CH.3 [a Chalida & Push FF] Gerd Bpen Dao (Born as a Star)

I had to start this FF because I am in love with Push!!!
"Gerd Bpen Dao"
(Born as a Star)
Mint Chalida as Saengdao (Dao)
Prang Kannarun as Natnacha (Nat)
Nychaa Nuttanicha as Kaewkwan (Kwan)
Push Puttichai as Thanathep (Thep)
Phet Thakrit as Prarop (Rop)
Alex Rendall as Rawit (Wit)
Yaya Ying as Wannasa (Sa)
Ton Jakkrit as Panudeth (Dej)
Jack Methus as Peerapol (Pol)
Nong Mac Napat as Saengthawee (Sunny)
*Been working on a lot of FFs and here is chapter one for this one! :D
Chapter One
Bad Boy Good Boy
“Stay here, son, and don’t go anywhere, okay?”
Five-year old, Sunny nodded at this mother and promised that he would not leave the sofa.
“Good boy.” Dao gently ruffled her son’s hair and smiled for she was proud to have such an obedient kid.
Sunny was not only obedient but he was also smart, and if it wasn’t for him yesterday night, Dao would’ve been assaulted by some thugs, drunk men who followed Dao out of the nightclub where she worked as a server. She owed it all to her son, Sunny, and her best friend, Rawit, who was now in jail to serve for a crime he did not commit.
“Mom, will Uncle Rawit be okay?”
Just as Dao was about to move forward to the front desk of the five-star hotel, Sunny had asked her the one question that she wished he wouldn’t ask because she didn’t have a good answer. However, she turned back around, bent forward to meet Sunny’s eyes, and forced a smile.
“He’s okay,” she replied softly. “We’re going to help him get out of there.”
“Uncle Rawit didn’t kill that guy, I…
“Shhh!” Dao hissed, looking around to ensure that no one was nearby to hear their conversation.
She didn’t want to discuss the details of the previous night in public let alone discuss it at all or ever again. Rawit had confessed to the murder and claimed that it was an accident in self-defense, landing him a spot in jail.
“If Mommy gets a job here, we can help Uncle Rawit,” Dao whispered to her son. “For right now, you stay put here and if anyone asks you, say that you’re waiting on your Mom, okay?”
Sunny nodded again and this time there were no more questions. Dao hoped that she would be able to get a job here and at the moment, this five-star hotel seemed most promising. She remembered some girls at school talking last week about a few open positions here. Now that she wasn’t able to go school anymore, she might as well focus on her financial stability. Besides, Sunny was her top priority.
“Excuse me.”
The receptionist at the front desk looked up at Dao. The name on her badge read, ‘Yosawadee’. Dao cleared her throat and introduced herself. She went on to explain that she wanted to apply for a job but Yosawadee politely replied that there were no vacant positions. Dao frowned.
“But, we are accepting applications for the new restaurant that is opening,” Yosawadee added.
Dao smiled brightly and excitedly asked where she could apply.
“You’d have to talk to Khun Peerapol, the HR manager,” Yosawadee replied. “But, Khun Peerapol is actually not in the office until later this evening at 4.”
Dao checked her watch. It wasn’t until another three hours but since she was already here, she decided to wait in the lobby. Dao thanked the receptionist again and returned to the sofa across the hall where Sunny was waiting.
“Are you hungry?” she asked him.
“No,” he replied proudly.
Dao heard his stomach growl as she sat down next to him. Her smile turned into a frown, disappointed in herself that she hadn’t been a very good mother.
“But I’m hungry,” she said. “So let’s go get a bite before Mommy comes back here to apply later.”
She knew her little boy was hungry but he wasn’t going to admit it. Sunny always tried to help his mother by saving her from spending money and time. She knew him too well.
“Why do you have to come back later, Mommy?” Sunny asked her when they walked out of the hotel. “Why not do it now?”
“Because the boss isn’t here right now,” Dao replied. “So, what do you suggest, my little man?”
Sunny thought for a second and happily replied, “khao mun gai.”
The Thai chicken and rice dish was Sunny’s favorite. Dao often made it for him at home and since it was so easy to make, Sunny even learned how to make it himself. Sometimes, he even cooked it for his mother when she returned home from late nights at work.
