[CH3] My Hero Series Part 2: Montra Lai Hong (Cholumpi Production) Grate Warintorn/ Saimai Maneerat


sarNie OldFart
Camera work and editing definitely helps too lol :p. In all seriousness Great is lowkey giving me Magic Mike feels from that teaser.

Should be next Friday.
Lol magic great. He was grinding on the floor in that one part. I was like can i be the floor please?? Hahaha


sarNie Adult
Certain thoughts were running through my mind when I saw him on the floor lol ;) Such a shame it ain't going to go down the Magic Mike road ...


sarNie Adult
Been waiting for this, OST:
Looks like it was taken down, hopefully they put it back up again ASAP.

Question: Did one director film the whole series or did different director's film different parts? I have an inkling that we won't be getting kisses in this series, hopefully I'm wrong.