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adsd18/2 said:
wait anonymous ananberley will film 3zaap in 24 march mean next tuesday and don't worry kimmy fanclub will share plenty of pic i can  confirm   :dance3:  :dance3:  :dance3:  :dance3:  
Oh really?!?!?! I thought it was yesterday!!!! I'm being too impatient. Lol. Okay, that's good then. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


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Viforever said:
Seriously, After Ep 3.  I can see why they love each other so much.  I could see why they want no one else, but each other.  I could totally felt the love that Parob had for Wanvisa in that island.  He love her so much.  It's just so damn emotional.  i felt happy, but yet i felt so sad for them.  Ananda and Kim got me all crying and laughing. hahahahaha   
TOTALLY that's how i felt  they make me live and feel their love story perfectly i love them so much :spin: :spin: :spin: soo mature 
when they were apart back to city i felt sad but the moment i saw them reunite i was extremely happy like they are in their world again just the two of them and their love grow and grow then they go apart again to the problem they have and i feel sad , really amazing couple they express their desire for each other like a mature wild couple they want each other so badly , everything say that their stares their kisses their laughs ohh maaaan i can go on until tomorrow expressing what they made me feel love love love Pavisa  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:  :crush:


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I think it's soooooo good! Yes, the action scenes are not up to par, but when is a Thai action lakorn ever? Ananda's action scenes are much better than most I've seen. He's so into it haha!


I went through all the pages that I need to catch up on and I'm totally excited to see these two funny EP's. Unfortunately it's gonna have to wait just ONE more day. I have to sleep early tonight, I have work early early. SIGH.


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Sweet_JJ said:
In every series, all the ratings start low or decent, it will pick up, that doesn't mean the other parts won't have better ratings. That's why I'm trying to say. :)
I know. Doesn't look too promising, but like I said, there's always a possibility that they could surprise us with the other parts. It's just unfortunate. I don't know why it would work out that way with the first part receiving the lowest ratings and then picking up with each part. Confusing logic to me. The ones that are the most anticipated should receive the highest ratings, regardless of whether it's the first part or the last. People anticipated those parts for a reason...but then they end up not watching it? What?? Lol. Regardless, the ratings will hopefully increase with the drama between Pavisa next week. I think a possible reason why the ratings have been low is because not much has been happening on the island.


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her father is really terrible 

llllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee :heart: :heart: :heart:

tears  :weep:

"you ahve to dance with me " "anywhere as much as there's you" fffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn i' m melting 