Dao led Sunny down the street to a well-known khao mun gai vendor, Mae Su, where she used to dine with her friends during their high school years. Too bad fate parted them. At least Dao still had Rawit and Sunny.
Dao ordered two plates of khao mun gai and joined her son at a vacant table.
“Mommy, why don’t we start a food vendor cart too?” Sunny suddenly suggested. “Your cooking is very good too and plus, I can help you.”
“No,” Dao automatically replied. “I want you to concentrate on school. Right now, Mommy can’t go to school anymore so it is very important for you to stay in school.”
Sunny bit his lip and nodded.
“Hey, Sunny! You son of a bastard! You still dare to come out in public, huh?!”
Dao looked up at a boy who was about a few years older than Sunny.
“Sunny, who’s that?” she asked.
“You’re just a prostitute, you don’t deserve to know my name,” the boy replied, followed by an evil cackle.
Dao pounded her fists on the table and angrily stood up.
“You’re just a kid yet you’re this rude already!” she angrily exclaimed at him. “You don’t even deserve to speak to me!”
“You don’t know the truth!” Sunny added.
“The truth is you’re a bastard child, a prostitute’s kid!” the boy exclaimed.
Before Dao could say anything else, Sunny punched the kid in the stomach, making him yelp in pain.
“You little bastard!” the kid raised his hand to fight back but Mae Su caught his fist in midair.
“If you’re here to disturb my customers, go away!” she yelled at the boy.
The boy staggered away and Mae Su turned to the mother-son pair.
“Thank you, Mae Su,” said Dao.
“Dao, if you’re having problems, why don’t you seek assistance?” asked Mae Su, setting their food on the table. “This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such things about you.”
“Whatever people want to think, they can all they want because as long as my boy and I know it’s not true, it’s all that matters,” Dao replied.
“But if what these people are saying is true, don’t bring me any trouble,” Mae Su warned. “Just because your late mother and I used to be friends doesn’t mean that I tolerate your dirty and dramatic personal life.”
Dao nodded and thanked the woman again. She dug into her food but Sunny did not budge. A tear trickled down his rosy cheeks and Dao’s heart wrenched.
“What’s wrong, my child?”
Sunny did not answer but he wiped his tear with his sleeveless arm. Dao got up and sat beside him, pulling him into a hug.
“Don’t cry,” she told him. “Boys don’t cry.”
It had been a while since she had seen Sunny cry. Even though he was just a poor, small child, Sunny never showed his tears regardless of the situation. The sight of his tears at the moment were like needles stabbing her heart.
“All the kids at school says that you’re a prostitute,” he whined, trying to hold back his tears. “No matter how much I try to explain, they refuse to believe me.”
“Don’t worry about what others think,” she told him. “As long as we do good, we will feel good about ourselves.”
She wiped the last of his tears away and insisted that he eat his food.
“Don’t forget Mommy has got to go back to that hotel to apply for a job,” she reminded him.
When they returned to the hotel, two hours remained until the HR manager would come in. Sunny had fallen asleep onto Dao’s lap about half an hour into waiting. Dao softly played with his hair and then bent over to kiss his cheek. Never had she expected to be gifted with such a beautiful and great child, but it was all thanks to her best friends, her ex-boyfriend, Dao’s first love. She tried to forget him but with his flesh and blood right beside her, it was a difficult task. Perhaps, it was the hardest thing to do but luckily, Sunny never asked about his father.
“Dao, please, I’m begging you.”
“No, I can’t do it.”

“Please, Dao, please.”
“No, I’m not ready for it.”
“Dao, please!”
“Khun krub, khun.”
“Dao! Please!”
“Khun krub!”
Dao awoke with a start. A man in a nice suit was peering over her. She looked over to her left side where Sunny was staring at her. She had been dreaming the whole time. For one split second, she thought that the man was her ex-boyfriend, Sunny’s father. Dao shook her head. She was definitely overreacting.
“Are you okay?” the man asked.
Dao stood up and straightened her black pleated pants, white button-up shirt, and black blazer. She felt around her straight, shoulder length hair, in case there was any tidying she had to do.
“I’m…I’m fine,” she replied.
“My name is Peerapol.” The man held out his hand and Dao smiled shyly.
She had fallen asleep waiting for the very man she had been looking forward to seeing all day…a definitely bad first impression for a poor young woman seeking a job.


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I'm always having some awesome fanfic ideas but I never actually get to to working on one, haha.
