[CH3] Bung Lung Dork Mai (Wave TV company) : Mario Maurer / Toey Jarinporn


sarNie Oldmaid
Mario and Margie reunion? I never watched their version of Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sode but from the parts I did see I wasn't too interested. Mario has a baby-face, so Margie always seems a bit too old for him. Hopefully this storyline will be more interesting and I'll be able to see chemistry. 


Rak Gert Nai Talad Sode was really good. Mario and Margie were adorable in there and that was the first time Mario made me fall for him because of his whacky character. For those who are wondering if they should watch it, it's a definite must. Anyways about this reunion, I'm so happy. I wonder what the storyline is or if it's really happening.


sarNie Adult
Aw, yay! Wish she have a new pra'ek though, like Mark and Nadech and James Ji, but this is good too hehe.


Expired Sarnie
I absolutely loved Mario in RGNTS. Margie was well... okay... they did have good chemistry. Glad that they are reuniting. I wanted to see Mario with Mew N.


sarNie Tombstone
wow another reuniting couple 


Staff member
Awwwe, a reunion yay!  I must admit I haven't finished their first lakorn.. but they were cute. :D


Thanks but I am a bargie fan......margie looks old for baby faced mario he is perfect for the following nang ek....yaya,preen ranida,patricia goodman and aum shusar.I wish channel 3 will open their eyes for these pairing soon.


sarNie Adult
oohhh! I also didn't watch their first one but I want them again in like a modern Slap/kiss kinda lakorn lmaoo I need them in a good one hahah since I am not really a fan of romantic comedy since many it always tend to be too "Funny" which gets annoying hehe but I probably will check their first one out to see if they have any chemistry heheh


Mrs James Ma
Even I have not watched their first lakorn together but may be I'll watch after this lakorn starts shooting.


sarNie OldFart
N'ek has been changed from Margie to Toey Jarinporn. 
KCL: @รู้มาเมื่อกี้จากปาก “ตู่”ปิยวดี ผู้จัด ว่าละคร “บัลลังก์ดอกไม้” ล่าสุดเปลี่ยนตัวนางเอก “มาร์กี้” ราศี เป็น“เต้ย”จรินทร์พรส่วนพระเอกวาง “มาริโอ้” เหมือนเดิม