[CH3] Bung Lung Dork Mai (Wave TV company) : Mario Maurer / Toey Jarinporn


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I do like toeys acting her it makes me appreciate her acting because it is strong contrast to her role in the Yaya mark lakorn. I definitely think she is above average.
And she is cute with Mario maybe because of her height.
I don't mind her wig because it is better than I expected after knowing it is fake. I kind of understand because she probably was shooting other shows at the same time if she cuts it short then she couldn't do other roles.

I really like marios performance here this brats kind of figure really suits him lol.

I just don't understand how he fell in love with her, it seems to me quite sudden and awkward. They should have portraited the progress better.


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Boys brother whatever his name is, his acting is pretty bad.
Zero skills. Look like he is just reading off the script.


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It's moving along well. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode. Chakhon seems to be the bait for the sneaky guy! I figured he was envy of Nawin. It never fails that when someone is adopted they turn bad. Well for the most part that is.


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Anyone know how many eps there is? It's already ep 7 and i dont want it to end anytime soon


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I love today's episode where Beam packed matcha sandwiches for breakfast and Mario says to Toey "I want some sandwiches too!" Lols what a baby


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Finally had time to watch episode 1 and I love it! I went back to read the old comments to realize that not many people thought Toey could have the N'ek aura, but she definitely has it with Mario. Their bickering is adorable! I think they look great together. Toey's hairstyle is not my favorite, but it adds to her character. The storyline is pretty interesting. Can't wait to see what's next with Anawin and Pudchompoo! :icon12:


sarNie Adult
I am so loving Beam and Matcha's couple. I'm so glad they're not letting Lada get in the way. I've never shipped Beam with any actress before but these two are so adorable together! Too bad Beam is married to me or else I'd love for them to be a real couple


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Toey and Mario are so cute together. They both got the baby faces and every time they get shy on screen, I spazz. Win is becoming more tolerable, it helps that he is upfront about the way he has changed and that those changes are the work of Pud. They even act like a couple without making things "official" yet and I love seeing those intimate interactions. Like when Win is watering the plants and he gets lost in watching Pud, and smiling at the sight of her. Or when he tells her to not pout about him going to Wai's birthday party.
Hahaha, and the way he was so pleased when she flattered him about his looks in order to convince him to be their flower boy.


This is off-topic but is related to Mario.

This is his new Penshoppe campaign with Sandara. They are known as Sanrio! LOL He is on fire!! :love::icon12::drooling:

OH my goodness! I love Mario in here. I don't really care for Sandara but Mario is hot stuff in here! Sandara is tiny next to Mario! LOL :icon12::love::p Thank you so much for sharing!