But wow, this cast is super legit. Push & Chalida would be super cuuute :3 Ah, Push has been on my mind so much lately :)
And Phet and Prang, too? Even better. I will definitely be tuning into this fanfic!
Will read chapter one soon! :D
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OMGGGGG !!!! I was thinking of a new FF too and we have the same exact cast except my third couple will be Panpan and Toomtam !!! OMG aahaha I'll be reading this one though hehe eeeeeekssssss !
yay for Toomtam! :D
ip.smilez said:
OMGGGGG !!!! I was thinking of a new FF too and we have the same exact cast except my third couple will be Panpan and Toomtam !!! OMG aahaha I'll be reading this one though hehe eeeeeekssssss !
OMG. Lol! I'm in freakin' love Push and I am really loving Mint too! I just had too...just had too. Lol! Thanks for tuning in!
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I'm always having some awesome fanfic ideas but I never actually get to to working on one, haha.
But wow, this cast is super legit. Push & Chalida would be super cuuute :3 Ah, Push has been on my mind so much lately :)
And Phet and Prang, too? Even better. I will definitely be tuning into this fanfic!
Will read chapter one soon! :D
yay for Toomtam! :D
Yes! I think Prang and Phet are cute together but their story is just too sad in Bang Rajun, which is one of the reasons I'm not watching that lakorn. Lol. Thank youuu!!! I would've put Toom in here but he's in two my other FFs. Hahahaha!
Chapter Two
Memories in the Heart
“Have a seat.”
Dao looked around the office and sat down in the rolling chair opposite from the HR manager, Peerapol, who began to look through her profile in which she handed to him on their way up the elevator. She crossed her fingers and hoped for the very best. Even though she was previously a drink server at a nightclub, Dao made just a little over enough to keep herself and her son in school.
“You didn’t finish at the university?” Peerapol looked up from the documents.
Dao slowly shook her head and replied that she had to discontinue for personal reasons.
“Is it because of your son?” he asked.
“Yes,” Dao replied, politely, wondering if he would go into further detail with the questioning. She wished he wouldn’t.
“What are you doing now?”
Dao nervously played with her fingers and tried to think of a good answer.
“I want to help my son by financing his education to keep him in school.” She knew that she didn’t really answer the question but it was the only good response she could think of. Besides, she wasn’t lying.
“Restaurant includes heavy work,” said Peerapol, sitting back in his chair. “Also, we need full-time employees. If you’re hired, do you think you can balance your work with your son?”
She hadn’t thought about that. It shouldn’t be that difficult though since Sunny was in school during the day anyway. She could get the neighbors to check on him after school until she came home from work. Perhaps, she could even hire a part-time babysitter.
“Yes,” she replied.
Peerapol smiled.
“It seems from your profile that you’re studying agriculture, though. How is that going to benefit our restaurant business?”
Dao didn’t want to mention that she had previously worked at a nightclub. Even though she only served drinks it was still not worth mentioning, especially after what had happened the night before.
“I studied agriculture because I like nature and the world we live in and I want to learn more about it, how to take care of it. However, I believe I can be useful here because I do learn fast and like learning in general.”
Peerapol laughed.
“It seems like you are very serious and to the point.”
Dao didn’t know what he found amusing but she did speak from her heart, therefore giving an honest answer. It was the best she could do.
“We have a few positions open but you’ll have to learn a lot within the first few weeks since our restaurant is in the process of opening,” he explained.
“I will consider all availabilities,” she replied.
He nodded and added, “Right now, we are looking for restaurant managers, hostesses and servers. I see that you’re a pretty good speak so I highly recommend the hostess position. What do you think?”
Dao’s face lit up, making Peerapol smile.
“When can I apply?” she asked.
“Right here,” he replied, and he bent over slightly to open the left side of his desk drawer and pulled out a thin packet. “Fill this out, read over our company’s policy, and I’ll be back in a bit to check on you.”
Dao thanked him, grabbed a pen from his cup holder, and began writing away. Hosting is better than serving, she thought, but anything is better than nothing at all. She would do whatever it takes to save up enough for Rawit’s bail and keep Sunny in school. It was her fault that her best friend was serving jail time for her. Dao shuddered at the thought of it, the freak accident last night that almost cost Rawit’s life.
