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Couldn't help myself. Here's a morning-after spoiler

The sun rises over their house. Underneath a shared blanket, Nok is wearing Nai's large shirt. Nok wakes from her sleep in the embrace of Nai, who is shirtless. Seeing him asleep, she starts to fool around, using her finger to trace from his brows. Nai wrinkles his brow but doesn't open his eyes. Nok giggles and continues, tickling his nose. He wrinkles his nose but stays asleep. She continues until her finger reaches his lips and she sees that he is smiling. She watches him smiling, then breathes on his face. He moves his face. She tries to hold in her laugh, and reaches up to continue tickling his nose, but his phone rings and she drops her hand.

Nai wakes up sleepily and reaches for his phone. "Hello? It's nine 'o clock? I can't seem to get up. My wife bothered me all night. Last night, we celebrated our one month anniversary...celebrated late into the night, and..."

His pause makes Nok unable to bear it anymore, and she opens her eyes to look at him.

"...and now it's morning, but she still doesn't want to stop."

"Who said so?" she yelled at him.

"You heard her voice right? I don't want to make her wait." He is interrupted by Nok hitting him with a pillow. "Oh, khun Nok! Stop!" She reaches across him trying to get his phone but he pulls away until she is lying on him.

"Give the phone to me."

"Calm down, Miss Wife. Don't be so rough with me." He speaks into the phone. "Hello? It looks like this morning, she won't let me go easily. I'd like to take a vacation day."

Nok finally gets ahold of the phone but sees that the screen is empty. "The call ended."

Nai says, "It ended since my very first sentence. They know." (huhuhu...)

She starts hitting him again. "Go to the office. Go explain everything. They must be gossiping so much right now."

"Why should I? We're married. It's okay if they gossip about us being sweet. The only thing I regret is that their gossip news will not be even half as sweet as the real thing." (*spazz*)

Nok blushes when she realizes that she is sitting on Nai. She tries to quickly get off but Nai is quicker. He holds onto her.

"Let me go."

"Where are you rushing off to? I even took a vacation day. Hmm, you had a lot of fun playing around with me earlier. Let me tease you a bit too."

Surprised, she asks, "You know what I was doing?"

"I woke up before you."

"But you pretended to sleep?"

"I was waiting to see when you would stop playing around. But then you went and attacked me instead."

"I didn't do anything!"

"It's okay if you didn't. As long as you don't oppose me." He pulls the blanket over them
I am wondering when their relationship turn sour again?


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I’m here. Because of the holiday (I’m from the US) and all that workloads double in the office. I barely have time to use the restroom! Lol. I need to catch up with episode 3 and 4 subbed.
Surprisingly I’m not busy today... I think everyone took the entire week off so my workload is light. Traffic was light too as well.

At least the day is almost over so you can enjoy the subbed this weekend.


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Not long ago someone posted a spoiler here about Nai&Nok celebrating their one month of marriage scene. Any idea which page it is?
Yes, it was when they consummated their marriage.

I made some changes with more dialogues at the beginning.

