aware that he was not getting anywhere, Nadech got up from his chair and went straight for the handle. Without any warning, a violent impact met the side of Nadech's face as he opened the door which made him fell heavily on to the floor . Dazed by the punch that he just received , Nadech touched his burning cheek, not understanding what had just happened . A big laugh which sounded more like a roar was the only thing resonating in the room.

" I told you didn't I that wherever you were I would found you. " reminded the deep and broken voice , fully satisfied by the results of his actions. Nadech looked up , the right side of his face getting numb by the blow. He recognised this familiar bold head covered of revengeful dragons tattoos , as one of his old acquaintance from jail . He was a dangerous individual that used knives as his regular weapon of choice. Thanks to him , Nadech had kept a permanent souvenir on his chest. A long slash made with a pocket knife by the barbarian and his gang. They wanted to teach him a lesson after Nadech took the defence of Ziggy , the only friend that he had made in prison. Trying to come back up on his feet , Nadech was preparing to strike back and show his unwelcomed visitor what he was made of. But his action got stopped midway , and Nadech got slammed down on the white coach by another forceful punch to the same side of his face. Without time to think or warning , two hands came grabbing him around his throat and started squeezing the air out of him. Struggling, It took all of Nadech's strength to get the bold guy off him and rolled him onto the floor. Not missing the opportunity to gain the upper hand , Nadech jumped rapidly on him while managing to grab the barbarian's two hands to hold them down on the floor with one of his hand , freeing the other to deliver a painful blow of his own .

" Stop ! Stop ! Stop it Nadech !" Cried his aggressor " Don't hurt me ! Please Nadech , don't hurt me !"

Nadech was puzzled by his weird behaviour, not comprehending why he was now begging him to stop a fight which he came from so far to start. Shaking his head in disbelief, he momentarily closed his eyes to refocus on the beating he was planning to inflict , wanting to protect himself at any cost . That was an important part of the survival training that he had received in his days of incarceration . Determined to strike again, Nadech raised his hand , ready to punch, and reopened his eyes again to look at his target ...

To his surprise, the bold guy was not there anymore. Instead, he found himself pinning down a trembling Yaya on the floor of his office . She was screaming at him to let her go and to not hurt her. Nadech blinked a few times to make sure that his mind was not playing tricks on him , and realised that Yaya was the only person he had really caught . He stared at her, confused , not showing sign of letting her go. Their heavy breathing were mixing with each other, while their eyes were fixed on one another , alerted by the uncertainty of the moment.Yaya remarked the sweat rolling down his forehead , his wondering eyes showing clearly his distress and confusion.

" I ... I came to your office to know which instructions you had for me but when I arrived , you were asleep on the sofa, struggling to breath " explained Yaya , realising that Nadech's assault on her was fuelled by the nightmare he was having. " I tried to wake you up from your bad dream but you pushed me down to attack me instead . " Yaya finished , her voice still trembling from the surprised aggression she had just suffered.

Nadech's thoughts were much clearer now , and Yaya's explanation of what happened helped him to come back to reality.

" Did I hurt you ? " Nadech suddenly worried, checking Yaya's face and upper body for possible injuries. Yaya just nodded negatively , surprised by his unexpected concern. He let her go from his hold , scared by what he could have done to her unconsciously, thankful that it didn't go any further .

" I am sorry ..." He apologised sincerely before getting up to leave the room , his head in his hands, still disoriented by his nightmare vivacity.

Yaya was left alone , on the floor , still shocked by what had just happened. She realised that Nadech was hiding more pain than he would probably admit to . For the first time, she could have swore that she had witnessed something inexpected and peculiar behind his always strong appearance : Fear...



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Chapter 5

Nadech rushed to the men's room , sweat pouring out of him , still haunted by the nightmare he had just experienced. He opened the cold tap and splashed his face a few times, welcoming the refreshing water onto his burning skin. His arms resting against the sink, he looked up at the mirror in front of him, his face dripping wet, still flushed by the remaining adrenalin that was pumping through his body. Shaken and frustrated by the uncontrollable impact that his past just had on him , he took his suit jacket off and threw it on the floor . He then proceed to unbutton the sleeves of his shirt as well as the collar to allow fresh air to cool him down.

" I could have killed her..." He whispered in his breath , aware of the violence he was ready to deliver a few minutes ago.

Yaya might not have been his favorite person in the world but killing her was definitely not on his agenda. He wowed for revenge . He wanted to make her and her family suffer as a pay back of his own suffering but murder was not part of his plans. Yet, he was conscious that he was ready to kill that imaginary inmate that he thought came back to sort him out. It was a warning .... The warning that his demons were never far away from him. He was more than aware that the damages of his earlier actions could have been irreparable ...

The nightlife had already started and The Purple Moon was getting packed. Realising that Nadech needed some time alone, Yaya had joined Mario and Ken back to their exclusive table.

" You look a bit pale , Yaya ... Are you alright ? " asked Mario , concerned to see Yaya without Nadech .

" Yes ... Yes, i am fine, Thank you " replied Yaya, forcing a smile to appear as casual as possible.

"... But where is Nadech ? I though that you went to join him earlier ? Did something happened again ? Enquired Mario as quietly as he could , suspecting the both of them to have had more problems with each other .

Yaya was avoiding eye contacts , not really sure of what to say. She knew that Mario and Nadech were best friends, but should she tell Mario about what happened earlier or let Nadech reveal the situation by himself ?... Yaya felt he was the right person to talk to about Nadech's nightmare after all . He needed help . No better person other than his best friend could bring the comfort required certainly ... Yaya decided that it might be wiser to let Mario look into the matter.

" I think I should tell you ..."

" ... That everything is perfectly fine!" Jumped in Nadech , cutting short Yaya 's initiative . She turned up to look at him but he pretended she was not even visible to the naked eye.

His sudden apparition had left Yaya unprepared and stunned , but the cold shoulder he was now giving her, had really blown her away. What did she do now ? Upset by his disgraceful attitude, she could not help but stare at him. He looked like he usually did : charming , confident and that annoying hint of arrogance that had also resurfaced... Nobody would have ever guessed that a moment ago, he was tormented by a restless sleep that had threatened , unwillingly, Yaya's life. It was unbelievable that no trace of his distress could be found on his handsome face. Yaya herself would have never believed it if she hadn't witnessed it , first hand.

" I cannot believe you are here !" Said Ken, getting up from his chair to hug his old friend. Nadech smiled at him, happy to see a familiar and friendly face.

" Ken !... So happy to see you bro . It has been a few good years since the last time we saw each other." Nadech had never forgotten that Ken was a good friend before his jail time and an even better one afterwards. Nadech knew that he could count him among his real friends, since most people he knew or was close to , had kept their distance after he was wrongly convicted. The two men sat down next to Mario, the mood becoming more jovial as everyone was chatting about past events that brought back warm memories of their friendship.

Facing them , Yaya was sitting quietly , moving the straw of her Gin and Tonic in a circular manner. She did not intrude or ask questions. Instead, she kept her attention focused on her drink, finding some entertainment in what she was doing , listening passively the three men reviewing their pasts together. As much as she did not want to think of him or even look at him, Yaya 's thoughts were naturally drawn towards Nadech's earlier behaviour. One minute he was attacking her in his sleep, the next , he was all apologising for it , to only minutes later , finishing by ignoring her existence ....

" Talk about bipolar." thought Yaya , shaking her head in disapproval.

Lost in her thoughts, She remembered Nadech 's struggling to breathe. She saw herself being pushed on the floor and pinned down by him. Her poor heart struggling to keep calm. His eyes were half open and blank, his chest breathing heavily , his grip being too strong for her to move... She can see vividly Nadech's right arm raising in the air , his hand closing tightly , getting ready to deliver a punch. She got so scared.... Yaya could not remember a scarier moment than this one ...She recalled Nadech finally coming out from his sleeping state , hearing her desesperate shouts and plea. She would never forget what she saw afterwards. It was a complete revelation , a different side of him , something she was not aware could ever existed in that man. Fear and pain were the two main lights she noticed shining in his dark brown stare at that very moment. She got surprised when he spontaneously asked her if she was alright before making an embarrassed but quick apology . He looked so vulnerable at that point, Yaya could have swear to have felt his despair perspiring through the pores of his skin ... She felt really shaken by the all experience , yet Nadech was , now , laughing away , enjoying his friends company , looking completely unaffected about the all thing.

"Maybe i have dreamed that fragile and hidden side of him ..." She suddenly doubted .

" Do you guys need anything ? Drinks ? Food ? " enquired Taew roller skating towards the VIP table .

" The same thing again please Taew!" Exclaimed Nadech , hugging his two buddies roughly , " tonight is a special night and we are planning to enjoy it to the fullest " Taew smiled at their childish behaviour , there was no mistake , from anyone around them, that those three were sharing a special bond together.

" Not for me Taew " intervened Yaya with a small smile.

Her glass was not empty yet and she seemed to be the only one who hadn't forgotten that they were all here to work . Taew nodded , smiling back at her. Yaya turned to look at the three men that were opposite her but was met by a stricken pair of piercing eyes that were going mercilessly through her. Her blood flow stagnated , the oxygen refused to reach her lungs and her heart beat couldn't be heard anymore. She was completely frozen, paralysed by Nadech hard and icy stare . She could not comprehend why he was looking at her this way. Was he not ignoring her a minute ago ? She felt like a naughty kid caught in action, yet she hadn't done anything ... At least nothing she was aware of. The initial state of shock had passed and she was now starting to get upset again. She felt like she was walking on eggshells everytime she was around him. She maintained his stare , hoping to show him that she was not affected by his attitude towards her. She was revolted by what he was doing to her while being invaded by the desire to fight him off. Yaya's swallowed an invisible lump that formed in her throat , sensing his eyes draining quickly the willpower that she needed to confront him with. Not wanting to show defeat , she pulled away from this quiet battle to turn her attention back to Taew again.

" wait !... I am going to help you with the drinks . I have nothing better to do right now anyway ." Shouted Yaya , hoping not to betray her real reasons for leaving the table. She looked back at Nadech who was still very attentive to her every moves and captured a hint of surprised flashing through his dark eyes . Boosted by this minute victory, she could not help a satisfied little grin from appearing on her flawless face .Yaya got up from her seat and followed Taew to the bar.

Ken caught Yaya leaving from the corner of his eye while he was still chatting to his two companions. He was watching her walk away from them, not having noticed the intense but silent exchange between Yaya and Nadech which had just taken place next to him.

