[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


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I was in a hurry and typed the wrong password a few times and got logged out temporally .... I almost died. LOL.

anyway....not sure if anyone posted the full ad for TrueYou.
Pope is so handsome in here. They just released on YT about 8 hours ago and already has around 250K views
Oh hell naw lady that man is reserved for Kadesurang! Haha.
Agreed!!! Stay away! He’s for ME only! I meant Kade only!

Didn’t like that commercial :BangHead:


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I wanna kiss him. Just saying.
I honestly really liked the romance they gave us with just Date staring at Kade and sniffing her. Now I'm overwhelmed with the number of kisses they've given us and wish they'd just did that one "french" kiss. Haha.
Too many is not good. Yes I am complaining once more.
Really? Lols I couldn’t get enough of them kisses. I wish there were more! Obviously there weren’t enough kisses that’s why Khun P’ Por Date is still always surprised whenever Kade kisses him even after they had that many kids lols


Well to any shippers, Pope just called her Nong Sao lol! But Bella looked disappointed. Got’s face though! Lmao! Louis and Got pretend to cough.
Omg look at Got's expression. HAHA.

Oh and who is that monk that practically gave PraPhetRacha permission to coup? I'm also glad that they didn't talk about PraNarai death but only mention that he was ill. GLAD that p'Mai refused to touch on that because it was a sensitive subject. So in my opinion I think that PraNarai kind of brought this on the kingdom for overly favoring Falcon and allowing him to do whatever he wants. Imagine if Falcon couldn't be stopped, would Ayuttaya be colonized by the French?
I'm glad too. Like I said I liked every political scene in the episode I just wish they weren't in the finale or weren't taking up that much room in the finale, you know?? This darn Ep16 should've been.
Maybe bc they're both older that their chemistry just seems more natural and comfortable.

Weir had Min all this time to the point where they're really good friends and comfortable with skin ship lol maybe Bella will have that with Pope now to be fair after all these years hahaha
Yeah, Weird had his breakthrough lakorn with Min in Pin Anong. It's Bella's turn now. HAHA.

Ah ha!!!! Those ladies that PraPhetRacha was talking to behind the screen is the concubine and daughter of PraNarai, the one who PraPhetRacha married in order to become King.
That's what I was thinking too.

Ok to give context to their seahorse conversation at the end, Kade picked seahorse cause it's the male that carries and gives birth to the babies lol.

In the book, they talked about it before. There were maybe 2 times? when Kade got mad at how unfair and hard life is for a woman and she would tell Date she wishes she was a female seahorse and he never got it lol. And then the end coversation is almost exactly like in the book when she brings it up again with the "next life I'm going to be a seahorse" part.

I love that about the book, the little callbacks to some earlier moment.
Wow...wish they didn't cut that part out. If I didn't have you guys I would've been soo lost. Haha.


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I’m happy and never want Khun P’ Por Date and Kade’s story to end, I can watch them all day forever like them American soaps but I hope this 2nd part isn’t rushed and just trying to capitalize on the popularity that it isn’t carefully planned and executed and end up being disappointing like a lot of part 2’s. But I’m looking forward to watching part 2. Just hoping it isn’t gonna take forever like this part did. I remember back then I was getting it finishing my bachelors degree? And I would come in this page and it would be so silent with no new updates no conversations. And this part is finally finished and I’m already finishing up my masters defeee lmao. Maybe the next part will be done when I finish my PhD?


Who asked earlier about why Kade never told Date and his father the truth about her coming from the future but then decided to tell Date and Kosa Ban at the end? Got the answer from my mom. I forgot and she has the book, so courtesy of mom there's an explanation in the book!

Kade was scared that Date might blame her if he knew that she knew ahead of time that his dad and brother would die and all the other tragedies and didn't do anything to change it. So that's why she never told anyone period. (Note: Book Kade is nowhere near as careless as lakorn Kade with the modern or politics stuff)

She finally decided to at the end cause Kosa Ban straight up asked her and in the book, they're really close. She also thought that maybe if she told him, it might prevent his tragic fate later on. Yeah she still has a thought to passively try for the people she loves. She also actually did try to help Si Prat too but fate and all.

But Kosa Ban was able to tell from her face how bad she felt and told her it's ok. Everyone has to die at some point and that he wouldn't ask her anymore because her knowing the future but can't change anything is a curse for her. It's actually a really good conversation between them.

Also she did explain the twin/Karakade stuff to Date and Kosa Ban. Not sure why they took that out in the lakorn.
I knew it had something to do with their close bond in which was neglected throughout this lakorn. That's why I was shocked at how she blatantly told Kosa Ban when she did whatever she could to conceal it from Date. If they didn't show the close bond between Kosa Ban and Kade they should've just let her tell Date only. Oh at least tell Khun Loong!!!


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Quick question, what had happened to Por Date's brother? Anyone care to explain?
He was executed!
The King was talking abt P'Sri @ 47mins (give or take a few seconds off)

But the back story was that P'Date brother was a talented young man (poetry) and the King favored him... and other noble were jealous so they falsely accused him (something about wife and concubine) and he was sentenced to exiled in another province.

**someone correct me if im wrong or missing info**


I'm watching K'Nong and P'Mai's interview with Num and guys it took the script writer 2 years to adapt it from the book. 2 years! What's gonna happen with Prom Likit? I went back to page one and yep this thread was started in 2012 lol.

Other interesting tidbits: The script writer completely took out Si Prat because she didn't want to deal with his story - too many comflicting reports in history with him. He got added for a bit part at the end cause P'Mai really wanted that character and so negotiated w/her.

All those close face scenes with Kade/Date? P'Mai added it cause he was inspired by Pope and Bella lol. Said they're really good at showing emotions with just their eyes and he wanted to capture it.
Taking Sri out isn't necessarily a bad idea, but like we all have said it would've added depth to Date and Kade. . .
They added one too many close ups... BUT it's okay because it's Popella. HAHAHA. I agree with her though that Popella does a good job at expressing via the eyes, especially Bella!!!

Pope has hairy nipples lolol well long hairs on his nipples. Watching it subbed snd bam.. admiring his pecs as he pretends to go back to sleep and that's right in my face lolol
Me too!! I looked at those pec's the whole time! HAHAHA.


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I wish she'd just tell him privately!!!!! But noooo she told Kosa Ban first. Date didn't even know. It wouldve been nice if it was just the two of them in their room and their conversation turned into lo sam pao as the camera panned out! Hahahahhaa. And then she'll be like. . . call me Kade .Heeh
He knows she's a Kade - he's ever heard her say her name & how she looks like. I don't think she planned to blurt all out to Kosa Ban that way, as usual she's waiting the right time to tell him. But you must also think maybe she felt in telling 2 intelligent people at the same time, to back up her story how they should all move forward, maybe that's why.


I know I’m super late on this. Just got home from work and studying and finally got time to watch this. Anyone else balling their eyes out at the dad’s death? :(:(:(:sad6::sad6::sad6:
I did!! I cried when Kade went up to him and thanked him for his hospitality. I wish they didn't cut him out so early. I wanted more emotional scenes from him.

Not sure if i can trust him at all lmao im still bitter that he lied that there are no kisses in this lakorn but we ended up with 5-6 real kisses and uncountable sniff/cheek kisses
Right. Still mad at him for lying!!!

Omg!!!!!!! Pope speaking in French... ohh la la... sooo hot!! :love::love::love: makes me want to.... (fill in the blank)