Burnt Sugar


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To make up for all the kisses that never happened in actual lakorns lol. Glad you love it, will try to update as soon as I can, but I just got done with ACT testing today, and have a PSAT coming up with two essays so yeah. I love writing because it's like my escape from all the stress. Trust me there will be lots of cute/love scenes in here.
That's exactly what I'm looking for, lots of cute/love scenes that are missing from lakorns. Thanks very much. I also love writing too, it keeps my mind off of other things that are not that important. :)


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(Chapter Five) Wedding Night

Mint: Ploy! Let me go! Aih bah! Aih lamok!
She tried to wiggle free but Ken only pulled her closer and tighter. He leaned down to sniff her neck and she suddenly stepped on his foot.
Mint: Take that!
She said as she broke free and opened the door. Ken chased after her, caught her by her waist and threw her on the bed.
Mint: Oy!!! What's gotten into you?!?
Ken: You're trying to avoid me aren't you?
Mint: Let me go!!! Get off of me!!! I hate you!!! Get away!
She screamed as Ken was on top pinning her down on the bed, struggling, her strength was getting weaker by the moment as his legs tried to hold hers still. She was running out of breath from the struggle until his body fell on top of hers. He smelled like he just bathed in alcohol. She pushed him over and saw that he was knocked out.
Mint: Where did you get the alcohol from?
Her question was answered when she looked over to the table and saw an empty bottle of liquor.
Mint: Why did you have to fall asleep on the bed?
She didn't want to sleep on the stiff sofa, yet Ken smelled so bad. She had no choice but to wash his body. Mint went and got a towel with a bowl of warm water. She couldn't help but stare at him. Mint didn't realize she was blushing until Ken reached out and took hold of her hand.
Ken: Please don't go away from me. Don't leave me! Don't, I beg you, don't leave me!
Mint: Khun! Khun! Are you alright?
She held onto his hand until he settled down. She continue to wipe his face and hands. Guess this will have to do since she didn't want to take off his shirt. Mint fell asleep next to him with a pillow between them, just in case he decides to wake up in the middle of the night and do something.
Mint woke up to a breathing Ken right beside her ear. The sun was making its way inside the room. He had his arms wrapped around her body. She tried to struggle free until Ken woke up also.
Ken: Oy, my head hurts.
Mint finally broke free and sat up on the bed.
Mint: Son numna! Who told you to drink the whole bottle of liquor, it's your own doing.
Ken tried to sit up but his head ache was too strong.
Ken: Mint help me up.
Mint: Tua krai tua maan, I'll go take a shower.
Ken: Khun jai rai.
Mint: Khun ow they jai.
She went and took a shower. After she got out she noticed Ken went back to sleep with the blankets covering his whole body. She wanted to get a closer look at him wondering if he was still living or not. As she bent her face closer to his, he opened his eyes and threw her over the bed and got on top of her. She had nothing on but the bathrobe from last night. Damn it she thought.
Ken: Let's finish what we started yesterday.
Mint: Hmm, your breath stinks how about you go and brush your teeth first.
Ken didn't get the chance to answer her when one of the servant came into the room with his hangover medicine.
Maid: Oiy, I'm sorry, I'll go out ka.
Ken: Lock the door also.
Mint: Khun! Let me go, I'm embarrassed! Ai bah!
Ken: what are you embarrassed about, we're married now, there's nothing to be embarrassed about.
She wiggled under his weight and tried pushing him off.
Damn it, who was calling him now?
Mint pushed him back and kicked him off the bed. She ran to the closet door and closed it. Her heart was beating so fast she couldn't catch her breath. Deep breaths Mint, deep breaths, she thought to herself. Outside the closet Ken was talking to someone from the office.
Ken: What?!? Okay, I'll go there right away.
He went and got ready. Mint already went downstairs before he got out of the shower.
Mint: Sawasdee ja Khun Yai, sorry for being late.
Grandma: It's okay, I understand. You must be tired from last night, uhh, I mean from the wedding.
Ken: Maay, Yai ja, both last night and this morning.
Mint glared at him, while he smiled back.
Grandma: This mean I'll have a grandchild soon!
Mint: It's not what you think ka.
Ken went and gave Mint a kiss on the cheek. She was taken by surprised and blushed madly at him.
Ken: Ko toh na, I have urgent work to do, can't have breakfast with you and Yai. But I'll make it up to you tonight na.
Grandma: Ow. If that's so then hurry go and hurry back na.
Ken: Khap, lah gon ja tee ruk.
She gave him a look and then he went out smirking.
Tonight? What does he mean by make it up tonight?

Mint: Khun Ken! Are you alright?!?!