“It was only an accident,” Dao whispered to herself, feeling cold sweat building up all over her face. “It was only an accident.”
Then, she got herself together and set her mind straight. Sunny was waiting for her in the lobby. Even though Peerapol asked the receptionist to keep an eye on him, Dao shouldn’t keep the little boy waiting too long. In addition, she and Sunny had promised to visit Rawit at the police station later.
Sunny looked around the lobby but there were no signs of his mother. She was probably busy filling out paperwork at the moment. When he could no longer wait for her so she could accompany him to the restroom, he got up from the sofa and walked towards the front desk.
“Excuse me.” Sunny tiptoed and perched his head on marble desk. “Where’s your restrooms?”
Both of the receptionists smiled, pointed to the right and gave him directions on how to get there. Sunny thanked them and slid past a foreign couple, who pointed at him and smiled brightly. Then, without looking forward, he had bumped into someone, a tall woman wearing a pleated black skirt and silver metallic blouse. She bent over and grabbed both of his arms.
“Where are your parents?” the woman asked him.
“Khun Natnacha,” one of the receptionists gasped, rushing over to Sunny and the woman.
“Khun Natnacha,” Sunny quietly repeated.
“Who’s child is this?” the woman named Natnacha asked the receptionist.
“His mother is here to apply for a job, ka,” the receptionist replied. “She’s currently with Khun Peerapol.”
“Oh,” said Natnacha. “Well, why is he walking around the lobby?”
“He was going to the restroom, ka,” the receptionist replied in an apologetic tone.
“Nat!” Sunny slightly jerked his head past Natnacha and saw a tall, handsome man approaching.
He then slid away and continued his way to the restroom, bumping into Peerapol on the way.
“Hey there little buddy! Where are you going?”
Sunny replied that he was going to the restroom. Peerapol smiled and escorted him to the men’s room, where Sunny was fascinated by the beauty and size of it.
“Whoa!” he exclaimed.
“What is it?” Peerapol asked.
“It’s definitely bigger than my house,” Sunny replied.
Peerapol watched the little boy disappear into a stall and shook his head. What a cute and smart kid, he thought. What was even more interesting was the kid’s mother, Dao. Peerapol smiled at the thought of her, finding her mysterious, intrigued by the mother-son pair.
By the time Dao and Sunny got to the police station, the sun was already descending almost halfway into the horizon. Hand-in-hand, they walked into the building and requested to visit Rawit. Two cops escorted him out and Dao nearly cried upon his presence. Her eyes fell onto his hands, which were cuffed to the front.
“Uncle Wit!” Sunny exclaimed.
Rawit smiled brightly and high-fived the little boy through the glass that separated them. Even though his face did not show it, Dao knew that Rawit felt uncomfortable in there. They had been friends since high school and she knew him all too well.
“Rawit, I found a job,” she told him through the microphone. “I’ll be able to get you out of here soon.”
“Where?” Rawit asked.
“Hostess at a hotel restaurant,” Dao replied.
Rawit smiled. “Thank you, Dao. Thank you for not leaving me.”
“I should be the one saying that,” said Dao, wiping her tears before they trickled down her natural face. “Thank you for helping me and Sunny. I promise it won’t be long before I come up with 33,000 baht.”
“Sorry I’m putting you through all of this,” said Rawit. “I feel so bad about your school.”
“It’s okay,” said Dao. “I’d be bored without you anyway.”
Rawit smiled. “Peoples’ lives can really change in just a small amount of time.” He turned to Sunny and made him promise that he will stay in school regardless of the future situations.
“I promise, krub,” Sunny chimed.
“Time’s up,” said the cop behind Rawit.
“I’ve gotta go,” said Rawit. “Take care of yourselves.”
Sunny waved goodbye while Dao tried to refrain from bursting into tears. She had cried herself to sleep last night after spending over two hours clearing up with the police, returning home at three in the morning.
“Let’s go, Sunny.” She grabbed her son’s little hand and together, they walked home.
All day, Natnacha thought of the little boy she had met earlier at the hotel lobby. He seemed so familiar but she couldn’t remember where she had seen him. Either that or he resembled someone that she knew but she couldn’t figure out who. Then, she thought of her ex-boyfriend and her best friend from her high school years. She missed those times when she spent nearly every day laughing and playing with her two favorite people, not knowing that fate would separate them later.
“Are you okay?”