Wongwet visits Tawat and Nok at home bearing fruits gift basket.
Luckanai came home in a good mood. He walks to Tawat's bedroom and his mood changed immediately when he saw who was the guest. Luchanai saw Nok eating pizza with Wongwet and her dad. They are laughing and having a good time.
Wongwet: Khun Nai, you are back. Come and join us. Khun Nok ordered lot of pizzas.
Nai felt disheartened and disappointed.
Nai: No thanks. I have a dinner date with someone but she already ordered pizzas.
Wongwet felt guilty and lose his appetite but Nok keep on eating as if nothing is wrong.
Tawat: You can always eat again, Nok.
Nok: My name is Nok (bird) not elephant.
Tawat: But didn't you promise Nai?
Nok: It's not often that P'Wet comes to visit so I would like to take the opportunity to spend time with him. I hope my husband would understand.
Wongwet is feeling guilty for causing problem between Luckanai and Nok. Wongwet is about to say something but Nai interrupted.
Nai: It's ok Khun Wet because I see my wife everyday. And today is a normal day like any other day. Please excuse me.
Luckanai left the room.
Tawat: I think Nai is sulking.
Wongwet: I'm thinking the same.
Nok: What's wrong with you men? Why think so much just because he and I didn't have dinner together for one day.
Tawat shook his head at Wongwet to not talk about the matter anymore.
Tawat: Where is your mother?
Wongwet: She went out to have her monthly shared dinner.
Tawat: Oh this is the 30th. 30, is it your one month together since the wedding?
Nok finally realized and understood Nai.
Nai got back to their small house and took out the note on the door and put it on a chair. He slams the door hard and made the note fly away.
Wongwet walks with Nok to the small house together.
Wongwet: I think the reason that Khun Nai reserved you to have dinner today is to celebrate your 1 month anniversary together.
Nok: I don't think so. He is not the type that remember dates. He doesn't even celebrate his own birthdays. My mom said he usually forgets. Normally, does men take an interest in celebrating anniversary like this?
Wongwet: Not always. But if it is very important, you know like the Korean oppa they celebrates all the 100 days, 300 days and 500 days.
Nok laughs.
Nok: But he is not like the Korean oppa. You don't have to take his side. Thank you for walking me home.
Wongwet saw a piece of paper on the ground. He picks it up and read it. Wongwet smiles.
Wongwet: I think from now on you should call him oppa.
He hands the note over to Nok. It says "Happy 1 Month!" Nok smiles
Nai asked Nuchanat to get an organizer to decorate the house with balloons and birds. Nai started pulling on the balloons and started to put the cake in the fridge.
Nok: Why are you putting that away. We didn't celebrate yet.
Luckanai turns around and see Nok standing here.
Nai: It's ok. It seems like I'm the only one who wants to celebrate.
Nok: I didn't know you were planning on a surprise. You should be able to accept that surprises might not go as planned or that the timing is off.
Nai: Yes the timing is off now. What do you want me to do then?
Nok didn't reply but went outside immediately.
Nai frowned and place the cake back on the table. He turns around to see what is Nok up to.
There's knocking sound on the door.
Nok: I'm hungry!! Who ask me to have dinner?
Nai smile and refuse to open the door.
Nok had to climb through the window which made Nai fear for her safety. He went to help her and forgot about their situation.
Nai: Be careful! You might fall.
Nok: You were the one who taught it to me.
Nok looks around the house and saw the balloons and other decorations.
Nok: Wow, it's so beautiful! The balloons are so big!
Nai smiles.
Nok: These balloons are so adorable. Great idea. These are so adorable that I'm speechless.
Nai: Don't try to sweet-talk (suck up) to me.
Nok: I'm not trying to sweet-talk but I really like them. Le'ts take some pictures.
Nok hands Nai a balloon to hold. She picks up her phone to do a selfie but one of the balloon popped. Nok screamed and hugged Nai. He chuckles.
Nok: You're smiling now.
Nai pretended to be mad again.
Nok: Don't try to pretend. I know you're not mad at me anymore. Now can we celebrate?
Both ate their celebratory cake.
Nok: I just realize that you could be sentimental (romantic).
Nai: I am always like this but have never done it for anyone before.
Nok: Why?
Nai: I'm afraid to give my all and then get criticize.
Nok: Why feel so sensitive?
Nai: Looking at someone who has everything and another with so little, you are afraid to lose it all. As for me, I have nothing to lose but I'm afraid of rejections.
Nok: So then you are mad because I didn't keep my promise. I'm so sorry.
Nai: No don't need to apologize because in the end you are here. Khun Nok krop, what does family means to you?
Nok: Why are you asking this? It means you share the same bloodline, love and shared a bond with each other.
Nai: You said I am your family but we don't share the same bloodline. It means you love me, right?
Nok: You are such a deceiver!
Nai: Tell me. You love me, right? If not I'm going to make up my own answer.
Nai moves his face closer to Nok. She had a hard time breathing and tried to change the subject.
Nok: How are you eating this cake, you are a mess.
Nok use her hand to wipe the cake from Nai's mouth. Then she was mesmerized by Nai's love stare.
Nai: You are dirty too.
Nok: Where?
He didn't answer her but started to take the frostings and put some on Nok's face.
Nok: You are playing a joke on me.
Nai: Let me wipe them off from you.
Nai didn't use his hand but he use his mouth instead on her face. His action made Nok feel weak. Nai stops at the side of Nok's mouth and proceeded to kiss her gently. Nok welcomed his kiss.
Nai: I don't know if you love me but for certain at least you are not rejecting me. I love you, Muenchanok.
His love confession filled Nok's heart. She moves her face closer about to give him a kiss but Nai lift her up to carry her.
Nok: Where are you taking me?
Nai: Go wipe off the cake. They're in several places.
Nok: Let me down.
While Nok was fussing, he gave her another kiss. Her fussing sound slowly dies. The night of their 1 month anniversary, Nai and Nok celebrated it with much happiness. After that night, their relationship has grown. They went on several honeymoons.

FYI: This event happened after their first honeymoon. As for the first honeymoon, they grew closer together and definitely bonded.
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Surprisingly I’m not busy today... I think everyone took the entire week off so my workload is light. Traffic was light too as well.

At least the day is almost over so you can enjoy the subbed this weekend.
I cannot wait for episodes 3 and 4 subbed! Lol it’s nice some of you aren’t as busy! I’m jealous!