"... What a cute behind ... " he quietly spilled out, stopping in the middle of his sentence. Those honest words escaped his mouth while openly admiring Yaya's elegant and sensual body in motion. Mario chuckled , surprised by the sudden bluntness of his friend , nodding in agreement to his statement .

" Really ? I have never imagined that someone like Yaya was your type of woman." Enquired Nadech , raising an eyebrow to Ken's unexpected claim , his eyes following the woman who was now the object of their conversation.

" Are you kidding me ? Gorgeous women are always my type of women!" confirmed Ken, a bit taken back by Nadech's doubts.

" Do you know who she is ?" Asked Nadech , a bit annoyed by his friends interest in Yaya . He knew that Mario was fond of her for reasons he could still not explain and now Ken... Could they not see that they both lost almost everything to her family ?....

" I have told him everything Nadech " revealed Mario , stepping in the conversation .

Nadech stared at Mario for a while to finally smirked at his words.

" I see ... And the both of you agree that she should be spared the fiasco that her father as put upon us , right ?!... " He lashed out bitterly . He turned towards his two mates, throwing an hopeless and accusing stare at them. Mario and Ken looked at each other , knowing that they had touched a very sensitive subject and decided to keep quiet , not knowing how to argue their position without provoking a heated debate . Nadech shook his head negatively and got out of his chair .

" well ,... I suppose that the downfall was more memorable for me than it was for you guys ..." Nadech passed his hand in his hair and without another word , left the table. A mixture of anger and disappointment invaded him. They knew what he went through , they lost a lot themselves , yet their mind set were very different from his . It was becoming a very lonely spot to be at. He had to admit that is feelings hadn't change but people around him had.

Yaya was in the stockroom , looking for bottle of whisky and orange juices which were urgently needed by the staff at the bar. While looking for the items , her mobile rang. It was her father. Yaya answered , knowing that she better have good arguments to oppose her father's wish for her to come back to the family residence. After a short argument, Yaya managed to get rid of him by explaining that she was in a middle of a shift at work and could not chat comfortably . She promised that she would come on the weekend and spend some time with them too. Turning off her phone , she put it back in her purse so she could concentrate on her search again. A click from behind her made her jumped slightly and she quickly turned around to check where the noise was coming from. Against the wall, hands in his pockets, Nadech was gazing at her fixedly. Realising that the sound she heard was the door closing behind the both of them, Yaya felt trapped once more. Without warning, an amalgam of fear and angst took over her body. She wanted to run away from him and his constant bullying but her budding pride was now starting to get in the way. She has had enough of his nonsense, she was no one 's victim. Facing her fears is what she had done all her life, Nadech was not going to be any different.

" What do you want ?" She managed to ask as calmly as she possibly could.

" Talk." He answered briefly, keeping his dark gaze on her.

He proceeded to come towards her with this familiar assurance, a hint of audacity sparkling in the depth of his eyes. In other circumstance Yaya realised that she could have found him alluring, sexy even, but she knew he was here to confront her again and she had to be strong if she wanted to show him that his actions were not going to affect her any longer.As he came forward, Nadech noticed that Yaya was not backing away from him. She kept still , in front of him, a determine look on her face that he had never come across before. This new attitude provoked his burning hatred to flare up once more , mistaking her strength for pure arrogance.

" I want you to keep your mouth shut!" He spat harshly.

Stunned , Yaya jerked back instinctively, loosing a bit of her composure for a few seconds .

" What ?" She finally shouted, still offended by his words. " If that is all you want to talk about , then I will get going. I don't have to listen to this." She grabbed her purse promptly but Nadech rapidly snatched it from her hands leaving her stunned for the second time.

" I haven't done yet." He barked , chucking her bag away in the room.
" What happened in my office earlier must stay there, do I make myself clear ?"

Understanding what he was referring to, Yaya remembered the moment when she wanted to confess Nadech's nightmare to Mario , thinking that she was doing him a favour. She knew what she saw. Nadech was in complete despair . He needed someone to support him , she was sure of that much.

" I was only trying to help !" She said offended that he could see any malice from her part." You were struggling painfully , making chocking sounds ... Then , when you attacked me ... I was just scared ! Can you not understand that?"

" I have already apologised for that.... " He quickly yelled , " I just didn't know what I was doing at the time ! Alright ?!" He retorted bothered by the hint of guilt that he was feeling inside of him. Nadech regretted this incident. It happened outside of his control . Saying sorry to anyone had always been a horrendous task that he hated executing. His self esteem never wanting to justify any wrong doing, his stubborn ego not allowing him any weaknesses.

" Fine , I won't say a word ! Satisfied now ?!" Irritated , Yaya was in a hurry to get out of the stockroom. This stressful situation was getting the better of her , she could feel it. Nadech wasn't going to get any victory or pleasure from this , that was the promise she made herself . Wanting to end this private conversation , she looked around and spotted her purse still lying on the floor. Without hesitation, she made a move towards it , showing her intentions to pack up and leave. She passed Nadech silently , her head held high , trying to look as unaffected as possible . As she reached her bag , she felt a tight and strong grip around her wrist that quickly spanned her around until she was left facing the enemy. Nadech's face was now inches away, his eyes digging into hers , securing her full attention. The beat of her heart started going wild , loosing all control, reacting purely to his intrusive gesture.

" You are quite something , you know that." Smirked Nadech , making his hold on her harder. " you still think that you decide about what goes on around here. I am talking to you about something important , yet you get into your head that you can walk out at anytime !" Flames of anger were dancing in the back of his eyes , not ashamed to show his hatred in all its glory.

" You are just a filthy little rich girl who think that the world and people around you are here to please you . " scrutinising the emotion on her face , he noticed her jaw getting tense , her beautiful eyes tarnished by the hurt she was feeling from every word that was coming out of his mouth


" Guess what princess , girls like you have nothing good to offer to anyone except for their family's reputation and fortune that don't even belong to them. Yourself , has a person , are just worthless . Girls like you are not loveable for who they are, they are just good business deals to any guy who want to become someone significant, that's all. So stop acting like you are better than the rest of us !" He spoke loudly , enraged by what he though he could perceived in her. Yaya wanted to appear strong and fearless but his mind interpreted her defence as pretentious and egocentric. Yaya's breathing was accelerating, her mind crumbling into mush , numbed by the blow that she was receiving from this cold and damaged man who could not stop humiliating her.

" You are such an arsehole ! " Yaya lifted her free hand instinctively and without hesitation targeted his face . Nadech read her frustration and distress , giving him a early warning for any unexpected move that could follow . Before her hand could crash on his cheek , he caught her wrist and slammed it against the wall behind her. Dazed by his roughness , she stared back at him sadly , interrogating silently for the real motives which made him dislike her so much . His gaze remained unmoved and full of animosity . Without answer, She rapidly came back to reality and gave a desperate struggle to free her other arm from him but his strength was overpowering hers and she found her other hand thrown against the wall too. Their bodies were brushing one another, giving them an intimacy that both denied wanting to ever experience.
Reacting to the sudden closeness to her , Nadech could sense his body getting tense , a warm sensation bursting up inside of him. Her sweet perfume was reaching his senses , making him dizzy and yearning for more . The longing of the flesh intensified slowly making it soon unbearable to resist. She was his forbidden fruit and he couldn't help wanting to get a taste of it. Aware of his budding desire for her , his voice of reason tried a last attempt to take the control back but his physical exigences were screaming to get instant satisfaction, abandonning his stubborn anger in a lusting sea.

Yaya's breathing intensified painfully , she could sense something was different. Seeking for a clue , she locked her gaze with his. The fire of hate that was initially there was progressively giving into the fire of desire, alarming her that her predicament had now changed. Bringing himself closer to her , he focused his full attention to her delicate lips which were slightly trembling in apprehension . Still pinned securely against the wall, Yaya knew she could not escape him. She wanted to protest and was ready to speak her mind , but in a bold move, Nadech crushed his hungry mouth onto hers, giving into the desire to taste her at last . A chocked moan of disapproval escaped her , trying to move herself away from him . Unsuccessful, she felt Nadech deepening the kiss in response to her rebellion. His tongue was searching for hers , yearning for her to share her most intimate skills. She refused to respond to his forced intrusion and tried to get away from him for the second time. Not satisfied by her resistance, Nadech let go of her wrists and grabbed the sides of her head to guide her into a more controllable posture. His body was on fire , consumed by the delirious wave of lust he was feeling for his beautiful enemy. Yaya was overwhelmed , she felt helpless and furious by his surprising assault. Not wanting to willingly participate or fulfilled his passion , she desperately attempted to fight him off of her but she soon discovered to be no match at all. His demanding kisses slowly soften, aching for her to respond back. The expertise of his soft lips bringing her new found sensations that were gradually but actively seducing her into a spiral of sensuality. Confused by her growing lounging for him, she finally found herself responding to his advances, joining her tongue to his, caressing intimately his lips with hers , wanting to explore emotions that she had never encountered before. Nadech groaned ecstatically at her initiative, loving that they fitted so well with one another. Their passionate fusion intensified with each touch , loosing themselves in each other's embrace. Grabbing Yaya's tone buttocks with his two hands , Nadech felt his desire for her becoming unpredictable, provoking his manhood to respond accordingly .

Feeling his virility against her lower abdomen, Yaya progressively awaken from her lustful state and a sudden panic started invading her. Not wanting to go any further , Yaya used all her strength to push him away , desperate to break their sinful union. But Nadech stayed put. He wouldn't part from her appetising lips that were responsible for so much inappropriate pleasure. He demanded for more and was not prepared to give up so easily. Feeling his arms tightening around her, she understood that she had to act quickly. Her hand reached through his thick dark hair and pulled away with all her strengh. His head jerked back, an excruciating noise coming out of his throat. He finally let go of Yaya's waist to catch her hand , trying to get away from her painful grip. Separated at last , they both stared at each other, numbed by what happened , bitter to have giving into this moment of pure madness.

Yaya's eyes swelled up, holding back the tears that threatened to spill. Her body still shaken by his touch , ashamed to have found unknown pleasures with a man she despised.

Coming back to earth, Nadech sighted heavily. He knew all this was a big mistake , yet he couldn't stop it. he felt betrayed by the overwhelming response of his body, corrupting his voice of reason shamelessly. Staring at the floor, He bent down to pick up Yaya's purse and handed it over to her . She looked at it for a few seconds before taking it back from his hand. Without a word, she turned around and exited the room. Her head still buzzing, she hurried her steps , running away from an indecent but fresh memory that she wished could have never taken place at all.



