car photos


Super Momo
the brand name is Range Rover but the car model name is Land Rover if im right or the other way around


sarNie Adult
never used yet still i wanted it

for sale 55 neverused coz im still 16 haha and there better cars out there now haha i was like 15 at time
ur waaaaaaay to loooved nong ice ^_^ so how much ur sellin' that ride for? :lol:


sarNie Egg
never used yet still i wanted it

wow integra type R haha its an RSX here in america i always wanted to buy a car from japan its right hand side drive too that'd be cool but dont u need a different license to drive those here??

wow everyone got nice cars!!! i hate cars sometimes LOL when they break down!!!


wow jojo, can i have the car? ahah but um i'll trade it with spongebob mobile. but um wait i have to go find it first k. :p


sarNie Adult
i want more than a spongebob mobile buh then ill think about it ha!
loving that car ice... at 15 and u got that sweet so jealous. :D

well here's my updates of my baby

it was raining and i didn't see the stop sign(it was a short stop sign) i didn't see it and backed up into it.

and this one i was getting out of work and anh was like omg dude what happen to ur car and i saw and i was like

Muddie Murda

My new ride. ^_^
Though it's a cheap car, it's actually...well...Toyota echo was my dream car. T___T But brother in law said they came out w/ a Yaris to replace the echo. I actually like the echo more, but this one I love too. ^_^ Now I'm soooo poorrrrrrr....*works overtime

*Ning, there's my sharpie keychain lol


i did trade in my '02 landrover freelander. she emptied my wallet & emotionally traumatized me.

and got my new baby, the '08 honda accord.

like lady0fdarkness, i've come to appreciate public metro, too. $1.25 baby! B) well, subway train costs more. :lmao:



ahah mud cute, i like ur sharpie lmfao!!

omg i like ur area the flowers are so nice haha and the houses are so freaking huge. ok i'll stop lmfao :lol:


sarNie Adult
Waoww, everyone seems to have super powerful & nice cars there.... :huh:

Here is my uncle's car that i had a chance to drive for the first time(few years ago), he let me use it for free for while until...
it let me down -_- in the middle of nowhere of the road...

it was an old second hand car(Peugeot) :p during 80s, it had a problem to make a long distance trip Lol...

"please help !!! my car just died :spin: !!"

Otherwise, like lady0fdarkness, i use public transportation Metro ^_^, it's cheaper.


lol anan, haha nice photos. u get the mood. can never imagine flagging someone down... i'd be left stranded because no one would stop for me... it's sad :(

ur emocons are so cute haha.