[CH3] Bung Lung Dork Mai (Wave TV company) : Mario Maurer / Toey Jarinporn


sarNie Adult
she's too childlike or kiddie like to me. doesn't have that n'ek in her yet. glad to see mario with more lakorn though...


sarNie Adult
More pics fitting
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Mrs James Ma


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Ahhh, so this was the one Margie was supposed to be in but got swapped.  Darn, I would've liked to see a Mario&Margie reunion, oh well.  I actually like Toey.. been liking her ever since her lakorn with Golf-Mike w/Peak.. though I was more fond of Peak hehe.
Anyways, I think Mario and Toey do look cute, but I do understand where y'all are coming from.. I don't know how they'll be like in a long lakorn or how they'll look when it airs.... hmmm.. will have to wait and see.
BUT omg!  I think I'm just going to see "Than/Thun" instead of Oh's character in here lol... his character looks just like Than from SongHuaJaiNeePueaTur... :D :D :D
Thanks for the update Step!


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Thanks again.
Oh looks great... hmmm, still not sure about Toey.  I don't really get a vibe yet from the two.


sarNie Oldmaid
Oh this is the one Margie was suppose to be in? Darn I was wondering what happened to that one. I think I would've liked Margie more. I don't like Toey's haircut here. I wish she'd kept it longer.