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Chapter 6


" How stupid can I be ?! "

Frustrated , Nadech punched the wall impulsively, the exact same wall where he had pinned Yaya seconds before. Nothing was going like he had planned. In fact , he hadn't executed anything of the schedule he had worked on while he was in jail. It was a few days already since he had been released, Nadech knew that yaya was increasingly becoming too much of a distraction for him. He was attracted to her. That kiss had let him know of how much... The grudge he had for her and her family didn't impact on the natural response of his body which found a prohibited satisfaction in the nectar of their furtive encounter. It was definitely the last thing he needed if he wanted to achieve his goal.

" So many beautiful women in Bangkok ..... She is not the only girl that can give me a thrill for Christ sake ! " cursed Nadech to himself . He was aware that her stay was temporary and was now coming to an end. The thought of it reassured him knowing that it meant his willpower won't have to be tested much longer. Kissing her was the wake up call he needed . She was driving him away from his purpose instead of leading him to it . He had done everything wrong until now but was ready to get back on track after realising that concentrating his attention on Yaya was not good enough , specially if she was starting to get to him in ways he didn't foreseen. It was time to attack the bigger fish, the person that was really at fault, Tar Sperbound , Yaya's father.

With this new determination in mind , Nadech readjusted himself so he could join Ken and Mario at their table. Arriving on the dance floor, Nadech spotted Mario , sitting by himself .

"Where is Ken ? " asked Nadech while looking at the mass of people who were enjoying themselves, partying away.

" He is gone dude . Something came up ... But he has invited us to come to his restaurant for a private party tomorrow evening ." Mario answered , scrutinising his friend closely.

" Really ? What was the emergency for him to leave like a criminal ?"

" You don't know then , huh ?... " smirked Mario suspiciously . Nadech glared at him , not understanding what he was getting at.

" let's just say that Ken has found a lady in distress , and being the perfect gentleman , he offered to help her out by bringing her back to her place. Does that make things any clearer for you ?"

"Not really.... " answered Nadech, slowly getting annoyed by Mario's guessing game.

"Don't you see anyone else missing ? ..." Said Mario without mentioning any name. He starred at his friend in an attempt to read his reaction without getting really successful at it.

"Something is telling me that you are no stranger to Yaya's sudden sickness... " he finally confessed.

Impassive, Nadech laughed sarcastically , brushing away Mario's remark " Nice to see a personal mate being so supportive ..."

He picked up his refilled glass and took a few sips. He couldn't help feeling the sting, taking Ken's move as a small betrayal . Nadech knew that Mario wanted some explanation but he was in no mood to give him any. He was not particularly proud of what took place between him and Yaya but she had this effect on him. He always felt this strange mixture of animosity and chemistry battling inside of him at every encounter with her. Knowing that Mario will not approve anyway, Nadech emptied his glass before starting to walk away.

" I will be in my office if you need anything " shouted Nadech , wanting to be left alone.

Mario nodded , understanding that Nadech wasn't going to open up. His old friend had changed. Prison had made him bitter, selfish, angry, spiteful even... He was living in his world of revenge and negativity, isolating himself from the ones who cared for him. Mario knew the circumstances of this transformation, yet the two years that Nadech spent behind bars were still a mystery to him. Nadech was always tight lipped about his life in jail. Always interested in the outside world but never said a good or bad word of his incarceration.

Nadech sat at his desk , undid his tie and reach for his pocket. He stared at the blue business card , thinking for a few seconds of the next steps he wanted to take. Decided , he picked up the phone and called the number.

" Hi, I would like to speak to detective Dok Boonyang , please ." Asked Nadech at the male voice on the other side of the phone. " It's you ? Good . One of my inmate recommended me to you , his name is Bapit or the python as he was known in prison. He told me that you were efficient and I need someone like you to do a bit of spying work . Can we meet ?"


Ken finally stopped the car. He took a tissue out of his pocket to wipe the tears that were still coming down Yaya's face, pitying the poor girl in her suffering.

" That must be an horrible headache for you to cry so much.... Are you sure you don't want to go to the emergencies ? " asked Ken worried by the continues flow of tears.

Yaya gave him a hint of a smile , shaking her head negatively. She couldn't tell him that the sort of pain she was suffering from , was not treatable by any doctor. She was angry and disappointed but she wasn't sure if those feelings were towards Nadech or herself. Although , she had not done anything to provoke that kiss, she couldn't understand how she got lost in the moment, satisfying his forceful advances , while responding to an unplanned lustful feeling for him that took over her for a few crucial seconds. She was ashamed to have responded to him , confused to have reacted to his touch.

"Maybe, it might be wiser to walk you back home ." said Ken concerned by her health , wanting to help her as much as he possibly could. Yaya turned towards him with a polite but warm smile and refused kindly.

" No thanks Ken , that is really sweet of you. I don't want the neighbours to start talking . They are just terribly nosey around here . They just love gossiping ."

Ken nodded, understanding the situation . Brushing a piece of her hair away from her face, he looked into her sad eyes and smiled back .

" Yaya , I am organising a private dinner in my restaurant tomorrow night and i would love to see you there if you are free. Mario and Nadech will be coming too , you might want to join them. " asked Ken in an attempt to cheer her up. Yaya's body stiffened , alerted by the mention of Nadech's name . She managed to crack a grin nevertheless, still flattered by his invitation.

" Well... I would love to come but I am not sure if it is a good idea really . " Yaya hesitated. She had dreamed to taste the fine cuisine of the Lobster's Tail for quite some time, but she couldn't feel secure around Nadech anymore.
Looking at her facial expressions, Ken appeared to have guessed Yaya's preoccupation .

" I know Nadech has been hard on you ,and I understand your indecision, but you will be my guest Yaya, not Nadech's employee." He assured her calmly " Anyway, you won't be the only Sperbound there, your sister is coming too. " he chuckled , hoping to boost up her spirit .

" Chompoo ?... How do you know her ? " asked Yaya suddenly intrigued.

" Your sister is a regular at the restaurant. she comes with her friends every week looking for the ideal man. She once told me that it was the best place in the all of Bangkok to find the perfect husband because of the elite clientele that come dining there daily. " ken laughed , realising how different the two sisters were. Yaya nodded accepting that Chompoo could have definitely said something like that . Absolutly at ease and distracted from her ordeal, Yaya finally made her mind up.

" I accept ! " she said with a big grin which was lighting up her all face. Delighted, Ken took her hand and brought it to his lips.

" It is a date , then . " he joked looking into Yaya's eyes which had finally dried up. She chuckled at his nice gesture, grateful for his caring company . She was feeling much better and she had Ken to thank for that. With a positive mind again , she grabbed her purse and got out of the car. She waved goodbye cheerfully as she was closing the gate of her house, appreciating fully Ken's magic words which were responsible for her last minute good mood.


The next day, Yaya decided to make an effort and went at the shopping mall in the hope to find something fancy to wear for the private dinner. She had received a phone call from Mario in the morning, comfirmimg her that arrangements for the night club had been made so she could freely enjoy her evening. She didn't ask him if Nadech was coming too. After reflexion, she refused to let an opportunity pass by her because of some big bully who happens to dislike her. With a new found confidence, she decided to go to all the trendy boutiques so she could find the right dress for the event. After going around for an hour , her sight got attracted by a gorgeous silk burgundy dress with short sleeves falling off the shoulders. Without hesitation , she went in to tried it on. It was the perfect fit. It was long and slightly hugging, hinting her curves in all the right places.

" Wow!... You look gorgeous " exclaimed the sale lady at Yaya's appearance. " it looks like it has been made for you." Yaya thanked her and smiled brightly at her reflection in the mirror.

" I 'll take it ", she decided without any hesitations.

At the counter, the precious dress was getting wrapped up in tissue paper before disappearing in a fancy box which was finely finished by a purple bow.

" That would be 25 000 Bahts , miss" said the smiling sale assistant.

Yaya's happy grin dropped . " 25 000 bahts ! ... " she thought , "I don't have that kind of money !" Embarrassed , she looked at the cashier who was waiting to finish the transaction.

" I am sorry but I don't think I can't ..." She started to explain.

" Put it on me Gin. " spoke a feminine voice coming from behind her . " we can't have Cinderella not attending the ball. "

Yaya turned around , shocked by what had just happened.

" Chomp !" She jumped , " what are you doing here ? " Yaya hugged her sister tightly , missing her dearly since she was not able to see her often after moving out of the family mansion.

" I am doing the same as you , girl . Ken told me that you were invited at tonight's dinner but I didn't think I would see you shopping in Prada's boutique since you have decided to live among the common people. " joked Chompoo , pinching her sister's cheeks like she was still a little girl.

Annoyed, Yaya pushed her hand away . " You know that I hate it when you do that " . Suddenly realising what Chompoo just said, Yaya looked at the name on her dress's box. "OMG , I am in Prada .... I didn't realise it.. " she confessed , feeling foolish to have forgotten that she had a strict budget to stick by.

" Here we are, Miss Sperbund , your sister's dress is ready" the sale assistant handed over the shopping bag to Chompoo while inviting her to the VIP fitting room.

"Here , take it and I will see you tonight. " Chompoo left her sister planted in the middle of the shop while disappearing with Gin for a private fitting session, a glass of champagne in hand.


At the wheels of his BMW, Nadech was making his way to Ken's party. He was in his favourite black suit with a crisp black shirt underneath. His black Raybans were hiding his anxiety and impatience. His mobile biped , letting him know that a new message had come through.

" Meet me behind the lobster's tail."

Nadech pushed on the accelerator , satisfied to get a quick answer to his demand. Arriving at the restaurant , Nadech came out of his BMW and gave his car keys to the valet boy so he could park it for him. Closing the jacket of his suit, he quickly dashed at the back of the restaurant .

"Nice to meet you at last " grinned the stranger while lighting up a cigarette.

" Dok Boonyang ?" Asked Nadech wanting to be sure of the person he was talking to .

" That's right, Mr Kugimiya " he replied calmly. " what can I do for you then, sir ?"
Nadech opened up his jacket and took a sealed file from underneath .

