[Ch3] Plerng Boon (Makers Group)


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i remember there was so much debate over this for not wanting ateam for the pra'nang...
but there hasnt been any news at all >_<...


sarNie Hatchling
As much as I want to see ATeam in another lakorn, I hope they won't make this one unless the script change to make Ann's character much stronger. I don't want Aff to play that character.

I guess being quiet is good for now 'cuz as a true Ateamer, I'll have to watch it (and screaming) even though I don't like the story.


sarNie Hatchling
heared it will be opened soon

but still don't know exact date


sarNie Hatchling
oo man if aff already confirmed i hope they will change the p'ek to someone else
i cant stand watching ateam like this


sarNie Coma
we wouldnt know if they dont ever switch her role around. it'll be nice to see her in different roles just to see if she can pull it off


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^we can't blame her for this kind of role when the decision is made by the elder :(
i would love her to play different role too --- tomboy, i like that again for her :wub:


sarNie Granny
i would love to see her in a bitchy role (excuse my language) , something similar to Ann in "Sameetra" , i bettch she be hot as hell being evil -- but yeah , they give her to many weak or goodies girly role :lol: she need to spank them monkey.


sarNie Coma
^^haha thats what i wanted to see her in next. someone sexy, strong and confident. its too bad the elders dont change it up abit