[CH. ONEHD] Rachinee Mor Lum (๙ Saen Studio - Exact Scenario) : Noona / Nike


sarNie Granny
She cute for her height LOL . I want to see her dance & singing too. I'm not very fond of the P'ek but I will endure it for Noona.


sarNie Adult
On I loved this lakorn!!! Although Paul's character was a jerk I loved him still. Though people would disagree, I've always loved Paul and thought he was pr'ek material though he could've improved better over the years. I miss seeing him on screen. I hope this remake does the original justice. And Kwang is soooo pretty still!!! I never she could sing so good also

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
The trailer looks so good. I'm excited to see this, I'm not a musical person but I loved the old version. Paul is way better than Nike. I liked how he and Joy would bicker, so funny how that version he started to kiss her neck and then she got so scared that she fainted. The trailer only showed Nike twice and I can't tell how their making his character this version. Hopefully he's still a playboy and bickers with n'ek. Nike was good in E-Sa but from the trailer, the scene where he's in the hospital bed, his acting is very blah here. I wish the p'ek was either Push, Bie, or Toomtam. Psyched to see Kwang and Noona!


he didn't kiss her neck. he sniff her neck & kiss his thumb . :)
LOL. True, Very True. I'm pretty sure the pra ek's character will still be the same as the other version. I'd prefer Toomtam as Pra ek over Nike. But it has already been done so just have to bear and watch it as it is.


sarNie Juvenile
I don't know if I'm ready for this remake! This was the first lakorn I remember watching as a kid and I loved it. Mam and Joy's chemistry was undeniable. Not a fan of Nike either, but I don't think his character will be very relevant in this version just by looking at the teaser. We'll see! Can't wait!


sarNie Egg
This one started airing already :cheer:
I remember the original only vaguely so I"m looking forward to experiencing this remake without fully comparing lol

I personally found the first episode moving very quickly and it was interesting
Feel so sad for the mom. and well the whole family actually...
Although if by episode 2-3 the familys looking for the mom already does that mean they're gonna drag it out towards the middle?
hope not

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I had such high hopes for this but urg, it fell flat; very lacklustre and the cast had no chemistry compared to the old version. I loved the tension building up until the revelation between Joy and Mam in the old version but this version ruined it by making Pin and Kamnang reveal the truth way too early and then drag the remaining episodes. There is way too much Candy in this lakorn and she overshadowed Noona. I didn't like the added plot with the p'ek's mom and stepmom. The p'ek is supposed to be a brat and playboy, that's what made him entertaining, this version of the p'ek was just boring, in fact the relationship was boring. Kwang and Noona have barely any mother daughter chemistry and kind of affected the lakorn. The songs were not as good as the old songs and there wasn't a good development of Kamnang's singing career. It took way too long to even have her become a singer. Why did Candy have so much screen time and the plots kind of revolved around her. LAME. Not a good remake, the saving grace is Noona's charm.