" Here are the details of my arrest, trial and business transactions with Mr Sperbund." He nervously answered while looking around , afraid to get spotted. " I need you to study all this documents and give a 24/7 surveillance on Mr Sperbund. I want to know every single detail of his life , personal and business. "

" Consider it done , Mr Kugimiya , but it is going to cost you . " hinted Dok , not wanting to leave empty handed. Nadech reached his inside pocket and took a brown envelope out.

" Here you go. That's 50 000 bahts for you now, the rest will come after I get the results that i want from you. " confirmed Nadech nervously, not wanting to hang around any longer.

" Nice doing business with you sir , I will be in touch." Smiled Dok , trowing his cigarette bud on the floor.

Nadech saluted him and left to make his way back towards the main entrance. He took off his black shades and gave his name to the restaurant's manager who was in charge to let the guests in.The dinning room was sumptuous and tastefully decorated. A big buffet of freshly cooked seafood were framing the room , big round numbered tables with beautiful bouquets were ready to be filled with guests, while tall statues of ice were towering the big upcoming feast. Nadech noticed a few old acquaintances who were trying to turn a blind eye to his presence , turning their backs at him as he was passing through. He felt a bitter taste creeping up in his mouth , reminded him that he was not the most welcomed person by the high rank society. He decided to ignore them although his rage was starting to make his blood boiled.

In his thoughts, he bumped into a young woman that was trying to reach for a glass of white wine.

" I am so sorry" he muttered , trying to hold on to her so she doesn't fall back.
In the commotion, the spell of a familiar floral scent slowly overtook his senses making him curious of the stranger he was holding in his arms. He looked at her face and dropped his hands from her as soon as he recognised her. Right in front of him was the person he was trying to avoid the most. Silently , Yaya stared back at him , feeling intimidated by his presence. The shock of surprise passed and Nadech came back to his usual self. Despite his best efforts, he noticed how gorgeous she was but true to his promise , he was not going to let her distract him from his goal again. He smirked at her quickly and kept going without giving her another glance. With Nadech gone, Yaya finally let go of the breath she had been holding, relieved that he had not started on her again.

Chompoo arrived with a group of girlfriends, all dressed up very racy to make sure all eyes were on them. They looked around the room to scan for potential bachelors so they could secure the best of them for themselves. Having spotted their commun table, Yaya called her sister over to join her. Chompoo waved back and came forward followed by her girlfriends.

" So excited to see you here ! " said Chompoo " Yaya , you know everyone here except my new best friend Min.... Min , this is Yaya , my baby sister."

" Nice to meet you " smiled Yaya .

" Same here" replied Min politely.
Yaya welcomed the rest of the girls and they all took their seats around the reserved table. After a few chit chats, Min and another girl excused themselves and went to the bathroom to touch up their make up.

" OMG !..... " shouted Chompoo, her eyes wide open , her hand fanning the empty air with excitement. Her friends looked at her worried .

" What is going on Chomp?"

" I have just seen my future husband ..." She wispered , still mesmerised by the handsome stranger that was talking on his mobile. Incapable of saying another word , she pointed in the direction of the attractive man. Her friends turned and their jaws started to drop one by one. Surprised by such strong reaction , Yaya turned around to check the awesome specimen they were all drooling over , only to be met by the dark stare of a well known face : Nadech.




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Za thank you 100x for taking the time to update!!! Girl, I haven't able to finish any Thai lakorn in awhile, but your writing feels like watching good old lakorns that has that sparks and tension in every scenes. Love it and can't wait for more juicy udates!!!!!!


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SORRY SORRY SORRY KOY !!! I know I have taken my time but I have been caught in the holidays . I am going to post all the four chapters that I have already written. After that , I will update one chapter at the time cus I am actually a slow writer, lol. Enjoy Koy ^^

Chapter 7

Aware that her hot catch might get stolen from under her nose, Chompoo readjusted her sleeveless tight black dress and checked her make up in her pocket mirror to be sure she looked her best. Satisfied with her reflection , she got up from her seat and made her way towards Nadech. She swung her luscious hips from side to side and kept her eyes fixated on him in an attempt to attract his full attention. Nadech was still talking on the phone , not aware of Chompoo's plan of seduction . He finally turned in her direction and watched her coming towards him. Conscious that her aim was not innocent, he apologised to the person he was talking to and hanged up.

" Hi , I am Chompoo." She presented herself, " I come regularly here but I don't remember ever seeing you around. Are you new in town ?" She asked, twisting her long hair between her fingers while fluttering her long eyelashes.

Nadech looked at the young woman in front of him , amused by her visible efforts to flirt with him. She was pretty and straightforward , exactly the kind of distraction he needed to get his mind off things. He caught a flute of champagne from a passing waiter and handed it to her. Overjoyed, she smiled brightly and thanked him.

" Actually, I have returned to town recently. I am sharing the ownership of the purple moon nightclub with Mario Maurer, my partner. I am Nadech .... Nadech Kugimiya. Nice to meet you Chompoo " He said smoothly while bringing her free hand to the tip of his lips.

Chompoo was trilled. She had found herself the perfect gentleman. Not wanting to waste any time, she checked out his fingers discreetly, searching for any sign of commitment but she was put at rest when she didn't find any. Delighted, that was all the information she needed to give herself the green light to pursue her prize. Chompoo grabbed Nadech's arm softly and slightly pulled on it .

" I don't usually do this " she giggled " but I would love to have the pleasure of your company tonight and get to know you better." Nadech smiled at her invitation . " It depends ... Are you going to take good care of me ?" He charmed, knowing that is new acquaintance was already eating in the palm of his hand."

" Of course..... Ask around, people will tell you that you couldn't have made a better choice." She assured him, happy to have grabbed his attention first. On those words, Chompoo guided him to her table , parading in front of her envious friends, the most handsome man of the evening.

Having seen Yaya from the corner of his eyes , he continued to ignore her like he promised himself and concentrated instead on the admiring eyes that were now surrounding him.

" Everyone , i want to present you Nadech kugimiya " said Chompoo, completely ecstatic." Nadech, here are all my girls and my little sister Yaya."

Chompoo's revelation fell like a ton of bricks. Nadech couldn't believe this . From all the girls at the party, he had to end up with another Sperbound. His first instinct was telling him to run far away from her but after quick reflection, he wasn't going to do that. He sensed that she might get useful in the future , specially since she seemed so keen to please him, that alone was good enough to help him maintain the control over his bottled up emotions. Nadech saluted everyone with a big smile and sat next to Chompoo . The girls welcomed him, some of them were shy while others were hypnotised by his presence. Only Yaya kept quiet. She just looked at Nadech coldly, not liking the idea of him courting her sister. That man was no husband material but a mere womaniser. He was aggressive , cold, selfish, unfair and spiteful. No way could he make her sister happy. The way he had behaved at the Nightclub was unforgivable . The memory of his forced kiss from the night before , came up to haunt her once more , not showing signs of fading away. Her cheeks became a rosy tint , spontaneously responding to the embarrassing feeling that invaded her as she recalled that particular moment. Yaya wasn't denying some kind of strange connection with Nadech, she could feel it everytime they were in each other's presence. It was strong and grabbing, but whatever it was, she knew that the chemistry they shared was toxic to the both of them like a poison invading their veins, suffocating every single pore of their skin. Nothing good could ever come out of their destructive attraction , she was certain of that much. Not able to avoid her anymore, Nadech gave a glance at Yaya.

" We already know each other ..." He revealed to Chompoo " your little sister is working in my nightclub."

Chompoo seemed shocked at the news. She looked at Nadech, then Yaya, her eyes getting wider."Yaya ? You are working in a nightclub ? Omg.... Wait until daddy hear about that"

Annoyed by Nadech and his big mouth, Yaya started panicking at her sister's comment."That is not what you think !" Defended Yaya vividly, " I have been managing the place with mr Maurer and more recently mr Kugimiya , that's all ! I am not going there for having fun, my job is hard and full of responsabilities "

Nadech didn't realise he had put Yaya into trouble but wasn't remorseful one bit. In fact , he saw it as an happy opportunity.

" That is true, miss Sperbund has endorsed a lot of serious work while working with us ..." Enforced Nadech still amused.

Vexed by Chompoo's reaction, Yaya nodded in agreement, surprised by his unexpected support. She knew her family would have had the wrong idea about her job, that's why she felt she had to keep it quiet the all time.

" ... But she also helped in providing some entertainment too, isn't it Yaya ? Smirked Nadech while giving her a evil glance. " It was always a delight for our customers to see her on her roller skates in that cheerleader number..."

Chompoo's mouth was now wide open while Yaya was just plain horrified . He was trying to disgrace her in front of her sister and friends by suggesting things that were not real. " It's not true ! " she protested " ... I mean ... The rollers helped us going around the place faster while the cheerleader outfits were our uniforms . I wasn't entertaining anyone, I promise you Chomp. "

Enjoying her embarrassment, Nadech was entertained by her desperate defence. Chompoo was getting confused by the both of them, noticing the heavy tension that seemed to arise as they were exchanging words.

Pleased with her appearance, Min made her way back to her friends table. As she approached confidently , she noticed the good looking guy that was sitting next to Chompoo. His silhouette seemed familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it. Her eyes lightened up as soon as she managed to distinguish his face.

"Nadech ... " She whispered to herself. " Nadech !..." She finally shouted.

She jumped behind him hanging at his neck, not letting him space to move. Her grip on him was tight while her cheek was pressed against his. Surprised, Nadech untied with difficulties the two hands that were strangling him with too much enthusiasm and turned around to check out who it was. As her face got revealed to him, his eyes grew bleaker while his jaw tightened. He got up from his seat , starring at Min that was now facing him. She hadn't changed. She was as beautiful as he remembered her to be. She was smiling at him widely, her eyes sparkling excitedly. In other circumstances , he would have been happy to see her but Min was no longer part of his life. She abandoned him when he got arrested and left him to rot in the bottom of his cell with not a care in the world. She didn't even try to visit him and always refused his phone calls. And here she was, in front of him, radiant as usual, pretending nothing had changed between them.

" You've got some nerves...." He gritted between his teeth.

Bitter at her sight, his body was becoming as stiff as a board while his face was flushed by an increasing rage. For every ounce of him that had loved this woman, hatred had now taken its proud place. Who could have guessed that a beauty like hers was only hiding one of the most hideous person he had ever met.

" Nadech, please...... I have never forgotten you...... I love you." Confessed Min in a shaky but sweet voice.

