[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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Excuse me but Kim gets more recognition? I'd agree Ann, Chompoo and Janie, but not Kim. This thread is always peaceful so let's not bring other actors or actresses in here to compare with Yadech, ok? I don't want to see fanwars in here like other thread. let's just enjoy yadech moments and wait patiently for RFTD.
As for yaya's role, sure yaya played some cute type roles, but don't forget her role in Tawan Duerd, it's a very serious role, and she played it so well that she even got nominated as best actress in the 3rd Nataraj Award. As far as i know, she is one of the youngest actress who can get this important nomination. That can be called recognition, right? And don't worry that yaya will always play the same role cuz apperently that won't happen at all. We all know this role, Mayumi is very different from yaya's previous role, even yaya said it's a very different role and she's very excited about this one. And I agree that yaya is so young, she has so much time and so many chances to challenge herself by playing different roles. I admit yaya needs to improve her acting though she's very good actress among the new generation but let's have confidence in her cuz i believe she can do it better and better.


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^ violet, i think you're over-reacting to everyone's response. they were not comparing and ranking who's higher/better. in contrast, you're the one putting Kim down, which is not in the spirit of Kim-Yaya's friendship. They are good friends and support each other. As their fans, we should do the same.
the fans are merely wishing that yaya will get more sassy roles in the future (which she will, as long as she continues acting), just like how Kim is doing a great job in RP. When they say recognition, it means that such sassy, spunky roles generate more heat and news than the sweet and kind ones.


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her role in TD wasn't recognizable =.= the media always forgot to list TD as her lakorns in 2011.  I dont think the discussion about Kim and Yaya here is "heated" lol people were just expressing the want or need of Yaya to experience more in some bossy, sassy roles.  That's not so wrong, huh?  The excuse Yaya being so young isn't "excusable" to be honest, Kim is as young as her but she has gotten different kinds of roles.  The thing is producers want Yaya in some cute/tomboy roles but not serious roles.  That's not their fault either lol Yaya is good at those roles though
Mayumi maybe a leap in her acting career, we never know huh?


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Nicely said ping101.  I thought the same when I read violet's comment.  
But as much as I love Yaya, I too agree that she needs improvement.  She's already great as she is, but I just can't wait til she gets older and takes on more challenging roles.  I am super excited for RFTD.  
I can't believe I missed Yadech when they were in Modesto.  Still slapping myself for that.  


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@Callayuki, thanks for the picture.  I love that one too, it seems like Nadech was watching Yaya intensely :coverlaf: .  He must be so proud of his 'younger sister'.
Cllip of Nadech's interview at Siam Center event.
Tookie PRvariety
Clip of Nadech and Yaya (big children) wishing every  children a Happy Children Day.  They're so cute as always :heart: :heart: .


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first of all i wasnt using the young excuse for her not being able to act in sassy roles, i was just saying she is still young and has more acting years to come, she sure will have an opportunity to get act sassy.

thank you bubba for the video, yadech are always so kind and sweet, hard not to love!

@callayuki, love that picture too, nadech always get caught admiring! heh


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I would applogize if my comments make someone feel that I put Kim down, I just said Kim doesn't get MORE recognition than others, hope u can understand this.
Well, I was expressing my own feeling, I don't expect everyone agree with me, especially the yaya's role in TD recognition part, so just keep our own opinion to ourself, that'll be good.
And waiting for RFTD, thx everyone for sharing everything with us. ^ ^


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Omg... This is too cute!!!! After Boy and Yaya sing, the MC said Thank you to Nadech instead of Boy. LMAO!!!
I guess this is what happen when Yadech are not singing together. Oh and you can see Yaya doing the I love you
to Nadech  at 9:32. Hehehe ( I'm thinking to much)...
credit: YayaUrassaya.com
In this clip you can see Nadech facing Yaya!
credit: NadechYaya


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what did Nadech say during interview?
So, Yadech didn't sing together and haven't see if they take picture with each other or not.