Natnacha looked up from her steak and potatoes to the man sitting in front of her.
“I’m fine, P’Thep.”
But, she wasn’t and she could tell that he knew she was lying. Thanathep put his fork and knife down and took a sip of his drink.
“You’ve been quiet all day,” he said.
“I just have a little headache,” said Natnacha.
“Do you want me to go get you some pain reliever medicine?” Thanathep asked.
Natnacha shook her head and thanked him. She began to stare out the window as Thanathep suspiciously looked at her. For as long as he knew her, she was definitely never mysterious as today. He was the type of person that could read minds and most of the time that he went along with his hunches, he was always correct.
Thanathep returned home to a surprise. Everything was tidier than usual and the servants were frantically running around carrying various things and doing various chores.
“What’s going on?” Thanathep asked Bpa Nuan, the nanny and elder maid, who walked up to him to take his jacket.
“Khun Wannasa ka,” Bpa Nuan began. “She is getting ready for her younger brother’s arrival.”
Thanathep rolled his eyes and excused himself upstairs to his room. He should’ve known by now that his infamous step mother usually did things like this.
Just before Thanathep stepped into his room, someone had grabbed his waist and pushed him in, closing the door behind with a soft click. He whirled around and seeing that it was Wannasa, his step-mother, he pushed her away and ordered her out of his room. Instead, she sat down seductively on his bed and crossed her legs, slightly bending back, supporting her upper body with her arms, letting her silk robe slide to the sides to reveal her legs.
“Get out!” Thanathep ordered her out again but she did not budge.
“Oh come on,” she said, seductively. “Don’t act like we’re unfamiliar with each other.”
“Actually, we are,” Thanathep said, coldly. “And I don’t want to get to know a person like you either. Don’t think that you’re my father’s new wife and you can do whatever you please in this house.”
When she still didn’t move a muscle, Thanathep walked to the door and opened it ajar.
“If you don’t get out, I will call for my father,” he threatened.
She made an annoying face and stormed out, brushing his shoulders as she passed him. Thanathep slammed his bedroom door shut and locked it, in case she would try anything funny. He then sank onto his bed and lied on his back. As he took a deep breath and exhaled, Thanathep was reminded of his mother. She fell ill after his father brought the mistress in and then later succumbed to her illness. Thanathep missed his mother but there was nothing he could do to bring her back. He only held anger within his heart and vowed never to love anyone because true just doesn’t exist.
YinGgyTASTIC said:
I love it. Step mother a creep. I like how mint like a mother even though she look so young haha. Something different
Push so fine that everybody creepin' up on him. Lol! I just wanted to say that. But yeah, stepmother is the ultimate nang'rai in this one. Hahahaha!


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How am i barely seeing this?!! Ahhh please continue!!! People are pairing Chalida with diff guys from left to right whew! She's on a roll!


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Please continue, I really love the story so far...can't wait for the relationship to progress between Mint and Push and Phet and Prang.
Chapter Three
Don't Count on It
"Dao! Please! I'm begging you! I can't do this...I'm not ready."
No matter how long he begged, Dao would not give in. Even though she had loved him with all of her heart, she will not give in and let him take advantage of her as he had done so before. He had taken advantage of her love and all of that had gone down the drain. 
"Dao!" he cried. 
"No," Dao squeaked. 
She wiped her tears away and tried to break free from his grasp. 
"Dao! Don't make me get on my knees!" 
"If you knew things would be like this, why'd you do it in the first place?"
He stared at her apologetically and the infant in his arms began to wiggle. Dao stared at the little blue bundle in her ex-boyfriend's arms. She suddenly felt sorry. She felt sorry for him and the baby. The child stretched and opened his tiny little beautiful eyes. 
"Dao, please," he continued to beg. "If I knew things would be like this, I never would've done it."
The baby stared at Dao and cracked a smile. 
Saengdao opened her eyes and saw Sunny peering over her. She was so exhausted that she had fallen asleep and again, dreamed the same dream she had had a few days ago in the hotel lobby. It was weird. She hadn't had those nightmares (she referred to them as nightmares) since Sunny was a baby. 
"Mom, are you alright?" 
Sunny had been staring at her for she did not know how long. Dao smiled shyly and nodded.
"I'm fine," she replied, ruffling his hair. 
"It's time to go to work," said Sunny. 