She was intensively looking at him, hoping to see some of the old flame he used to have for her resurfacing in the depth of his eyes but what she saw was complete indifference and antipathy. Alarmed by his body language , she quickly realised that the Nadech she left in prison wasn't going to fall for her charms the way he always had before. She was hoping that her last words would have soften his mood but it only made the matter worst.
Yaya and Chompoo looked at each other, baffled by what was going on. They had no idea that Min and Nadech had a past with each other but, by the look of it, their relationship had turned for the worst.

" Love ? ..." Said Nadech slightly disgusted. " You don't even know the meaning of the word ."Not wanting to hear anymore of what Min had to say, Nadech offered his hand to Chompoo." Let's go somewhere else ... We can go and dance on the terrace, they have a live orchestra playing there " He suggested , impatient to leave the reminiscence of his past life behind him.

Chompoo looked at Nadech then Min, she was just not sure of what to do any longer. Seeing her hesitation , Nadech grabbed her hand and pulled her up.
" Don't worry" he reassured her " Me and Min have been over for more than two years. There is not a chance in the world for us to come back in each others lives ever again."

Min felt humiliated by Nadech's rejection. All eyes were on them and he made it clear in front of everyone that he wasn't going to fall back in her arms . Not wanting to be the talk of the town, she realised that she had to readjust her position and tried to be the better person.

" Nadech , don't misunderstand me, please, .... When I say that I love you , I mean that I love you as a long lost friend i am happy to see again, that is all. " she lied, trying to not loose face in front of those elite people watching them. " Chomp, you go ahead and have fun. You have all my support... the both of you. " she managed to smile against her will.

Chompoo grinned widely at her friend , miming a "thank you" with her lips. She felt better knowing that their story was definitely in the past even if it was obvious that they didn't end up on good terms. Her friend's blessing was all she needed to feel free to chase this dream man that had appeared so suddenly in her life.

" Is everything alright ?" Asked Ken, realising that something had been going on. " Nadech ? "

" Everything is fine." Reassured Nadech in a dry tone of voice. "Maybe next time you should be more careful of who you let in your restaurant..." He added sarcastically.

Ken shook his head and sighted heavily . " I didn't know she was going to be here, but my guests were allowed to take someone with them if they wanted to".

Ken knew everything there were to know about Min and Nadech's story. At the time, they had become the perfect couple most people were envious of. The downfall of Nadech was the beginning of the end for them. Not long after Nadech was accused, Min made her position clear when she showed that she wouldn't be supporting him in his bad luck.

Nadech gave an unpleased glance at Min before adding .
" but I suppose it is business for you after all , right ?"

Without waiting for her answer, Nadech pulled Chompoo with him and went outside to get some fresh air. Min was left speechless. She couldn't believe how hard he had been with her. She was aware she had chosen herself over their relationship , but what was he expecting from her exactly ?... To sink with him ? She had just too much going on for her to allow it. She was young, pretty and educated. Men were queuing to go out with her . Nadech was the best of the bunch but his troubles with the law made him an outsider which wasn't good for his or her image. She hoped he would have understood but she realised how wrong she was only minutes ago. Meeting him again made her realised how much she had missed him. She admired his tenacity in getting his life back on track and how could she forget his perfect face that made so many women shivered to their knees. She was certain of one thing, she had to have him for a second time

Still sitting at the table, Yaya watched her sister leaving with Nadech, preoccupied by this sudden union.Yaya was worried for her. She looked completely mesmerised by him and that wasn't good news at all. She knew Chompoo was easily gullible and was impressed by big shots with bad boy tendencies. Nadech was the perfect example of that and Yaya was only too aware how destructive being close to Nadech could be.

" A penny for your thoughts..." Asked a male voice softly.

Yaya turned around and met Ken's friendly stare. " It's nothing... " she smiled, not wanting to reveal her anxiety. "Thanks you for inviting me to such a great party Ken. Everything is just perfect."

" You are more than welcome Yaya. It is a pleasure to see you here and you look just stunning tonight."

Yaya laughed slightly at his compliment but the never far away though of Nadech taking advantage of her sister came creeping back in her mind.

" Ken , I fancy a change, would you accept to come with me on the terrace ?" Yaya jumped out of her seat and took Ken's arm before he had time to respond. He looked at her, happy by her initiative and nodded in agreement. As they arrived, they were met by the sweet display of Chompoo and Nadech hugging while moving slowly on the soft rhythm of the music.

" Yaya , may I have the pleasure of this dance? " asked Ken , offering his hand.

Yaya hesitated for a second before accepting it. He slided his arms around her tiny waist, bringing her body closer to his. Yaya locked her hands around his neck , feeling comfortable and trusting . As they started dancing , Yaya looked up in the direction of her sister. She looked so at peace and happy in Nadech's arms. How was she going to bring her the news that Nadech is just not good to be around? Unanswered Questions came buzzing inside her head, torn between her sister's happiness and her conscience. As her sister's serene face disappeared in her partner's neck , a heavy and obscure stare slowly took its place, Nadech was looking straight at her. Yaya's body instantly tensed up , responding to his cold visual contact.

Nadech smirked at her , pleased to read the colour of distress in her childlike eyes. With Min surprised apparition, he hadn't think for a moment how easy it was to manipulate the situation to his advantage. He promised himself that Yaya would be brushed aside to stay focus on his main goal but the truth was that he was barely able to control himself everytime they interacted. Seeing her with Ken motivated his demons to come out again. His animosity always aroused by her actions in a way or another. Starring at her delicate face , outlined by the tamed light, he remembered her perfumed scent teasing his senses and the sweet touch of her lips responding to his in the heat of their altercation. She was desirable , more so now that she was in the arms of another but ,strangely, the longing to hurt her remained stronger than ever. After a few minutes of this silent exchange, Nadech grew increasingly nervous. The proximity between Yaya and Ken was diminishing and he felt uneasy watching them getting cosier with each other. He couldn't believe his dear friend was falling for her. She was part of the people that he , Ken and Mario swore to get their revenge against but right now she was charming her way out of it by blinding his two friends away.

"It might work on them but it won't work on me ..."

Motivated to show her what he was made of, he whispered a few words in Chompoo's ear who giggled candidly and nodded in agreement . Throwing a last glance to Yaya, he grabbed Chompoo's hand and went in the direction of the reception where they asked for their personal belongings to be handed over. Taken by surprise , Yaya stopped dancing and distanced herself from Ken, her instinct telling her to follow them.

" Yaya? Are you all right? Did I do anything ?" Asked Ken afraid to have overstep the border.

"No ! ... No ... It is me ... I am a bit embarrassed to say this but I am desperate to use the ladies ... Sorry. "

As soon as she finished excusing herself, she rushed back in the restaurant and aimed for the exit. Limited in her pace, she decided to take off her high heels and ran bare feet towards the parking lot. From a distance, she finally saw Nadech opening the door of his car to let Chompoo in. She hurried faster, trying to catch up with them before they could leave. Her shoes in hand, she arrived behind the car and noticed Chompoo's silhouette in the passenger seat. Without hesitations she started walking towards her sister when a large hand grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth tightly to bring her at the back of a delivery van. Her body was spanned around and slammed against the vehicle , her mouth still covered to stop her noises of protest. She froze when she noticed Nadech breathing in her neck, his body pressed against hers to paralyse her movements.

" hmmm.... If I didn't know you any better , I would have sworn that you were jealous. " he whispered with a cheeky grin.

Revolted by his words, she started to fight him off to get away from his firm grip. Her eyes angered by his actions, refusing to be pushed over once more. But Nadech wasn't releasing her. He had a point to make and he wasn't leaving until he did so.

" Listen to me , little minx... Your sister is willingly coming with me. Nothing will happened to her except of course if she wants to take things a little further " he chuckled mocking her. Yaya wanted to scream but Nadech was smothering any noise that wanted to come out of her mouth. She then tried to bite his hand but his clasp was just too strong to allow her mouth to move.

" Nadech ? Nadech ? Where are you ?" Called Chompoo through the window of the car. Wondering why he wasn't back with her yet.

Disturbed by reality, Nadech locked his gaze into Yaya's eyes and quickly advised her. " One word from you and I can promise you that your sister will pay for it "

His threat was barely audible but he was as clear as water. Yaya searched in the depth of his eyes for some sympathy but she was met by a stubborn darkness instead. She reluctantly agreed by a sign of the head , too frightened of what Nadech could do.

" Ok... I am going to take my hand of you now and let you go, but if I hear a single noise or you step away from this truck while we are still here , you will regret it."

He slowly took his hand away, cautious of her actions. Yaya kept her promise , silent and immobile . She hardened her gaze, unhappy to give into him again. Nadech stepped away from her carefully, keeping his eyes on her.

"You see , it wasn't complicated , was it baby girl ?" He resumed while walking away from her . He rapidly went to his car and drove off into the depth of the night without leaving any single trace behind them.


sarNie Juvenile
Chapter 8

After a sleepless night full of worries and wonderings, Yaya couldn't stand it any longer. In the last twelve hours, her limitless imagination had taken over her voice of reason. Chompoo wasn't answering her mobile and she had not come back to the family mansion either. Yaya lied to her mum to not alert her but she now feared the worst... Althought she wasn't sure what Nadech's worst could really be. She thought of contacting him but his phone was going straight to the answering machine, leaving her increasingly upset.

" If this bastard tried to touch any of her hair, I swear I will...." She stopped herself, pushing any kind of dark thought away. She had to keep positive and believe that her sister wouldn't allow anything stupid to happen to her. At the party, It was pretty transparent that Chompoo had fallen over hills for Nadech. She was eager to please him the all evening , a biased smile encrypted on her face everytime she would look at him. Within reason, Yaya grew concerned that Nadech might exploit her sister's budding feelings to his shady advantages. The bottom line was , could he be trusted ? Of course not... She already knew what kind of man he was, a heartless one. The kind of person that had never gone weak at the knees, the kind of individual that would never understand how a heart could become soft and mushy for another human being.

Impatient to get at the bottom of this, Yaya didn't waste any more time and went to clear her head in the shower. She could feel her stomach twisting and turning, her body tortured by a stubborn restlessness. How she wished she could have warned her sister before Nadech had the chance to take her away. Maybe if she talked to Chompoo about what she knew, she would have refused to go anywhere with him. Hurrying up, she quickly got dressed in a fitted white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans , deciding that the comfortable style was definitely best if she had to confront her boss. She arrived early at the Club in the hope to see him alone. She wasn't sure to find him there but she couldn't stay at home, waiting for news to come her way. In front of his office door , Yaya felt a light wave of apprehension going through her body. Her hands started sweating while her head was slowly getting dizzy. What if her worst fears were to be true ?... She knew she had to find out , no matter what. Shaking the feeling away, she recomposed herself and knocked on his door . Not hearing any answer , Yaya took the initiative to enter regardless .