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Violet was just expressing her opinion on recognition, I don't see it as she was putting down Kim. It's all just misunderstanding with some overreaction. Considering how much drama that has happened between Yaya's and Kim's fans and how easily fan wars start just at the mention of Kim in RP with Yadech, I understand why Violet commented that way.
My two cents. Read it or ignore it. The way I see things, Yaya is a role model to many, especially the younger viewers so for the past years, Ch3 doesn't want to change that image just yet. Despite that Kim and Yaya are very close in age, Kim is able to get more different characters because she doesn't have that cutesy, young and fresh image that Yaya does. I'm not trying to say that Kim isn't any of those things but both girls give off completely different vibes and that may take part in how productions and the channel make their decisions when in the process of casting people. They need to be able to visualize an actor/actress in a role and they need to consider suitability. Appearance wise, Kim is very mature looking. Yaya is the type who isn't very picky or selective. When someone contacts her for a lakorn, she'll accept it as long as it doesn't interfere with her other works so that's also a factor as to why she's been with similar productions for a while.
Like everyone said, she's still young with such a bright future. We all just have to wait for the right time to come. As for Tawan Deurd, the fact that she was nominated for Best Actress is already a small recognition for her talent already. Whether you think she did her role justice or whether she deserved it or not, that's up to you.
Let's all be realistic, everyone needs improvement, not just Yaya who is one of the younger generation actresses. Just because one is popular or one is considered to be a "good" actress doesn't mean they don't try or learn anymore. Every new experience is an opportunity to improve your craft so one shouldn't be close minded and limit themselves. If you're a fan of Yaya, of course you'd wish to see her in a new light. Changes can improve one for the better.
Personal comments - I find it sad that in today's society, people are more drawn to "raeng" characters whereas more realistic ones don't get as much recognition. It's a challenge to nail that type of role but that doesn't automatically mean they deserve more attention compared to other actresses. People seem to really overlook talent and are only drawn to what is the obvious. So far, all of Yaya's roles and lakorns have been pretty enjoyable IMHO and it really takes someone with an 'open mind' to see the differences between each one and appreciate what Yaya has to offer. She has a lot of potential and until now, she hasn't disappointed me with her performances. I have faith that when the opportunity comes where she's offered a completely new character with a lot of dimension to it, she'll do well. It doesn't need to be a bossy, harsh and demanding role but as long as it's different enough from her previous lakorns and she's working with different people.


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hehe funny how the mc said thank you to nadech (wonder what his reaction was), cute how he remembers her song and singing along (not only helping her sing on stage when she was sick, now support singing off stage, such a cutie), and yaya even when dressed so simple in this event still looks so beautiful!
What is with all the secrets nadech? :secret: cr barry.ya fb


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@kenann fan, thanks for the clips, I couldn't stop laughing when the MC thanks Nadech instead of Boy, and it was so sweet of Nadech to always be there to support Yaya  :heart: :heart: .
@bubbles8, thanks for the pic., I also wonder what's the secret too. :coverlaf:
Here's another beautiful clip  of Yaya singing Akarn Rak from pitta.  Wow, the fans cheer loudly when Nadech walks in, and Yaya looks so adorable and shy.   Too Cute!!!!
Narak maaaaaak kha.....
Clip of Yaya's interview at Grand Opening Siam Center


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Oh... maybe after the "war" between Yaya's fan & Kim's fan last time we became more sensitive a little bit when talking about Kim, didn't we?... I think all of us love Yaya so much and always hope the best thing come to her...So sometimes...we're sensitive a little bit...and sometimes, we misunderstand each other because of our not-clearly comment......But I always think that...everyone here is the same because we have the same love for Nadech&Yaya....That is the most important thing, isn't it? :)...So I really hope that we won't misunderstand each other again.....because... in the end...everything we wrote...everything we said....is just  because of big love for our beloved Yadech...and thank you so much CC for all things you wrote...Everything is right and I agree 100% with you :)
@kenann fan, bubba: Thank you so much for your sharing, so funny when the Mc thanked Nadech instead of Boy....haha...I can't stop laughing....I'm curious about Nadech's expression that time too ^ ^....Oh I really love Yaya's voice...so sweet...But in this event...I feel sad a little bit because there is no any photos Nadech beside Yaya...- _ -


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Callayuki said:
...But in this event...I feel sad a little bit because there is no any photos Nadech beside Yaya...- _ -
My thought exactly haha maybe because we're always so spoiled, we've been used to seeing them always together so I was a bit disappointed? 
Thanks for the clip Bubba, Yaya's voice is so beautiful though she can get a bit shaky at times x)