[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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@bubba and mrsChum thank u 4 your lovely wishes, im so hapi 2 receive, esp nadechs flower ! love it. thank u absolutely from da bottom of my heart, wif love


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My wishes & blessing for keylargo today,

Just have fun & enjoy your day,

Birthdays come once in a year,

So spread the joy with a loud cheer,
  :hapbday: keylargo! :party:
p/s: since u stay in SG, next time we should go to BKK & meet Yadech together.  :scratchchin:


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           :hapbday: Have a wonderful birthday, keylargo ........ and many more!    :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday: :hapbday:


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@kiki @huanzhu @vimalee u guys r soooooo sweet ! thank u so v much 4 ur kind wishes ! love and appreciate receiving yr kind words ! thank u dearest frenz !!!
kiki im a big big fan of yr ff and will always support yr writing and waiting patiently 4 updates !
huanzhu u r rite we r so near, if there was an event where we r promised greet and meet yadech lets travel together 2 fulfill our dreams!
@mrsChum thank u 4 yr wishes tat will meet yadech 1 of these days, sure look forward to tat !
thank u all my dearest frenz 4 taking time in sending all kind wishes, it is APPPRECIATED v much by me !


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@queenyeon thank u 4 yr kind wishes !
thanks 4 all da cute yadech dancing pics, they r so cute !!! love them soooo much !


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queenyeon said:
Happy Birthday Keylargo! 





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What are they practicing? It's probably for the Lay's mini concert, I guess
I think NY are praticing for The aniversary of CH3 :pervie:

2 PHOTOS I LIKE THE MOST :heart: :heart: :heart:

" :heart: IN MY EYE :heart: "

So curious "What's Nadech doing with "nong" 's hand??? :whistle: ..but I really love this photo
Credit: sanddysandee/Barry.Ya Fb


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@queenyeon, @callayuki, thanks for the pictures.   Yadech was rehearsing for channel 3 Anniversary closing ceremony.  The event will be held on April 6th. 
Can't wait and go Sweet Green soccer team because of Nadech, Mario, and James J.!!!!!!!........ :dance1:  :dance1:  :dance2: :clap2: :clap2:
I super :heart: :heart: :heart:  that last picture, both of their eyes are so dreamy!
@huanzhu, thanks for Yaya's birthday clip from Pitta.  So sweet of her to use the song (Falling In Love) that Nadech sang for his school project.


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We have to sit very close to each other because there wasn't much space .........                                            Lol, what Nadech is wearing is Donna Karan New York (DKNY) brand name, but when I saw NYC on his shirt;
Arrrrr..........I saw plenty of space on your left, Nadech, and on your right, Yaya.                                        I thought it stands for Nadech & Yaya Club!     Their initials are popular around the world, hehehehehe!!!

credit:   NadechYaya.com FB

cool :)

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omgawsh, im so late! how can i be this late to see nadech singing for this version of koo kum??! thanks for the mv <3


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:party:  :party:  :party: Happy birthday Keylargo. May your dream come true Na Ja. Wish you all my best .
cant wait for Yadech CH3 event . Yadech never let us fans disappoint just see their practice pictures it make me so   :woot:  :woot2: :drools:   .
@ Vimalee : agree with you , and i would say it not close enought


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@calla and loveangel thank u 4 yr kind wishes, never late its yr totfulness tats so appreciated ! thank u guys, love !
@vimaleee thanks 4 info of yadechss practice 4 closing ceremony.just their rehearsal can anticipate a vvvvv entertaining and sweet show ! u r so alert 2 notice nyc tee ! its cute.
im super hapi whenever yadech r together, b it filming, work or just hanging out, love 2 c them together, they r meant 2 b IT couple !!!


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Callayuki said:
Oh Bubba..you're soooooo fast...Thank you so much for sharing...My heart is melting when hearing the answer of Nadech...OMG......I really want to know how Yaya felt when hear what he said.....He so sweet...And there is no doubt about the "over-nomal-level"emotion & caring of him for his "nong"....Surely I'll have a good sleep tonight...Once again thank you soooooooo much....The NY's sing&dance clip is so cute too..
P/S: If the interview's clip have anything more "important"..please translate for us naz..thanks so much....Have a good day naz, Bubba ^ ^!!
can you translate the interview? Or during which min & sec did he say he love and will take care of his nong? <3


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:heart: :heart:
A Very Beautiful MV of Yaya and her Mom.....A Person Behind You.
It was so touching and nice to see the loving relationship between  a mom and  daughter,  a very special mother-daughter bonding indeed.   I got teary while watching and listening to the music.  The music is so beautiful.  It's mainly about Yaya's mom being a person who always stay behind her to support and give her encouragement, to protect and take care of her when she's exhausted, to wipe her tears when she's sad...............
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:heart: :heart:    They're matching :bhehe:  

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