" I don't remember telling you to come in ."

From his appearance, Nadech looked like he had been sitting there for quite some time . He was wearing the same suit with the exception of the jacket. His shirt was half open, allowing part of his tone chest to be exposed. Three cups of coffee half empty were cluttering his desk , papers dispersed everywhere , his eyes slightly red and swollen betraying an evident lack of sleep. He kept strangely quiet after she burged in , barely looking away from his mountain of paperwork.

Yaya couldn't comprehend the calmness and indifference of that man. Here he was, going through his files , his feet up on his desk, acting like nothing had ever happened.

" What did you do with my sister?" She asked bluntly , " I have tried to contact her but she isn't picking up her phone"

Nadech raised an eyebrow and chuckled sarcastically " Maybe she wasn't interested in talking to you"

Yaya was far from amused and was starting to loose the little patience she had left. Agile as a cat, she came forward and snatched the piece of paper he was looking at to make sure he would listened to what she had to say.
" You didn't answer my question. What did you do with my sister ?" Insisted Yaya firmly standing her ground.

Sensing her tone shifting into a more aggressive mode, Nadech lifted his head from his work and scrutinised her curiously for a moment. Her normally soft features had become tensed. Her breathing had accelerated as she spoke , an evident frustration tormenting her all being . She was visibly mad and concerned for her sibling, her anguish striking an unexpected cord of clemency in Nadech's impenetrable wall . He had spend the all night awake and was now starting to feel the strain. Tiredness was spreading in his body a little bit more as the time went by but he refused to give up. The nightmares that were haunting him each night , taught him to resist any temptation of sleep, feeling he was better off that way. With a sign of the head, he invited Yaya to look behind her. Her stare betrayed a slight confusion but responded to his silent command. Her eyes lightened up when she realised that Chompoo was comfortably sleeping on Nadech's couch. She was still in her evening dress, her hair had become a big mess and her make up had smudge allover her face but she didn't seem to be bothered at all. Instead, she was resting like a baby with Nadech's jacket on her shoulders to keep her warm.

" Chomp .... Chomp." Called Yaya while gently shaking her from her comfortable snooze. But Chompoo wasn't responding to her calls. She stayed inert , completely oblivious to what was happening.

" Hmm... Hmm ... I am afraid you need to do a bit more than that " explained Nadech unconvinced by Yaya's method. " She drank all night while we were together... Your sister sure knows how to have fun with a bottle."

Yaya turned around and starred back at him obscurely.

" Why did you let her get into that state ? And why is she not home ?You told me nothing will happened to her but look at her now"

" Nothing happened to her." Retorted Nadech promptly. " She did this to herself . From what she told me, it seems to be a regular thing too."

" I don't believe you . My sister rarely drinks and when she does, it is never to excess." Defended Yaya offended by what Nadech was trying to imply.

" Fine ... Don't believe me... Wait until she wakes up and she can tell you herself"

He was putting a doubt in her mind and she didn't like it. Was Chompoo really into partying this hard ? Yaya contemplated her sister while trying to figure out if there were some truth to his words.

" I have to get her out of here ..." She thought out loud .

" Why are you so worried ? " jumped Nadech , annoyed at Yaya's over protectiveness " Does she look hurt or in pain to you ? She will probably wake up with a splitting headache but nothing two paracetamol wouldn't fix."

" You should have brought her back home " Yaya snapped back . " You know it doesn't look good for her to spend the night with you, in a place like this... "

Nadech's laid back attitude disappeared at her last words and without warning , he bounced out of his chair.

" Excuse me ? " said Nadech while coming towards her, " Since when her reputation has become my responsibility ? Your sister is a big girl who can make her own decision . Besides, she could not pronounced two words together , so how am I expected to bring her back home ? "

Yaya instinctively moved backwards at his sudden outburst, wary of his unpredictable nature.

" You should be thanking me " hissed Nadech at her, " Without me there, your sister would have spend the night outside, on the dirty pavement, drunk out of her nut."

" Without you there , she would have stayed at the party with her friends " Yaya dared to argue back . " and none of this would have ever happened "

Nadech's dark stare locked with her fierce brown eyes. Gosh, he wanted to strangle her pretty little neck . She was standing in front of him strong and proud , unwilling to accept what he though was a reasonable explanation. Could she not see he had been too nice already? If she knew how much it costed him to do the correct thing by them , she might have to change her tune. The urge to tell her about his grudge against her entire family was creeping back at the surface. He didn't owe her or her sister anything ... She should feel lucky that he had enough manners in him left to do the "right" thing because his all being was aching to show her what he was really made of.

" Fine.... Since you are taking it that way... Take her out of my office. " He shrugged, not wanting to bother anymore. He made his way back to his office chair and sat back down to recover the comfortable position he had left.

" Are you not going to give me a hand and bring her to the taxi ? " asked Yaya, baffled by his reaction.

" I think I have done enough charity work for the day" he replied sarcastically, " so excuse me but i have better things to do."

His feet came right back on his desk, his hands reaching for a new file. Yaya looked at him perplexed. Was he serious ? He knew she needed his help to carry her sister out, didn't he ?

understanding Nadech would not lift a finger, Yaya reached her mobile.

" Allo?... Allo James ? " smiled Yaya at the familiar voice, " Do you have a bit of free time to offer ? I need you to help me with an emergency. Can you join me at the Purple Moon ? please... Please... Please ...

"... James ? Who can that be ?" though Nadech suddenly curious of the person she was calling for help.

" No, No, don't tell anything to mum and dad, " pleaded Yaya , " I will take care of them , I promise. "

Yaya hung up, a sign of relief on her face. She look down to be met by a pair of amused eyes.

" Calling the family staff at the rescue ?.. Smirked Nadech , satisfied to have figured out who that James was.

"None of your business !" replied Yaya unimpressed . She looked around Nadech's office , her eyes trying to find a clean towel to wash her sister's face to fresh her up a bit.

Nadech sighted heavily and got up to open a door near his desk.
" You will find everything you need here"

Yaya looked in the small room to discover a bathroom . She turned towards Nadech , speechless that he knew what her intentions were. She thanked him with a nod of the head , and helped herself of a clean washcloth and a bowl of luke warm water. She sat down near Chompoo and started to clear her face, slowly removing the residue of old make up .
Nadech couldn't help but watch Yaya soft gestures unfolding in front of his eyes. She was so gentle and considerate, with a constant smile on her lips. The care and affection she was giving her sister was sincere and heartfelt, challenging his conception of the kind of person she actually was. He looked at her for a long while , repeating light stokes on her sister's skin, completely absorbed by her task, unaware of his scrutinising stare. A loud knock on the door disturbed the harmony of the moment, bringing Nadech back to reality . He told the visitor to come in , while Yaya turned towards the door to check out who it was. A well dressed man appeared, smiling, saluting politely Nadech as he came in.

" James ! " Yaya got up at the sight of the man, and went to hug him happily.

" I am so glad you are here , thank you for being so quick."

" You are always welcome Missy" chuckled James at her enthusiasm. Yaya's heart filled up with joy at the sound of her favourite nickname. From a very young age, Yaya used to love wearing her mum's clothes and would regularly ask James to drive her around the family mansion while she was pretending being the lady of the manor. James would call her little Missy to play along with her. As time went by, the name Missy was eventually adopted by most members of her family.

James was a tall and handsome man who was touching his fifties but could easily pass for a decade younger. He had watch Yaya and her sister grow while working for their family and had nurtured a very strong bond of trust and affection with the two girls.
" What happened to your sister, Missy ? Worried James when he caught the sight of Chompoo lying on the couch.

" She is ok " Yaya answered rapidly , " but I need your help. It looks like she has enjoyed last night a little bit too much. "

James came forward to touch Chompoo's forehead and was quickly reassured by her normal temperature. He came closer to check her breathing but stepped back immediately when he was met by a heavy scent of alcohol .

" I see ... " he just muttered. Turning to Yaya, he asked her to go to his car to prepare the way. She promptly agreed and took the keys from his hands. Without hesitations, James carried Chompoo on his still strong shoulders and followed in Yaya's footsteps. Nadech was trying really hard to play indifferent and disinterested , only catching a few glances here and there. He was surprised of the complicity between the girls and their devoted servant. Not a lot of words were exchanged but the trust between them looked solid.

" It was probably not the first time that he had helped the two damsels in distress..." Reflected Nadech while watching them leave.

Outside, Yaya had opened the car doors and was helping an exhausted James to bring her sister into the car. They lied her down on the back seats, still undisturbed by the commotion around her.

" Thank you so much James . What would have I done without you ?" Yaya hugged him once more.

" Don't thank me yet Missy.... We still have to deal with your parents" he worried " they are not going to like this one bit"

" I know... But I am coming with you to explain the situation to them. " Yaya confirmed, determined to save Chompoo from this mess.

" Let's go then " hurried James while sitting in the driver seat.

Yaya obeyed and came into the car next to him. He started the motor when Yaya's door opened suddenly, a hand reaching for her wrist , pulling her out of the vehicle. James stopped and got out to see what was the problem.

" What are you doing ?" Asked James confused. To his surprise , he saw Yaya's boss holding on to her arms tightly while she was twisting herself around in a hope to get free from his strong grip.

" Let me go !" Shouted Yaya outraged " my shift is not starting anytime soon, you have no right ..."

" Actually , I can keep you to replace someone's else if I think it is necessary " answered Nadech while still struggling with Yaya.

" You need to ask me first ! You cannot forced me into anything "

" Stop fighting me " he ordered " Taew just called in sick and you are the only person available."

James was puzzled to see the both of them wrestling each other back and forth .
"What a strange professional relationship they have " He though to himself, not really sure what the all commotion was really about. He put two fingers on the edge of his bottom lip and blow as hard as he could. The loud whistle escaping his mouth got the desired effect and stopped Yaya and Nadech in their tracks.

" Sorry to intrude , but I am sure there is more civilised ways to ask an employee to replace someone"

Nadech looked at James with a hint of annoyance , reluctantly agreeing with his statement . Yaya realised that Nadech stopped adding pressure on her hands and in a sharp move , took her arms back , away from his clasp.