Dao checked her watch and realized she had about half an hour to get there. Just enough time, she thought. Dao got up off the mattress on the floor and tied up the drapes around it. Sunny announced that he would make the bed and before she knew it, he had rushed her out of the door. Before she left, she planted a kiss on his forehead and told him to be a good boy. Sunny waved goodbye to his mother as he watched her turn the corner. 
"And this is where your office is...
Just as Thanathep reached the executive hall, he heard familiar voices coming from the corner, and as he expected, they were coming from the two least people that he wanted to see. Thanathep rolled his eyes and walked past him.
"Well, Khun Thanathep, what a pleaure."
Thanathep stopped for second and continued down the hall to his office, completely ignoring his father's mistress and her younger brother, the one that he was supposedly to meet and greet a few days ago. 
"I came back a few days already and I haven't met Khun Thanathep yet," Thanathep heard his father's mistress' younger brother say. 
"Khun Thanathep must be very busy," said Wannasa. "That's why he's been staying at his assistant's house."
Thanathep turned around and held out his hand. 
"Nice to meet you, krub," Thanathep tried to be as polite as possible. He even smiled a little smile.
"My name is Prarop, krub," Prarop said, introducing himself. 
The two shook hands. 
"I know," Thanathep replied.
"I am very happy that I finally got to meet you," said Prarop. "P'Sa talks about you a lot."
"That, I am also aware of," said Thanathep. "Make yourself at home."
Prarop nodded and thanked him and the pair of siblings watched as Thanathep continued down the hallway. 
"I guess he's a nice guy," Prarop turned to Wannasa.
Wannasa smirked. 
Thanathep sank into his office chair and as soon as he did, Peerapol burst into his office. 
"Why do you look like someone had just pissed you off?" he asked Thanathep.
Thanathep shook his head and exhaled loudly. 
"Forget it...what've you got?"
Peerapol chuckled. "Must be your stepmother and your...supposedly new uncle."
"That woman is not my stepmother," Thanathep replied angrily. "I will never accept that low-down woman as my stepmother."
"Seems like you don't know yet...
"Your stepmother...I mean...Khun Wannasa and Khun Panudeth, your father, gave Prarop the office down the hall from you," Peerapol told him.
Thanathep nodded, "I know; I just saw them."
"And you've no reaction?! I'm surprised!" Peerapol exlaimed.
"Well, what the hell can I do? Whatever I do and say, my father never agrees anyways." 
Thanathep suddenly stood up angrily from his chair. He started towards the door but Peerapol grabbed his arm.
"Whoa, where are you going?" he asked.
"Away, just leave me alone," said Thanathep. "My father probably doesn't need me up here anymore since he has his new younger brother-in-law, a fresh new graduate from overseas to help him. I can't stand it anymore."
Thanathep yanked his arm free and started towards the elevator and made his way down. Peerapol ran after him and followed him into the lift.
"Look, can you stop nagging me?! I'm already tired of the things around here! Don't annoy me!" Thanathep exclaimed when they were in the lift. When the door opened, Thanathep charged out and stamped towards the swiveling doors. Dao, with her bag of coffee in one hand, walked in and without watching where he was going, Thanathep crashed into her, knocking her and her bag of coffee over. The contents exploded all over Thanathep, who stared at her angrily, his fists and teeth clenched. Peerapol gasped. 
"Khun Saengdao! Are you all right?!" he exclaimed, helping her up. 
Dao nodded and looked up at Thanathep, who had been staring angrily at her. 
"Peerapol! Who the hell is this?!" Thanathep bellowed. 
"Nevermind, I don't need or want to know!" Thanathep interrupted.
"But she's our new hire for the restaurant," said Peerapol. "This is her first day."
"And last," said Thanathep. "Because I'm firing her."
Dao gaped and apologized over and over. 
"Aie Thep! You can't do that!" Peerapol exclaimed. "I already hired her!"
"But I already fired her and I can do that because I am the owner of this property! The end!"
Thanathep, drenched in hot coffee from head to toe, stomped away angrily as Dao helplessly watched him walk away. Her life only became more and more miserable by the days. Dao fell onto the floor and cried. 


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Oh no poor Dao! Hopefully she gets the job through some circumstances...

I like where the story is going Cant wait for more interactions between Push and Mint and Prang and Phet (as these two couple are my favourite atm)