[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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why Yaya came with Boy instead of Nadech? Yadech didn't pose pictures together.  Maybe they don't want people to see them together all the time.


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Im really sorry to burst ppl's bubbles here but i dont think that's nadech in the 'whisper' photo. Its p'boy. Nadech and Yaya didnt interact directly at the event. But hey at least we got nadech's stellar reaction to yaya's perf! Hahah. It was like a special performance with him in the center of the audience.
Thanks everyone for the clips! Really enjoyed watching them all.
In the TV Pool Part 2 interview, p'jack teased nadech about having p'Boy taking care of Yaya at this event. Hehe. And nadech jus agreed and laughed haha. SO CUTE.


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Maybe bc they'wanted to keep Nadech & Yaya at a distance and promote Nadech w/Kim bc of there lakorn?? I mean now fans are crazy for Nadech & Kim aka Pit & Tae?! Just my thought but I will always and always love Yadech :D


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@Neverlookback, welcome to AF and enjoy your stay.
:thanks: for posting the clips.
Lol, the reporter asked Nadech about his lakorn GRGR in 2011 instead of his current lakorn RP.   I could tell that he was a little annoyed that these reporters kept asking about him and Yaya instead of his Current Lakorn which is on air right now.


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I think the above picture of a man whisper with Yaya is P'Boy not Nadech. Well can't wait to see Yadech next event together.


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@Neverlookback,  :welcome1: to AF and :thanks: for sharing the clips.
@Vimalee, :thanks: for sharing the pic., always happy to see pictures of Yadech together.
Once again, thanks to pitta for creating a beautiful MV clip with an awesome song :heart: :heart:.  This song is so nice and very appropriate for this event.
Here's the translation of the song from Deungdutjai.
The title of the song is 'Took Meua Peua Tur' (Every Moment For You)
       I want this song from my heart to tell you every time
That you still have me at your side
I’ll never change, and I’ll care about you
Even if you don’t realize how I feel
       I just want you to know
I want to whisper in your ear
And comfort you so you’ll know
How important you are to me
       Regardless if it’s a time of happiness or suffering
Regardless how near or far
However tall the mountains are or vast the river is
They won’t block me or keep me from crossing them
        I want to tell you how important you are
I want this song from my heart to tell you every time
And for this promise to tell you every second
       You’ll still have me at your side
I’ll never change, and I’ll care for you
Even if you don’t realize how I feel
       Every moment is for you, and for you always
Regardless of the day, of the night, of the month, of the year


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In the above video, at the 1:45 mark, you can see nadech talking to ed westwick (chuck) from Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester was also there! I dont know if anyone caught that.  Thank you for the lovely video and pictures!


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Lol im so sorry for putting everyone into their happy bubbles, hehe living up to my nick bubbles, but but that pic really looked like nadech
i actually dont mind not having yadech together at some events, it just make us fans appreciate it more when they are together :)


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Welcome AF Neverlookback...thank you so much for your sharing:)
@Bubba: thank you so much for your translation....so meaningful lyrics..Pitta chose the song cleverly
 Everytime Yaya takes a photo with Mea Kaew...It's hard for me to describe my feeling...just one word "love" :woot:

Love Yaya's hair style, make-up....sooooo beautiful...I love all image of Yaya on Lays Ad.....
And looking at Mea Kaew's face on this photo..Maybe she was also proud of her "future beautiful daughter-in-law" (So SR I think too far again ^^)
Ah...Anybody can tell me about the event on the photo below please(thanks so much)

What the event is? and the man beside Yaya ...who is he?
On this photo Yaya look so cute and playful
Yaya was still beautiful&lovely (like a small princess) although she wore a simple dress...

Credit: NY pantip Fb


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Thanks everyone for sharing clips & photos..
@ Bubba,Thank u so much for translation.good lyric.
@Calla,I feel the same with u whenever I saw Yaya with Mae Kaew and Nadech with Mae Plea..
@Chimer..Thanks for info..
@jbu,I caught that Chuck-Blair & Yadech on that event...Wow..Really hottest couples meeting...What a shame is I wanna see these 4 together in a photo..
By the way,Welcome forum to Neverlookback & jbu...Hope u guys enjoy here..


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The guy beside Yaya isn't a makeup artist.
Don't feel bad for Yaya's sake just because some people choose to ship Nadech/Kim. Everyone has their own preference/choices and not exactly everyone will agree that Yadech have chemistry.  Even Yaya acknowledges that not everyone will like her and will be annoyed of her pairing with Nadech but she's fine with that and still continues to do her work. I can understand if people feel bad for Yaya because of the fact that soooo many useless fan girls have been constantly bothering Yaya on her Instagram. You're entitled to your own opinions but when you're creating multiple accounts to harass/discourage someone online, that's just really low. too low. lol. I will quote our forum slogan, "Confidence without Arrogance".
Yaya is sure beautiful in the picture above. She's just shining in that CM. I kinda wish Mistine would take advantage of all their presenters and do a little mix match so we can see a Ch3 actress collab with a Ch7 actress. I would have loved to see Yaya and Min or even Fern.


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Credit: Nadech & Yaya Home at Pantip FB


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Hope to see Yadech interact with each other at this event on this friday, Ja. 18th. what type of event this time?
Last friday event was kind of disappointed because they didn't interact with each other at all.