" And you Missy , if your boss need you , I have no problems in bringing Chompoo home by myself." Assured James , trying to end the war that was threatening to break loose.

" But I have to come with you " insisted Yaya , not wanting to give in Nadech's demand.

" Thank you James " smiled Nadech politely. "Yaya , you heard the man, he will be fine on his own. Stop being so childish. "

Yaya turned to Nadech, her eyes throwing a multitude of virtual daggers at him. She wanted to hurt him so bad ... She never felt so angry in her entire life. This guy had been rotting her life from day one and there was no stopping him.

" Don't worry Missy , I will keep an eye on Chomp until she gets better and tell your parents that you will talk to them after work. Everything will work out fine , I promise you ." Reassured James .

He could feel Yaya was upset and disappointed. That boss of hers didn't seem to know anything about good manners but he knew Yaya depended financially on her work and he didn't wanted her to loose out.
" Please treat her well" he pleaded to Nadech . " Yaya is one of a kind "

Nadech was taken back by James words , grimacing a smile to hide his irritation. Who was he to tell him how to behave ? Not wanting to waste any more time , Nadech turned to Yaya and invited her in.

" I am sorry ..." Interrupted James , keeping an insisting eye on Nadech, realising something for the first time since he got here . " ... Do I know you from somewhere ? I didn't pay attention to it before but your face look kind of familiar...."

Nadech 's body stiffened . What if James recognised him from his court case ? He didn't think of that before and was starting to blaming himself for being so careless. He couldn't recall James at all but chances are, they had met before. Tar Sperbounds was always coming with a bunch of people and James could have been among them. Pearls of sweat started forming on his forehead, what if he could remember of the feud between himself and the Sperbound family ? That will make his future plan of revenge much more challenging to achieve.

" I don't think so James, I have quite a good memory for this kind of things." Lied Nadech as calmly as possible to not betray his anxiety. " But it was really nice to meet you ."

" hummm... You might be right."
James nodded , accepting his explanation without any more questions. " Alright then, Missy I will keep you informed of the situation , don't worry , I know what to do... Sir, nice to have meet you too."

James went back into the car and drove off with Chompoo still sound asleep. Yaya sighted heavily as they finally disappeared of her sight.

" Come on ." Nadech grabbed her hand roughly and dragged her in the club, ignoring all her noise of protest. " Stop being so difficult , maybe I should show you again what I do to staffs who have a behaviour problem."

" Behaviour problem ? The only person here that suffers from it, is you !" Yaya shoot back , raging at his
disgraceful attitude towards her.

Having heard enough, Nadech gripped the back of her neck and brought her closer to him. She tried to get away but he was quick to respond by twisting her hand behind her back , she let a cry out escape her mouth, the pain forcing her to keep still. His face was inches away from hers , his penetrating stare shamelessly invading her personal space.

" You better be careful and remember who you are dealing with ... Missy " Chuckled Nadech maliciously. " You are not so tough now , are you ?"

Yaya felt trapped under his grasp but she wasn't admitting defeat yet. She had her mouth in full working order and was ready to use it . She twisted her neck as much as she could and bit his arm as long as possible so he would released her. Nadech yelled under the pain and let go of her abruptly.

" You better not be damaging my man Yaya." Advised an unidentified feminine voice.

" Min ..." Realised Nadech . He turned towards her, still holding his arm to help reduce his suffering. Yaya stepped away from him in a heart beat and looked at his ex lover , wondering silently why she was so keen to hold on to a man with no virtue.

" I need to talk to you ... Alone " Min continued, assessing Yaya from head to toe.

" I have already told you everything I needed to say last night" replied Nadech, a menacing tone in his voice. " I have plenty to do and you are wasting my time. "

" I see ... I though you would probably said that " replied Min not surprised by his answer. " That is why I organised an appointment with a few reporters . I though they might be interested in what I have to say since you aren't."

Nadech could feel his hands tightening and closing into fists. Was she threatening him? He observed her satisfied grin brightening up at the sight of his face getting tense. This woman really knew no limits. Here she was , looking coldly stunning, her beauty tarnished by an execrable personality which was as toxic as poison ivy.

" In my office ." He commanded, holding back a consuming anger which was dying to burst out of him . " You have five minutes before I kick you out"

Min followed Nadech , sparing a dirty look in Yaya's direction before joining him in his office. Yaya was left baffled by the power of this woman over her aggressive boss and by the look of it , Chompoo's newest best friend didn't seem to appreciate her in the slightest either. One thing stuck to her mind though, what was so important for Min to recall to reporters ? Nadech looked like he might have a few skeletons in his closet and Min knew exactly how to use them against him.

" I am not sure about what is going on, but I will find out..." Swore Yaya to herself, finally feeling like she might have a chance to expose Nadech for the brutal and evil person he was.


sarNie Juvenile
Chapter 9

Min closed Nadech's office door behind her, making sure that their little chat would stay private. She looked at him seductively but was disappointingly faced by his back. He was contemplating the landscape through the window, his face hardened by the lava of anger that was threatening to spill out of him. He was not going to make things easy for her , she could sense it , but she had to try something, anything, and quick. The cold shoulder he was giving her was freezing her to the bone but she just couldn't accept that Nadech had not kept some of the good feelings he used to have for her. She still loved him, she knew that much. She wanted him back to her no matter how much obstacles she had to get rid of to get there. Nadech was furious and hardheaded but Min believed it was only a question of time before he crawled back to her as a fallen victim of her irresistible charms... Some issues needed to be addressed though , And Min was there to make sure she got some truthful answers out of this familiar man who had changed so much.

" Last night , seeing you with one of my best friend brought all of my tender feelings for you back . I was jealous of Chompoo, I must admit. Well, that was until a moment ago , when I realised I was really wrong. I saw the way you were holding on to Yaya while arguing with her and then it actually hit me ... I was envious of the wrong sister all along..."

Nadech 's eyes narrowed into slits while a glimmer of surprise flashed through his eyes."What the hell was she talking about? " Taken back by what she just said, he finally turned around towards her.

" Don't look that surprised. What ?... Are you telling me you are not aware to have the hots for your pretty employee ?" Mocked Min at Nadech's facial expression. " I didn't know you could get blinded by your own stubbornness."

" You don't know what you are talking about Min, therefore you might want to keep your mouth shut before you start saying something stupid." He snapped back. " The Sperbunds sisters have merely entertainment value to me. You should know that more than anyone."

" I would have not see you with Yaya earlier , I would have believed you ." She confessed shaking her head , not buying into Nadech's argument. " But you seemed to work really hard to get her attention, something you would have never bother doing before. Girls were fighting like cats and dogs to be in your favours but it seemed that Yaya might have changed all of that. "

Nadech's stern look dropped and instead, a sarcastic laugh came out of his throat. " oh I see ... I see what all this is really about ... You are so pathetic Min. Your jealousy has really no boundaries. " smirked Nadech while coming closer to his ex girlfriend. " Are you trying to test me to check if my love for you is still there ? If that is why you here for , you are seriously wasting your time."

Min's eyes were starting to shimmer in the ray of natural light , tears forming quietly to his words of rejection. His cynical laugh stabbing her through the heart hard. She knew she wasn't crazy. She knew her jealousy wasn't the problem. She also knew that Nadech was in pure denial. He was never the kind of man to work hard for the care of any woman, specially one he claimed to hate. Yet, he was restraining Yaya to force her to work with him. An unexplainable chemistry coming out of their intense exchange. He never had to use those kind of method in the past on anyone. She was around him long enough to be aware of that much. Girls would have work for free to be near him for god sake ! Besides, her intuition had never let her down. Nadech contemplated her for a few seconds before continuing.

" Am I hurting you? "

Min looked into his eyes in search of some kind of reassuring clue. They loved each other so much. She wanted to see those feelings resurfacing in the back of his soul but all she was actually met by, was coldness and disdain.

" You know I am " she answered seriously. " You know why I am here."

Nadech brought himself closer to her. He reached out for her cheek , caressing it softly . He dragged his thumb under her eye, drying the remain of a fallen tear. Min stayed immobile, too afraid any of her movement would scare him away. She enjoyed his touch on her skin, her feelings amplified by the familiar chills of pleasure she was recognising.

" Dry your crocodile tears Min. What was between the both of us has died over two years ago when you decided to walk out on me." He whispered in her ear. " You made that choice regardless of my feelings for you. You wanted to save yourself , I can understand that. But don't expect me to look at you in the same light today. My love for you died Min, because the Min, I cared for and loved so much , died the day you turned your back on me." His soft voice was scarred by a zest of bitterness. His gaze unmoved by her apparent distress. As far as he was concerned, Min had broken their relationship and it was all beyond repair.

" My crocodile 's tears ? " She asked baffled by his sarcasm. " So you think all of this is fake ? Do you? "

Nadech sighted heavily , annoyed by her response. What did she expect ? Her tears and sorrow were two years too late. Her feelings had no impact on him any longer.

" Answer me !" Min screamed at him in a hope to get a reaction. " You know I am not the type of person to ask for forgiveness but I know I did you wrong and I am sorry . I was young and stupid but I regret it now. If I could go back in time, I would change everything so we can still be together." She took a tissue out of her bag , her tears blinding her sight as she was spilling her heart out. She dried her eyes , her make up smudging on her cheeks. Min looked at Nadech who had not say another word. His foot was taping nervously on the floor, his arms crossed, resting on his chest while he was looking down thinking of what to do next. Min guessed his protective wall to be as solid as ever, resolute that her plea had not changed anything .

" Min.... Your five minutes are up. I want you out of here." Nadech went to open the door and hold it for her to leave. To her dismay, her heartfelt speech had fallen into deaf ears , but she refused to recognise her defeat yet. She still had a last card to play and she was going to use it. She walked towards him and slowly pushed his hand away. She took control of the door and closed it again.

" One more minute ... Please." She asked sweetly, " I promise , it will be worth it."

Nadech rubbed his temples , getting irritated by her means to gain more time out of him. She perceived his impatience and without delay explained why she could get back into his favours.

" Yesterday, at Ken's restaurant , I met an interesting man. He was sitting at the bar, drinking cocktails while chatting with all the guests. The guy approached me but I avoided him. He wasn't an hiso and was getting pretty drunk. At first I didn't pay attention to what he was saying and told him to leave me alone. He replied that I would have probably reacted differently if he had the looks and charms of Mr Kugimiya. At the sound of your name , I asked the individual who he was and how he knew you. He said he was doing a job for you and was investigating Tar Spellbund. I tried to know more but he ended up collapsing on his stool, too drunk to function."