destiny bring us together no one can make us forget 


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x0unerthanlater said:
Recaps for Episode 3
Contains Spoilers ~
Continued combat with hired thugs.
In the underwater cave, Parob slowly weakens.
To distract him Wanvisa tells him when she was younger her mother told her to sing her favorite song to take her mind off her wounds.
He says he can't sing and for her to sing. Wanvisa says she can't sing either... so she suggest he think of his favorite song instead. Parob then thinks of "their" song and feels much better.
Parob's father is out searching the various Islands.
Wanvisa starts talking to keep them both afloat. She tells Parob he has taught her so much in the last few days. She say's he taught her how to make a fire without matchsticks.
Parob tells her he's never felt anything like this with any other woman...
W: "You probably think I'm lousy and weird."
P: "No, I think you're cute and attractive."
Wanvisa's face lights up from his compliments...
They try to stay afloat...
Parob goes under water...
Wanvisa goes under and gives him a couple breaths of air. *kiss kiss*
When they resurfaces...
P: "Thank you."
W: "Nevermind that. Let's get out of here first and then you can thank me."
They make it out and sees a boat. They hurriedly try to make a fire.
They are rescued.
Parob wakes up and immediately asks for Wanvisa.
P: "Where is she? Is she safe?"
Father: "You mean that woman?"
P: "Yes, father."
Father: "She has left."
P: "Left to where?"
Father: "She waited to hear of your condition, and saw that you were okay so she asked to leave. I had Pasit drop her off."
Mongkhon: "Ask Pasit. He dropped her off."
P: "Hey, Pasit. Why didn't you wait till I woke up. Father why'd you let her go? Chok, why didn't you hold her back? So where is she?"
Pasit: "She's downstairs."
P: "Why didn't you say? Damn."
Pasit: "I was going to leave to town but wanted to ask if Nai Hua (boss) needed anything..."
Parob rushes downstairs and finds Wanvisa.
P: "Jae Jim!"
W: "Nai Juu!"
P: "You have to go now?"
W: "I have responsibilities too. But I am glad you're okay now."
P: "Can you not go yet? You haven't treated me to Knom Jean Gang Pbaipba."
W: "I'll take a rain check..."
P: "Hey... thank you." (shows her the shell necklace)
W: "Good luck. I hope we see each other again."
P: "When?"
W: "I don't know. But, Thank you very much. Thanks for everything. I'll never forget you."
P: "Can you wait for me? I'm going to change. I'll go drop you off."
W: "Huh? That's alright. You aren't fully recovered yet. I can go (fine)."
P: "Even if I must crawl to send you off, I'll still go. Wait for me alright?"
Wanvisa gets home. Her father is extremely angry. He asks her where his money was.
Chok seems to like Preem.
Mongkhon seems to like Praotha. She is nice to him and gives him some food.
Ma brings Parob to see an Oracle at the temple. The Oracle tells her that Parob's fate is in danger right now. Saying Parob has enemies in the dark but he will get through it with goodness in his heart.
Wanvisa and her mother comes to the same temple.
Parob tells his mother he must have lost his pocket watch.
Wanvisa finds Parob's watch and picks it up...
P: "Jae Jim?"
W: "Nai.. Juu!"
P: "Haha, am I dreaming?"
W: "I never thought I would see you."
P: "I had just made a wish with Buddha to see you again. I didn't think-"
W: "Oh hey, are you okay now? How is your wound?"
P: "Nevermind the wound... why did you leave so sudden? I didn't even get to thank you."
W: "Well, I didn't sneak away... you were fine so I left."
P: "I am so happy to see you again. Where do you live? I'll drop you off."
W: "That's alright. It isn't convenient."
P: "But... we'll see each other again right?"
W: "I don't know..."
P: "Okay then, we'll meet tomorrow right here."
W: "But I..."
P: "Don't even but nothing. If you're mean enough to have me waiting here and not show up, then let it be known. But, I must go now..."
P: "I am so happy to see your face again or else I'd only see you in my dreams..."
They look at each other and Parob notices her necklace...
P: "You haven't taken it off and thrown it away yet?"
W: "No, what about yours?"
P: "Here."
W: "Hey! How can you stand wearing it? Aren't you afraid people will laugh at you?"
P: "It doesn't matter what people think. To me it's more important than anything."
Wanvisa hands him the watch.. but Parob tells her to keep it and he'll come back to get it tomorrow. He then snatches her handkerchief as a guarantee.
Parob's father arranges a blind date for Parob with the daughter of a business partner.
Wanvisa's dad also arranges a blind date for her with a business partner at the same place.
Parob and Wanvisa steps out of the dining rooms they were in and hears "their" song.
They spot each other across the way.
Parob asks her to dance...
P: "Hey.. dance with me."
W: "Wouldn't the elders be waiting for you?"
P: "Doesn't matter. You have to dance with me." He's so hottttt!
While dancing Parob whispers in her ear...
P: "Hey, let me ask you something."
W: "Hmm?"
P: "Between dancing here and at the Island, which is better?"
W: "I liked dancing at the Island. What about you?"
P: "Anywhere, as long as there's you."
*Almost kiss... PAROB TAKES A HUGE GULP!*
Parob asks if she'll be there tomorrow. She nods and he says:
P: "Then, I will dream of you tonight."
Wanvisa gets to the temple to wait. She starts crying when a kid hands her something and runs away. She starts to cry thinking he wasn't coming...
He shows up and she's instantly happy.
W: "This may be the last time we see each other."
W: "My father wants me to marry the person he chose for me."
P: "Your father must think he's good enough that's why he chose him."
W: "Ever since I was born, I've only seen his face once."
P: "Hey Khun, don't measure someone from their appearances. He might be good and perfect or else your father wouldn't have chosen him."
W: "My father chose him for the benefit of business."
P: "So you're just going to cry like this?"
W: "What would you have me do then?"
P: "If you don't want to get married, Then escape."
W: "Talking crazy..."
P: "I'm serious."
W: "Escape to where?"
P: "Escape with me."
W: "It isn't funny..."
P: "Let's go. Lets get married."
W: "Speaking so easily."
P: "Such an easy matter. You don't have to make it hard."
W: "But you and I have only known each other for a few days."
P: "A few days isn't important... it's about if you love me or not. If you do, then it isn't a problem."
W: "What about you?"
P: "If I didn't love (you) I wouldn't have proposed."
P: "Let's go shake the blessing sticks to see about our love."
They shake the blessing sticks a couple times and both times ends up being the number 6 for both of them. Number 6 is an unfortunate number...
The Oracle elder appears and tells them a quote about how fate being good or bad isn't important because they can't control it. Even if there's a fury stream, if they so wanted to cross it and tried as hard as they might and succeeded; no matter how large the obstacle it must be defeated by their brave hearts.
Parob wanted to send Wanvisa home but she insist that it was alright... (he was being all cute)
Thank you so much for translating. I just read but already feel butterflies in my stomach, image if i watch the ep.


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Meoconie said:
Thank you so much for translating. I just read but already feel butterflies in my stomach, image if i watch the ep.
my heart beat while i was reading it and imagining it with the scene :heart: :heart: i'm really crazy over them right now like verry obsessed :cloud9: :cloud9: 


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Vimalee said:
I think the ratings will pick up next week.  I think a lot of people tuned in to CH7 this week because BSD almost ended or had ended this week.  
Ratings for Monday, March 16.
CH3....Suer -   4.1
CH7....BSD  - 12.1
I'm confused with the rating system in Thailand. I remembered that ch7 always had high rating, like 16-17 or above. why's the rating these days so low?


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i'm now completely available to watch ep 2 with sub :yahoo: 


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aiyaja said:
Guys, don't freak out. 1. The lakorn just aired, it takes a few episodes or even half for ratings to climb. 2. It is normal that the first installment has the lowest ratings. The ratings will slowly build. Each next installment will increase in ratings just like the SJ series.

I haven't watched this week at all but I will soon!
I'm not freaking out since I'm going with the flow, don care about the rating 


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Alice said:
I'm not freaking out since I'm going with the flow, don care about the rating 
I agree with you! The ratings are just numbers for me. All i most care is whether i like or not like the lakorn or episodes. But if it get a high rating i'll also be happy.


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the coconut talk is HILARIOUS the two are crazy "is it too big?" , "the vine?"  ,"the coconut, it's huge,.., you need to strip it not using the entire thing inside" , i'm only inthe 20 first min and i'm already dead with laugh :lmao3:


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Kim123 said:
I agree with you! The ratings are just numbers for me. All i most care is whether i like or not like the lakorn or episodes. But if it get a high rating i'll also be happy.
yeah dont worry much on the rating the process of the lakorn is what we focus 


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"are you alright" "do you need a CPR come here" *kiss face"
"you weer such a trouble maker when you were alive, i can't imagine how much trouble you will be as a ghost "
hahahahaha , soo funny he mock her like a crazy