" What a moron..." Mumbled Nadech, not wanting to give away his plan. His appearance remained calm but he couldn't believe the guy he hired was so careless. " what kind of method of work is this ?" Nadech asked himself unimpressed by his drunken stunt. Min had finally achieved the impossible, she had now Nadech full attention.

"What do you want Min?" Nadech finally asked.

"To help you " she answered without hesitation, a tinkle of naughtiness in the eye. " I want to redeem myself to you."

Nadech raised an eyebrow curious at her sudden devotion." And how do you plan to do that ?"

" I will help you to get back all you have lost. I will help you in getting your revenge."

Nadech's gaze darkened at her words. He had never spoken about his plans to anyone and Min would have been the last person he would have confessed himself to.

"Oh come on... " Chuckled Min at Nadech's somber's face. " It wasn't so hard to figure it out. You have a detective working on Tar Spellbund , you are meddling with his two daughters... Plus , you forget that I know you by heart. My Nadech would have never give up and let the Spellbund get away with it... Never . "

She was right. His revenge was all that mattered to him . He had forgotten how perceptive Min was, and although he was impressed by it , there were no chance on earth he was going to confide in her or trust her ever again.

" Your Nadech ?" He asked making fun of her, " not likely... I have to applaud the ampler of your imagination but you are mistaken. I am not organising anything and even if I did , you would never be part of it."

The dash of hope that was lurking in her dark pupils died slowly. He wasn't going to let her in. Whatever she said , he wasn't interested.

" You are such fool !" She spat in an excess of rage which was now growing furiously inside of her." Can you not see? I am Chompoo's best friend ! I go to their mansion regularly, I know her parents and spends a lots of time there but you still won't accept my help ?!... I am telling you that I can bring down the Spellbund family for you !"

Nadech grabbed hold of the door once again and swung it open.

" That is exactly why I cannot trust anything that comes out of you, Min. When I was in prison , you didn't fight for me and chose to abandon me and now, you are proposing to betray your best friend for me ?!... What kind of principles are you living on?"asked Nadech perplexed at her offer. He shook his head negatively, a feeling of nausea crimping in him as he was trying to come to term with the kind of woman Min was and always had been. In a desperate and last attempt to bring him around, Min threw herself at his feet , hugging his legs tightly , she was going to hold on to him until he pitied her enough and found a small place in his heart to forgive her and accept her again.

" Please Nadech, don't let me go ... I love you ... I have always loved you." She started to whip " I can help you destroy your enemy Nadech , I will do everything you ask me to do so you can believe in me once more but please don't throw me out now ."

Nadech had have enough. He reached for Min's arms and dragged her up so she could face him one last time.

" Min ... Min ... Stop it !" He ordered , shaking her roughly so she could come out of her hysterical state ." Enough ! I have had enough of your nonsense. I want you to leave these premises in the next five minutes."

" Why ? So you can go and join your whore ?!" She threw back at him , not wanting to loose to an unworthy rival. " She is just a girl, what can a girl give a man like you ?... You need a real woman , an equal , a partner not someone who has only her virginity to offer."

"Shut up Min ! Just shut it !" Nadech commended , his grip tightening around her thin arms to the point of hurting her. She squealed under the force he was inflicting , budding drops forming quickly in the corner of her eyes.

" I don't want to loose you again.." She said in a faint breath, her tears falling carelessly on her cheeks once more.

" You are not loosing me Min. You have lost me already ... The moment you kissed me goodbye from afar while i was waiting for the judge to decide of my fate, I knew... I knew I would not see you ever again. That day , was the day I lost you. And consequently, the day you lost me too. " Nadech glared at her distraught face for a moment. The sad look she was giving him unexpectedly pinched his heart a little. Maybe his feelings for her might have not died down completely after all. Releasing his grasp , he took a hold of her delicate chin to bring her face closer to his and gently brought his soft lips to her cheek , leaving a slight kiss on her flawless skin.

" Goodbye , Min" he told her quietly. He took a step back and showed her the door for the last time. Frozen by that last kiss, Min didn't move from her spot. Was it all was left of them ?A moment lost in the past , something that could never be reignited.

" It is not true... It is not true... I know you love me , you are just angry that's all." Started Min still in a daze, her body shivering uncontrollably in a mixture of despair and resentment. Her lost gaze gradually giving into madness as she realised that Nadech wasn't concerned about her anymore.

" It cannot be . It cannot be... It is that girl , isn't it ? She wants what is mine and you are letting her ...YOU ARE LETTING HER !" Min screamed on top of her lungs . In a quick move , she came forward and threw her fists at him. She was hitting his chest repeatedly , shouting like a broken animal. Nadech tried with difficulties to take control of her arms but her strength seemed to duplicate as he was fighting her. Her knocks became harder as her fury was burning out of her. He finally managed to take hold of her hands and shoved her out of the room.His strong push left Min in the hallway , sobbing on the cold floor. Nadech slammed the door behind her , locking it to avoid any more confrontations. Min got up in a last surge of strength And attacked the door in a series of hits and kicks before falling back bruised and exhausted onto the ground.


In the vast dancing room, Yaya had put on some R&B tunes in an attempt to make her task more enjoyable. She got herself an expresso to reenergise her battery , savouring a few sips of the strong aroma to motivate herself. She began by putting all the chairs and stools on the tables to get the area ready for vacuuming and mopping. As she got to work, her thoughts brought her back at Min's earlier entrance. She might have been Nadech's ex but she acted like she still owned him. So confident she had Nadech wrapped around her fingers and maybe she did, otherwise why would Nadech oblige in listening to her when she demanded it. Unless... Unless Min knew a few of Nadech little secrets. Yaya had barely known Nadech but he had been pestering her from the start. If she knew him a bit better or could find out more about some of those little secrets, it could eventually become her key of deliverance. The more she though about it , the more she knew it was the only thing for her left to do. If she wanted to get Nadech off her back for good, she had to know what could affect him in this lifetime. Yaya was almost finished vacuuming when a silhouette in the corner of the room made her jump out. Yaya stopped what she was doing to find out who it was.

" Can I help you ?" Asked Yaya trying to distinguish the intruder's face.

" It is only me" The voice answered coming out slowly of the shadow. Yaya could hear the repetitive clicking noise of heels on the floor getting louder as the person was approaching towards her.

" Min ?..." Interrogated Yaya unsure her eyesight was telling her the truth. Her walk was confident almost arrogant, her gaze was fixed on her , a polite smile on her face.

" I just came to see how you were doing before I let myself out. You are Chompoo's little sister after all and I just wanted to know you better since Chompoo is one of my best friends. " Revealed Min , keeping her forced smile on. Yaya tried to hide her surprise but couldn't stop herself to let a clueless " Oh..." Escaping her mouth. She knew Min wasn't fond of her so she was startled to see that sudden enthusiasm.

" I am really curious to know why someone as rich as you need to be cleaning floors for an insignificant wage when your dad's debit cards are always full. With a pretty face like yours , I am sure it wouldn't be really hard to find yourself a wealthy husband that could provide you for the rest of your life either... remarked Min while watching Yaya getting ready to mop the floor.

" It is not insignificant if that wage allow me to live on it. My family is rich but I am not. My work is not about cleaning, I have a lot of responsibilities but I have to be ready to take on anything. I just want to prove myself that I can make it on my own, I want to live different experiences which I would have never encounter if I was being cared for by my parents's wealth. "

Min shook her head in disbelief. "Wow... You are surely motivated or crazy to put yourself through all of this when you have better options awaiting you."

Yaya smiled at Min's cynical comments. She wasn't the only one that didn't understand where she was coming from, Chompoo being the first one in line.

" Please , let me help you " proposed Min while she took hold of the empty bucket. " I am curious to see how satisfying those chores can really be." Yaya protested , arguing that she might ruined her labeled clothes but Min didn't listen and proceeded in filling the recipient of warm soapy water. Stunned by Min's unexpected excitement , Yaya chose one of the mop in the cupboard. " Talk about a reverse of situation..." She mumbled quietly.


Nadech was pacing back and forth in his office, waiting for Dok the detective to answer his phone call.

" Damn it !" He exploded when he got send for the tenth time on his answering machine. " wait until i get my hand on him ." He ran a nervous hand through his hair in an attempt to calm himself down and fell heavily in his office chair. His head dropped back as he closed his eyes to forget and ease the pressure. He remained in this position for awhile, relaxing the tension which had built up in the all of his body.

Without any warning , a loud scream tore him from his precarious peace, forcing him out of his chair. " Yaya ?" Nadech precipitately rushed out of his office and ran through the hallway to get to the club and bar area. As he arrived , he was met by a very peculiar scene.

" I am sorry ... I am so sorry " apologised Min at Nadech's appearance." It was an accident , I swear."

On the floor , Yaya was dropping wet in soapy water , the empty mop bucket near by, her clothes completely soaked .

" Is that true ?" Asked Nadech as he was helping Yaya to come back on her feet. He grabbed a chair from one of the table and told her to sit down.

" I ... I don't know . I didn't see what happened. I was closing the cupboard when I suddenly ended up with water all over me." Yaya admitted to him. Nadech didn't believe for one minute in Min's innocence , specially after the heated chat they had earlier on.

" I will be back " He promised , softened by her pitiful state." As for you..." Nadech took Min by the wrist and dragged her out towards the exit doors.

" It was an accident !" She repeated to him. " You don't have to force me out when I was only trying to give a hand to your staff."

" Are you sure that it was what you were doing ? Because to me it looked like you were trying to mess up with Yaya's head." Nadech let go of her as they reached the main entrance.

" Why would I do such a thing ?" Argued Min , appalled he would think
so harshly of her.

" For the same reasons you aggressed me in my office." He retorted." Is it not you who though that I had a thing for Yaya ? Isn't it?"

" Oh , that..." Replied Min while pretending to remember. " Well... At least I gave you another good reason to take good care of her , didn't I ?... You should really be thanking me." She chuckled half heartedly.

" Out Min." Ordered Nadech, tired of fighting with her. "Yaya means nothing to me, put this through your thick skull. As for you, there is just no place in my heart for you any longer." Nadech closed the doors of the club , leaving Min behind them. She was just a part of his life he wanted to forget and leave behind ready to move on with the rest of his future.